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Since Donald Trump’s 2016 victory, a stream of Democrats have been leaving the Left for the MAGA side.

Many more have crossed over in 2018.

Blacks see the truth:

Bernie Sanders’s supporters do, too:

Steps 5 through 8 look into the future:

5. Trump wins, CNN loses. Media learns it can’t push another Cold War for HRC.
6. Tariffs against countries that impose tariffs against us, or don’t play fair is a good thing.
7. Trump wins, Brennan, Clapper and prior intel chiefs lose, fail in Russia myth.
8. HRC indictment

Then there are others, like this man:

Then we come to the new #WalkAway movement, started by Brandon Straka, designed to unite ex-Democrats together with conservative Trump supporters:

This is a great video — short, to the point and with subtitles:

Regardless of what you think about gay rights, he refuses to let the Democrats take credit:

People do not want to be seen as victims:

Even hard core Democrats are leaving:

#WalkAway is garnering publicity:

The Populist Wire article of June 17 quoted Brandon Straka, who had strong words against identity politics and notional victimhood (emphases mine):

The distorted framework of this credo is sold to us under the banner of that slick advertisement which promises us that “diversity is our strength”. And yet, here we are- more divided than ever. Incapable of civil disagreement in matters of politics and culture. Nuanced opinion has been replaced with irate and mindless groupthink. The left has abandoned common sense and critical thinking while embracing its campaign of rage.

And sadly, the Democratic Party and liberal media have not only adopted but fed and nurtured this climate of extremism.

The #Walkaway Campaign is a grassroots movement dedicated to sharing the stories of people who can no longer accept modern “progressive” liberalism, and have chosen to walk away. It is a Facebook campaign set up to allow people to share their stories by video or text- about why they walked away, are going to walk away, or why they are encouraging others to walk away.

But the campaign also serves another purpose. It is an opportunity for the Silent Majority on the right to take back the narrative of who they truly are, which has been misrepresented for far too long by those on the left. This campaign is a platform for those on the right to use their voices and tell the world what it means to be a conservative in America today, and to erase the oft-repeated sentiment from the left that conservatives do not welcome minorities on the right.

I believe this campaign has the potential to usher in a new era of conservatism. One that is inclusive, energized, and solution-oriented- and which encourages unity, not diversity. Our true strength is realized in coming together as a common tribe- that of the American people.”

The article said that Straka will be joining Populist Wire as a contributor and included this tweet:

Conservative talk show host Wayne Dupree also talked about Straka:

Dupree voiced his approval:

This young man is different. He has forged a path to help others wake up and leave the Democratic Party. I’ve said on many occasions that anyone can be a voice to win over voters from the other side and this young man is doing it

I am so proud of this video and the specific points he has made. I hope that you find a spot on your timeline for this message as it is clear-cut ready to help others leave that evil political establishment.

I wish Brandon Straka all the best in his campaign, especially with mid-term elections this year:

There is much, much more to write about this significant political shift. Suffice it to say, Democrats with common sense are waking up.

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