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The following upload is anonymous but one I found on a British blog.

It gives an accurate picture of what growing up in the UK — and, in some respects, the Republic of Ireland — was like in the 1970s.

The over-50s knew what it was like to grow up without central heating. They drank soft drinks out of glass bottles. They knew how to cope with extended power cuts, which occurred under an inept Labour government. (Reading the following helps explain why Margaret Thatcher was viewed so positively. She put a stop to the lunacy.) They understood what living with the minimum of creature comforts was like. Therefore, today’s climate change brigade should not be criticising them:

There were also a lot of outdoor loos then, too, often shared by more than one household. They were located in the back gardens of old terraced houses.

Kids, please stop lecturing your elders.

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