Many American conservatives are trying to figure out President Donald Trump’s game plan.

Common comments I have read over the past three months on a conservative site, which will go unnamed, typify the uncertainty:

  • If Trump wants to drain the swamp, why is he employing people closely tied to it?
  • He doesn’t seem to be very alert as to what is going on.
  • Why isn’t he doing anything?

Two online comments — one from The_Donald and another from 4chan — clarify the 4-dimensional chess game that Trump is playing. Emphases mine below. I have also slightly edited spelling and grammar to make the messages clearer.

It’s far more strategic than the average person can appreciate.

This is the analysis from a commenter at The_Donald:

Donald Trump our president is a pragmatist and a businessman, a highly successful international one at that. Everything he does, for the most part, is part of a larger strategy [and people] would be foolish to think otherwise.

I personally believe that he presents these charges such as voter fraud, Hillary’s illegal activities, the Obama wiretap and then purposely doesn’t follow up right away, because if he did they would try to bury them or slant the narrative. For example, they would be pushing the argument that it was legal for the wiretap if he provided based evidence.

Instead, however, by doing it this way all over the media, they are saying “well yes it would be wrong if it happened but it never happened.”

This saturates headlines for a few days to a week and gets in the public knowledge for most people.

He’s been doing this bit by bit and then, I believe, when he drops the hammer of evidence for these accusations, [there is] now much larger public knowledge tha[n] the[re] would have been otherwise, which can radically shift public opinion once he presents the evidence.

Additionally, who knows what other angles he has, but I guarantee you he’s not tweeting for tweeting’s sake.

The second analysis comes from a thread on 4chan, a forum mostly used by Millennials, particularly gamers. If what the Anons say, e.g. FBIAnon, is anything to go by, 4chan threads attract the attention of people working in some federal agencies, because they can find out what Americans are really thinking. It’s a far from politically correct forum and, at times, is actually offensive.

These government Anons also participate in 4chan political discussions to boost the morale of Trump supporters.

The following comes from such a conversation, which must have been hijacked by paid commenters for the Democrat propagandist David Brock, who is desperately trying to shut down anything that opposes the narrative of the Left.

Here is the screenshot, which was posted on Twitter. It comes from a Secret Service Anon. You can see the Secret Service lapel pin from the inauguration to the left of the post.

There must have been some discussion of World War III breaking out because of Iran. Also referenced is the investigative trip that congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) made to Syria and Lebanon after the election. Secret Service Anon says that the World War III narrative is a smokescreen for breaking open ISIS:

Iran and Trump have an agreementIran is going to release the names of US Officials that supported and supplied the terrorist groups. This is Trump’s plan to get Iran to release the evidence instead of him calling them out. This is why he sent Tulsi Gabbard to Syria, and she made the statement that there [are] no rebels, and Obama / Clinton / Kerry were sending guns to ISIS. This was required in advance of Iran releas[ing] the names, so it would not look like it was all made up, because it is 100% the truth. CNN and other media outlets will not be able to twist things to fit their narrative.

Everything you see about Iran is for show. Trump is a genius. Everything he does has been planned, everything that appears to go wrong, was planned.

Why do you think he hired Rex Tillerson? Rex Tillerson knows the inner workings of the entire system. He has met with every foreign leader, these leaders respect him, and, no, they respect Trump. Do you think that these leaders of other countries actually like these Globalists controlling every move they make? Of course not. On to Betsy DeVos, her brother is Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, the people Bush and Obama hired to deliver said weapons. Erik Prince was around Trump during his entire campaign.

Bannon has all of Breitbart’s research, Bannon knows people, and has [had] contact with CIA/FBI for years. That is why Trump hired him. Bannon is also not the “secret president” like you people claim. He is a well informed man that is completely red pilled.

Get with the program, people, Trump is 10 steps ahead, and once he kills ISIS, and release[s] free energy tech to the world, it will be the beginning of world peace. He will go down as a hero, and people will build monuments to remember his leadership [as] leader of the free world.

You [“]never[“] people that pretend to hate Trump, and make these CTR/CREW posts just want to watch the world burn.

The only problem is the Republicans are stalling approval of Trump’s cabinet appointments. It will then take several months for confirmed appointees to get their own staff in place. In some cases, that will take until the summer, at which point, half the year is gone.

Just as a point of comparison, by early March 2009, Obama was able to get four bills successfully passed — and signed into law.

Trump needs to put pressure on head Republicans — Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan — because Congressional elections are coming up in 2018 — 33 Senate and all 435 House seats — so, time is of the essence. If a large chunk of his platform does not pass this year, it will be an upward struggle next year and, possibly, in 2019.

That aside, these analyses explain Trump’s strategy. He’s dumb like a fox.