On January 2, Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse posted an excellent article about America’s Gang of Eight.

I’m sharing the link and excerpts here because Sundance says:

My spidey senses are telling me that understanding these facts, and understanding the construct of this oversight, will be an important reference point for all Americans in the very near future.

The Gang of Eight, comprised of Democrats and Republicans alike, are the reason why nothing ever gets properly investigated. Benghazi is one such event.

First, who are the Gang of Eight?

A position within the Gang of Eight comes as a result of holding one of the following eight positions: 1. The Speaker of the House, 2. The Minority Leader of the House, 3. the Majority Leader of the Senate, 4. the Minority Leader of the Senate, 5. the Chairperson of the House Permanent Committee on Intelligence, 6. the minority leader from the same committee; 7. The Chairperson of the Senate Intelligence Committee and 8. the minority leader of the same committee.

Why Americans should pay attention (emphases mine):

It is important to understand that everything the White House, CIA, NSA, and U.S. State Department does is approved by these eight members who are accountable to the U.S. electorate.  These eight representatives are the intelligence oversight “check” within the constitutionally established check and balance inside our federal government.

It is also important to understand that nothing ever happens without these eight members of congress being briefed on the occurrence.  If the United States are carrying out a covert CIA mission in Benghazi, these representative would know about and have approved.  If the United States is carrying out a covert CIA effort in Syria, these eight members would have to approve.

They are also capable of covering things up:

In the modern UniParty era, this construct also means neither party has any objective toward truthfulness.  Both parties are at risk.

This UniParty construct is why we knew the House Select Committee on Benghazi was never going to go anywhere

When you consider all of President Obama’s foreign policy failures, it is critical to remind yourself of the Republicans who held oversight on every CIA endeavor.

Never forget this undisclosed motive to advance cover-ups.

There are two Republicans in the Gang of Eight who are not particularly keen on Donald Trump. They are Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. I now understand why they would not want him to be president.

Also of note is this:

♦There are only three Gang of Eight members remaining from the time of the September 11th 2012 Benghazi attack in Libya (Pelosi, McConnell and Feinstein).

Five of the 2012 Gang of Eight members have resigned or retired from Congress (John Boehner -R, Mike Rogers -R, Harry Reid – D, Charles Ruppersberger -D,  and Saxby Chambliss – R).   This is not accidental.


Trump will have a field day later this month. He sent a message in a recent press conference about notional Russian hacking. Stay tuned:

Speaking of hacking, I wonder how much Trump knows about real hacking that has taken place during the Obama years. Computer World wrote about it in 2014:

The State Department joins the White House, the United States Postal Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on a growing list of hacked government agencies. Expect to hear of more government networks infiltrated as a Georgia Institute of Technology report on emerging cyber threats in 2015 (pdf) states, “Low-intensity online nation-state conflicts become the rule, not the exception.”  

There’s more at the link. If this occurs during a Trump administration, you can be sure it would be front page news for months. However, because Democrats have been in charge, the media have chosen to remain silent.