Posts so far this week have focused on the O Antiphon readings for the Octave before Christmas which began December 17 and runs through December 23.

December 24 is the eighth day, and Christmas Eve Vigil readings are used in anticipation of Christmas Day.

If you have missed them, so far, this week’s posts have covered December 17, 18 and 19.

Each day has an O Antiphon connected with it: verses from the Old Testament that foretell the birth of the Christ Child. The O Antiphons date back centuries before the Reformation — to the reign of Charlemagne. That said, Protestants will also find these verses useful in contemplation of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The O Antiphons spell out SARCORE. These are an aide memoire, because, reversed, they spell out in Latin ero cras, which means

I shall be [with you] tomorrow.

The Bible verses behind SARCORE — ero cras — are as follows:

  1. “O Sapientia, quae ex ore altissimi…” (O Wisdom from on high…)
  2. “O Adonai et dux domus Israel…” (O Lord and leader of the house of Israel…)
  3. “O Radix Jesse qui stas in signum populorum…” (O Root of Jesse who stood as a standard of the people…)
  4. “O Clavis David et sceptrum domus…” (O Key of David and scepter of our home…)
  5. “O Oriens, splendor lucis aeternae…” (O Dayspring, splendor of eternal light…)
  6. “O Rex gentium et desideratus…” (O longed-for King of the nations…)
  7. “O Emmanuel, rex et legifer noster…” (O Emmanuel, our king and law-giver…)

The verse that best describes our Saviour as the Key of David is Isaiah 22:22, an exposition of which can be found in the following post:

The O Antiphon for December 20

On December 21, we consider Lord Jesus as the Dayspring, splendor of eternal light, as described in Isaiah 9:2, discussed below in:

The O Antiphon for December 21

In the northern hemisphere, December 21 — Winter Solstice — is the shortest day of the year. By now, those of us living in this part of the world long for light — and lots of it.

There is one supreme Light, Sun — and Son — whom we should seek, Jesus Christ.

December 21 is also the feast of St Thomas.

I extend my prayers and best wishes to all of us who were born on this special day; may you have a day free of combination gifts (birthday-Christmas)!