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For over a year, Candace Owens, Communications Director for — Turning Point USA — has been urging American blacks to leave the Democrat plantation.

I’ve been following her during that time and have bookmarked several of her tweets.

As the Dems are showing the world what a psychological Crazytown they inhabit, here are a few of Candace Owens’s recent observations, two of which are subtitled videos.

This tweet discusses President Trump, the man who is renting real estate for free in Democrats’ heads. Democrats will tell you that Trump is doing nothing for black Americans. Yet, Owens says the Dems have done nothing for blacks:

Another Dem tactic is to tell blacks that police officers are racist. In a public forum, Owens explains why this is patently untrue:

Here she explains why blacks should support Judge Kavanaugh. She says that empty accusations have also brought about harsh punishments before — namely that of black men in the 1950s who were lynched for the falsehoods levelled against them by white female accusers:

The entertainment world is no better, but most of us already knew that (language alert and typo):

Earlier this year, Candace Owens encouraged Kanye West to speak out. He does so at great risk to his career. Tomorrow’s post will have more on his Saturday Night Live (NBC) performance on Saturday, September 29.


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