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For those of us who are looking forward to Obama’s imminent departure from the White House, here is the countdown site. Let us pray he leaves on schedule.

On December 6, 2016, the Associated Press featured a puff piece on the hard work the Obama administration has been doing to fight ISIS. Their efforts have been:

relentless, sustainable and multilateral.

The US is:

“breaking the back” of IS.

That’s odd. Does anyone else remember when the great man said that ISIS is America’s ‘JV team’? That was in January 2014. (For my readers who aren’t American, the letters stand for ‘junior varsity’, a reference to high school and university sports teams.)

Two years later:

Putin explained it all in 2015:

Returning to the AP article, that same day, the White House issued this tweet:


What about Orlando last summer? What about San Bernardino in December 2015? What about the Boston Marathon attack? What about Fort Hood? Remember when Obama called that attack ‘workplace violence’?

Several other attacks also took place on American soil over the past eight years.

Reddit has a forum of all the present incumbent’s achievements: All of Obama’s Controversies.

Soon, the Obama family will be moving to a splendid house in the Washington DC neighbourhood of Kalorama. That day cannot come soon enough.

Note that one can never be far from the influence of the Clintons. The AOL article states:

The $5 million mansion is owned by Bill Clinton’s former Press Secretary Joe Lockhart and his wife, a magazine executive.

And, for anyone interested:

The Obamas will lease, but not purchase the house.

More to come on the Obama legacy in the new year.

For now, here’s a photo from St Louis taken in 2013:


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