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Some Americans are upset at the lack of high-profile arrests they expected under the Trump administration.

However, there could be a good reason for that. Imagine that Big Media were expecting high-profile arrests to take place. They would have had a narrative about it, no doubt, discrediting President Trump. Also consider that Americans are directly affected by crime and abuses committed by people much lower in the chain. Someone like Hillary Clinton has no direct influence on the vast majority of Americans’ lives.

An anon came up with this rationale for a bottom to top plan to save America:

You see?
FakeNews was prepared for the arrest of powerful people
For sex trafficking and other UNTHINKABLE crimes
They had a plan to discredit this
As a “conspiracy theory”.
Their predictive programming would ensure
That such arrests would break Trump’s presidency

But POTUS had a plan too
A clever plan
Born from a lifetime of experience
In business
Amongst the corrupt families
Of New York City
His masterful plan in 3 words
Bottom to Top

That’s it
Do not cut off the head of the hydra
Until the hydra is weakened
Until its villages are burnt to the ground
Until it cannot find enough to feed itself
Then with one blow
End it.

Now you know
Why there are no visible arrests
Why there are no Hollywood moments
This is not a game
It is our last chance
It must not fail

Thank God for Donald Trump
Thank God for wisdom
For patience
For compassion
Towards the people
This POTUS loves his neighbors in America
He is in control
The plan is working
The cabal is fading
A dead cat bounce is only a sign
Of their desperation
Trust Q
They do it all for…


It makes sense.

There might also be many things going on behind the scenes at high levels that are not made public.

In any event, as the text above says, there is only one chance — a final chance — to make America great again.

No one can say whether 2018 will be the year of high-profile arrests, but many other good events will occur and policies put in place for the United States.

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