One thing which could be revealed during a Donald Trump administration is the truth about 9/11.

Who better to do so than America’s foremost real estate developer who lives in Manhattan?

A few months ago, an old interview with New York’s Channel 9 surfaced where Trump talked about the structure of the World Trade Center and 9/11. I’m not a 9/11 conspiracy nut, but what he said on September 11, 2001 gave me pause for thought.

Infowars has the first part of the interview along with subtitles. Trump says there must have been explosives on the planes. He gives a lot of information about the structure, so it’s better to read it than listen:

The interview is in its entirety below. It picks up from the partial Infowars clip at around 2:30. I’ve included this because, at the end, Trump says that 9/11 will change the United States ‘for many years to come’:

I posted the second video at The Conservative Treehouse on January 2 and received an interesting reply:

Trump knows exactly what’s up with 9/11.

As a top NY Real Estate investor, he no doubt studied the WTC lease-options pre 9/11/2001 and was keenly aware that the NY Port Authority lost an asbestos lawsuit in May 2001 that would take more than billion to remediate.

Trump was no doubt scratching his head when and soon thereafter another high-profile, savvy NY Real Estate tycoon Larry Silverstein purchased a 99 year lease on half-empty buildings with a major asbestos problem that required billion + remediation. The reality of upcoming asbestos-related litigation was staggering…

“Why did Larry Silverstein purchase these buildings?” had to be on Trump’s mind every morning when he awoke and before he fell asleep.

Trump may or may not have known or been concerned about the insurance policy Larry Silverstein purchased on these buildings – it seems reasonable I suppose that a policy be crafted on the WTC buildings specifically for terrorist acts.

But I guaran-damn-tee you when Trump watched the events unfold on 9/11 from his penthouse windows – watching in real time as his friends and associates were brutally slaughtered on his home turf – he connected the dots.

As I say, I am not a 9/11 person so was unaware of an asbestos lawsuit connected with the World Trade Center.

There must be wheels within wheels connected with 9/11. It will be interesting to see if Trump is able to give us the full story.