All credit to the patriots at The_Donald (language alert) who came up with the saying ‘Can’t stump the Trump!’ several months ago.

And so it proved.

But remember the prevailing media meme? ‘TRUMP CAN’T WIN!’

RealClearPolitics shows a fine line in the popular vote (as of November 9): 47.5% to Trump versus 47.7% to Clinton.

However, in terms of the Electoral College (same timeline as the popular vote), the picture is much different. Trump currently has 279 votes to Clinton’s 228. The winner needs 270 to win.

For the first time since 1988 (Bush I), Pennsylvania went Republican:

This election result is another blow for FiveThirtyEight‘s oracle Nate Silver, who also wrongly predicted last week’s World Series outcome.

There is a reason I wrote about the World Series yesterday.

Nate Silver said he thought the Chicago Cubs had less chance of winning of the World Series than Trump did of winning the presidency. Ha ha! Now both have come true!

This was Nate’s prediction:

November 8 — Election Day — was also special for Eric and Lara Lea Trump. They will have more to celebrate today!

This is what Donald Trump had to say about his victory. I have not read anything like this in a long time:

I believe people will come together not only in the United States but around the world. Trump will do what he can to build bridges with world leaders rather than create conflict.

This photo of the Trumps comes from The Conservative Treehouse:


O merciful Father, thank you for the blessing of your servant Donald Trump. Thank you for a straightforward victory, a timely concession from his opponent and the opportunity to unite Americans and the Great Republic with people and nations around the globe beginning in January 2017.

Please grant Your heavenly grace to Donald Trump and Mike Pence in the weeks ahead. Please bless them and their families, keeping everyone safe from harm.

May the Holy Spirit guide the President- and Vice President Elect in making informed and wise decisions in preparation for the next four years.

Thank you for guiding American voters to make this historic decision.

Please keep us close to You this day and always.

We humbly pray this through Jesus Christ our Lord, our only Mediator and Advocate. Amen.


One of my readers, sunnydaysall, sent in the graphic below. MAGA and God bless!