Now that the season of Lent is upon us, below are suggestions and meditations for this time of solemnity and personal discipline.

My Ash Wednesday post discussed the directives from Jesus on the proper way to pray, fast and give to charity.

Here are more ideas for Lent:

Ideas for Lent

Different denominations observe this preparation for Easter in different ways:

Lent, denominational differences and freedom in Christ

These posts explore how Christians observed Lent in the past:

St Athanasius and the Lenten practices of the early Church

Lent in the early Church — not a pagan practice

Finally, these Lutheran reflections may be helpful:

Lutheran reflections for Lent

Lent is not particularly easy, and outside influences at work or at home can make the next 40 days more difficult. For many years, my Lenten seasons used to be highly fraught at work. They were more than enough to manage without piling on a ‘giving up’ or ‘doing more’.

Therefore, when life — including Lent — is difficult, focus on that instead of taking on any additional extras. Prayerfully seek a resolution to personal or employment issues and ask the Lord for His ongoing grace and help.