Fallout from President Donald Trump’s Phoenix rally and Charlottesville continues.

Katie Pavlich of Townhall.com told a Fox News panel after the August 22 rally that Trump thought it was important to defend his statements about Charlottesville and to express his disgust at the media and others on the Left who are smearing his supporters. Start at the 2:40 mark:

On August 23, the Washington Post had a reply to Trump and his supporters in the form of an editorial from a satanist. The Revd Franklin Graham rightly called the events of Charlottesville on August 12 ‘satanic’. The satanist’s editorial takes issue with that — of course — and puts the blame on Christians.

The Daily Wire has a good analysis of the story and says that WaPo is attempting to create an anti-Christian narrative. That is probably true. It is dangerous:

Every time you start to believe The Washington Post cannot go any further off the leftwing rails, along comes another sweetheart of lunacy. Seven days ago, WaPo published an editorial justifying violence against Trump supporters. If you thought that was some pretty far out stuff, a few days later we were served up with an editorial that openly called for banning conservative speech on campus.

Crazy, right?

Nutso, right?

What is going on here? Why is one of the leading establishment news outlets in the country offering its imprimatur to dangerous lunatics advocating in favor of political violence and fascistic speech-killing policies?

Come on. Don’t be cute. We all know why. This is WaPo’s way of slowly but surely legitimizing these ideas, and both of these un-American ideas, silencing the Right through the use of force, are ideas the mainstream Left have secretly longed for for decades. When you boil the Left down to its essence, what you get are violent tyrants all-too eager to control and organize society at the point of a gun.

The truth is, as the Daily Wire points out, that Christians abolished the slave trade in the UK and the US:

Although it is simply a fact that Christians practicing Christian beliefs, that Christians who properly interpreted scripture became the heart and soul of the American abolitionist movement, it is also true that it was through the words and actions of devout Christian William Wilberforce that, after thousands and thousands of years of slavery, civilization’s eyes were finally opened to the basic idea that slavery is an evil, a concept no one had ever considered previously.

When a prominent national newspaper like the Washington Post gives space to a satanist to smear Christians, you know something is very wrong with American intelligentsia. Because of WaPo‘s influence, this narrative could run and run among ignorant, albeit well educated, people. What a sad moment.

Someone should try to get space in WaPo to write about where slavery still exists today and under what faith. It certainly isn’t Christianity.