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Yesterday’s post was the first of three parts about my visit to Cannes in 2019.

Today’s post gives a bit of insight into this beautiful city.

Mayor David Lisnard (LR, conservative) has a personal mandate to make Cannes even more beautiful.


Over the past several years, Cannes has adopted national and its own local measures that help to keep the city clean.

A few years ago, posters on street furniture and municipal vehicles brought litter fines to the public’s attention.

As of May 1, 2019, 72,993 fines have been issued since 2014 for everything from litter, including domestic pet detritus, to disturbing the peace. As the tweet notes, money from said fines goes to the State rather than the City of Cannes:

This is the view from the mayor’s office at City Hall. Lisnard notes that the city is already clean for the day, which is just as well, because there is plenty of activity even before office hours:

City Hall is on the right in this photo of the Old Port:

Here is the mayor’s office:

Here is the interior:

Lisnard is also concerned about what is going on beneath the city:

This year, we noticed tiled roundels next to many of the grilles over the city’s gutters. Each was labelled with this reminder:

Ici commence la mer. Ne rien jeter. (The sea starts here. Don’t throw anything (here).)

There are plenty of public waste bins, including ashtrays.


Marché Forville in the old part of the city continues to thrive, supplying restaurateurs and the general public with fresh produce, fish, meat and cheese. There are also flower stalls and, on certain days, intriguing second-hand markets with stunning china and silverware from house clearances:

We went here every other day.

As seen on La Croisette

La Croisette is the main boulevard running along the coastline in the city centre.

Cruise ships, such as this one, can be seen on the horizon. One or two a week dock at the end of the Old Port. In this tweet, Lisnard has asked the French prime minister Edouard Philippe to require cruise ships to limit their pollution:

On the other side of the spectrum, we saw this vessel while we were sitting watching the world go by:

This is the sort of sunset one can expect to see:

At night, the iconic carousel is illuminated:

As seen from the hills

This is the cityscape that one sees from the neighbourhoods in the hills of Cannes:


The sunrises here are incredible:

Here is the Old Port:


Here is a beautiful shot of the city as the sun sets on La Croisette:

And looking westward towards the Old Port:

After the sun sets, the city’s natural beauty is still alluring:


Schools have long been a priority in Cannes.

The city is currently the only one in France to mandate art and music classes as part of the local curriculum, as per Cannes Soleil magazine (June 2019).

I will have more on local education tomorrow.

Better spending, more improvements

Since 2014, David Lisnard has managed to reduce the city’s debt …

… whilst spending public money more efficiently through better controlled salaries and fewer city employees …

… in order to renovate districts throughout the city:

Local taxes are among the lowest in France:

More to come tomorrow.

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