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Out of all the possible future Conservative leaders, Boris Johnson is the best known.

The whole country knows his name.

They know his Sunday Telegraph editorials.

He was twice elected Mayor of London and might be the last Conservative mayor the city will see in a while because of demographic changes.

He also served as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs under Theresa May between July 2016 and July 2018.

Those who follow British politics know he flip-flops on various issues.

However, he makes good speeches and can withstand the slings and arrows from the opposition.

While Labour and trade unions want a general election, not due until 2022, Boris is the only one who can fend them off.

But, what about Brexit, should he become Prime Minister?

Veteran journalist Andrew Neil confirms that Boris, as he is popularly known, would renegotiate with the EU:

Sebastian Payne is the Whitehall correspondent for the Financial Times. His short Twitter thread is as follows:


Such a stance would also bring some Brexit Party voters on board in a general election, should one be called before 2022.

However, there is a caveat. Earlier this year, Boris asked his constituents whether he should vote for Theresa May’s deal when it came up for its third (unsuccessful) vote. His constituents told him not to compromise, yet he voted to approve May’s withdrawal agreement. Hmm.

Now, it could be that if he becomes PM, he will have more resolve.

Whatever the case, at this juncture, Boris Johnson — like him or not — is probably the Conservatives’ best chance for party leader and PM.

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