Larry Marshall is the president of a chain of Pizza Hut restaurants in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Aaron Richard is Director of Operations.

Without mentioning Donald Trump, Marshall issued a memo to all his employees on November 9. He was so elated about the election result that he gave each person a bonus of $100 — and paid the tax. You can see the memo and payslip here, as featured on The_Donald.

The memo reads in part:

You can see now that EVERY VOTE COUNTS. We are excited about the future and our ability to grow faster and no longer be worried about new excessive taxes on our business along with burdensome bureaucratic government regulations.

I have spoken to Aaron Richard and we wanted to share a gift with you, every employee at our company received this same gift. Again THANK YOU for working for our great company.

You are the reason for the success of the Brand.


Larry Marshall

What a great way to say thank you — regardless of who they voted for or whether they voted at all.

Someone at The_Donald who worked as a Pizza Hut delivery driver met him five years ago and wrote:

… we did get Christmas bonuses and vacation time after working there a year, something corporate Pizza Hut doesn’t do … 

Another contributor replied that Marshall financed this gift out of his own pocket:

… Pretty awesome if you ask me.

I think this will happen more often once Trump gets into office. He is generous with his employees and often rewards his greens-keepers with $100 bills.

(This is a much better message than the madness conveyed by the cyber tech CEO in San Diego. Now that he has resigned, may he feel the full force of the authorities for his threats.)

In closing, look who did a commercial for Pizza Hut — none other than the president-elect and first wife Ivana. Enjoy: