Oh, the irony!

On an Australian television programme recently, an outspoken SJW (Social Justice Warrior) ranted against civility, complaining that white men invented it. Language alert, but everything is this short video from ABC’s QandA is subtitled. Look at the polite, albeit sceptical, reception she received. Pure civility:

A non-white rightly took exception to the woman’s rant. Civility is the bedrock of all civilisations:

Yes, one can appreciate the offence taken.

Thinking back to 50 years ago, the Revd Martin Luther King Jr provided a great role model for change through civil discourse. Those days, sadly, are long over:

Of course, President Trump’s style of speaking entered into the comments. What came first, horrid SJW discourse or the American president? SJW discourse:

I do hope that the chaos surrounding leftist speech and actions dissipates soon. No doubt, it will continue to escalate.

I’m not even sure depriving these people of the oxygen of publicity would help.

I have no solution other than to say that the rest of us should continue to be civil and polite members of society.