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On Monday, July 17, 2017 President Donald Trump launched a week-long Made in America campaign to showcase products made in the United States by American companies.

That day, one company from each of the 50 states went to the White House to display their wares. Some gave the president a personalised product.

This appears to be yet another Trump ‘first’. In this short video, the president explains more:

It will be even better when he and his daughter can get Trump and Ivanka Trump merchandise made in the United States. Currently, they are made in various Asian countries.

It should also be noted that Trump’s White House pens, used for signing official documents, are of Chinese manufacture and American assembly.

For now, Trump’s intention is to remind the nation of American workers, as The Conservative Treehouse explains:

America is a nation that honors the work of gifted and skilled tradespeople, but for too long our government has forgotten the American workers. Their interests were pushed aside for global projects and their wealth was taken from their communities and shipped overseas.

Under the leadership of President Trump, not only will the American worker never be forgotten, but they will be championed …

President Trump knows that America first means putting American workers first.

The White House provided a list of the 50 companies that participated.

Larger products were displayed on the South Lawn:

The president couldn’t resist playing with one big boy’s toy:

Smaller products were on display in the White House:

The Dallas News was ecstatic to see Trump participate in a long-standing presidential tradition of wearing a Stetson. The Garland, Texas company has been producing hats for 152 years, often giving personalised ones to American presidents:

Trump was a star baseball player when he attended New York Military Academy. In fact, he seriously considered pursuing a professional baseball career after he graduated in 1964. So, it came as no surprise that he would want to try out a bat:

He enjoyed himself:

Gibson Guitars’ appearance was important …

Because …

President Trump pledged to protect the American worker and American employers:

Vice President Mike Pence pointed out:


The Conservative Treehouse has more photos.

Before hosting a dinner for seven Republican senators, Trump expressed his pleasure with the exhibition:

For more American-made products, visit American Retail, a comprehensive website with short histories of featured companies. It’s beautifully laid out and offers links to manufacturers so that you can easily place an order online.

In his Monday press briefing, Sean Spicer said that, while this week highlights American manufacturing, there will be more to follow throughout July:

Later on in the month, we’ll also be highlighting American heroes and the American Dream.

As far as concrete policies for American workers, Trump is in the process of renegotiating Bill Clinton’s NAFTA, which dates from the 1990s and needs a makeover. We will see how he negotiates his famous ‘Art of the Deal’ with classic opponents of his such as the US Chamber of Commerce and union leader Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO.

Never mind that Democrats want to take credit for renegotiating NAFTA — ignore them — it is Trump who is actually changing minds:

Trumka says that Trump outperforms Obama on trade:

An investigation is also taking place by the Commerce Department into Chinese steel’s effect on the American steel industry.

Things are moving along well in the Trump administration. Regardless of what Al Gore said on Sunday, President Trump spends little time tweeting. Trump is working hard to Make America Great Again.

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