Donald Trump would say, ‘Sad!’

The Trump campaign returned to Detroit shortly before the November 8 election. They asked Don Studvent, chef and owner of 1917 American Bistro, to cater an event for one of Donald Trump’s sons.

Everything went well until the business owner was caught up in a photo op at the end of the evening. On November 11, reported:

His picture taken with Trump’s son ended up all over Facebook, and people started reacting in a way that was never expected.

People began accusing him of “selling out” and postings on Facebook started to appear calling for people to boycott his restaurant and catering service.

Studvent believes that business is business and has nothing to do with politics, but the public has turned the event into a political issue. They are saying that because of Trump’s rocky relationship with the Black community, no Black-owned business should do business with him or his family members.

But Studvent has explained that he doesn’t take political sides when it comes to his business. “This is my living,” he said. “And it’s not just my living, my employees as well.”

The bad publicity has left Studvent’s restaurant almost empty lately. He is hoping it all blows over soon and he gets his customers back. He says that the whole thing is unfair, and very hurtful to his company and his employees.

The menu looks great and their Facebook page has photos of the food. I’m getting hungry!

Anyone living in or near Detroit might want to help Don Studvent and his staff out either by eating there or buying a gift card.

Readers of The_Donald are looking into buying gift cards and possibly arranging crowdfunding to help Studvent during the boycott period. Let’s hope it’s a short one. After seven successful years, he deserves continued business.

There is also no evidence whatsoever for ‘Trump’s rocky relationship with the Black community’. In fact, Donald Trump has been a big supporter of civil rights in the United States.

Trump opened up his Mar-a-Lago club and resort to everyone, much to the consternation of old guard Palm Beach residents.

Jesse Jackson also spoke publicly praising Trump in 1998 and 1999 for helping the Rainbow PUSH Coalition by donating office space to the organisation.

The NAACP also gave Trump a medal for helping to further the cause of civil rights:

No one ever said Donald Trump was racist until he decided to run for president on the Republican ticket. We have read and heard 16+ months’ worth of lies, which persist even now that he won the election! Sad!