The other day, I entered into an exchange with a WP blogger, prognosticatasaurusrex, or Prex, for short.

He writes at politicalprognosticator.

This is what he had to say about much of the worldwide reaction to coronavirus, which a talk radio show in France has called ‘draconian in restricting people’s freedom of movement’.

Why is this? I have also had several conversations offline about this. My friends and I do not understand the general panic.

What Prex has to say sums it up perfectly.

We exchanged comments on an excellent coronavirus thread, ‘Of Exponents and Viruses’ at the Q Tree.

I said, in part:

Some might also say this is groundwork for controlling populations worldwide and how various countries react …

This is the text of his first comment, which he has kindly allowed me to post in full:

Church, IF they succeed in doing this just ONCE, we will see it over and over again. I call it the sky is falling narrative or the boy that cried wolf. As we know, it did NOT end well for the boy, as eventually the woodsman (We the people) IGNORED the boy’s cries (the MSM) and the wolf (Trump?) came and ATE the boy.

My GREATEST fear is that this will, as I predict, turn out to be NOWHERE near as bad as the MSM and Cabal are hyping it to be, and then, sometime in the future, after a man like Trump, we WILL get hit by a REAL killer, and the people, using the old axiom fool me once, will IGNORE it, and they we will have a TRUE, and not manufactured crisis.

There was simply Z E R O reasons to jump the shark like we are and continue to do so, calm, common sense, and CAUTION would have worked, probably even BETTER.

Instead we have a 100% MSM induced spate of market fluctuations, panic buying, hoarding, price gouging, and unnecessary closures.

IF I am right, we have all been exposed to this for weeks if not MONTHS. The facts that they CONTINUE to skew the numbers, and HYPE the panic, over the one facility, in WA state, was red flag #1 for me.

Then, they NEVER talk about the % of ALREADY RECOVERED, red flag #2. Red flag #3, is they ALWAYS talk about the WORST possible case “exponential” projections, or the “curve”. They NEVER take into account EARLIER first introduction, the preventative measures ALREADY taken, and the basic differences between a country like the US and the other hotbeds like China, Italy, and Iran.

Let’s highlight those, just a few. What is the BASIC quality and condition differences between here and the other spots? Do we have JAM packed population centers with little sanitary or BASIC hygiene? NO, although some areas in some of the dem controlled cities are getting there, they are still like the Starship Enterprise vs the Minnow from Gilligan’s Island in terms of conditions, facilities, infrastructure, etc. Think ZERO sewers as a START, then think communal water supplies, UNTREATED, used for more than just drinking.

Then, let’s talk healthcare. Try as they might, the left have STILL not been able to destroy the American healthcare system, the BEST in the world. Even places like South Korea, and Taiwan, despite what the MSM will tell you, cannot TOUCH our facilities, personnel, or levels of care. Want PROOF? Do the South Koreans, Chinese, and Iranians keep their students in house in their countries? NO, why do you think that is, if they were so advanced and good and better than us? No, my friend, they send their BEST and BRIGHTEST right here in the good old USA. Our ONLY failing here, thanks to dems like Clinton and Obama, is outsourcing our medical equipment, supplies, and pharmaceutical production to China, and THAT, is about to change, change big, and change QUICKLY.

Then let’s look at response and government actions. The Chinese, and the South Koreans, as well as the Italians, did not ACT until there was ALREADY a serious condition, they ALLOWED the virus to spread like wildfire BEFORE taking drastic action.

In the US, despite the impeachment distraction, despite MSM and dem protestation of “racism”, and despite dem obfuscation, indifference, and interference, Trump took bold decisive action in stopping ALL travel to China in January, once the world found out the lie China had been spewing.

I submit we were all already exposed at that time, but, Trump’s actions stemmed NEW influxes, maybe new mutated strains, from entering, and that gave us VALUABLE time to get ahead, and we, I believe are WAY ahead, despite the hype.

ALL these things and MORE, like the fact that Italy and China have some of the OLDEST populations in the WORLD, and this virus is VASTLY disproportionate in its effects on the elderly, a STRANGE curiosity. This virus basically discriminants AGAINST the young, and hones in on the elderly, red flag #4. Normally it is the very old, and the VERY young that are affected by viruses, NOT in this case. The instances of INFECTION, not mortality, are 1% or less in teens through infant, a BIG outlier from norm.

So, in closing, thanks for the reply, I am trying to EASE the fears with calm, reasoned FACTS, not projections. IMHO, we jumped the shark on the closings and cancellations, BIGLY. We should have STARTED, if we were going that route, to have the elderly and infirm curtail their exposures, not the young and middle aged, of which 80% show little or NO symptoms. there was simply NO reason to go full “outbreak” level panic here, yet.

The hype leads to disinfo. The disinfo leads to fear, the fear leads to PANIC, hoarding, and panic buying. The panic COULD lead to civil discord, looting, and worse. It was STUPID, and not on Trump’s end, on the people that supposedly work for him like RR’s sister [Rod Rosenstein’s sister Dr Nancy Messonnier of the Center for Disease Control, CDC], and some of the other health “officials” He rightly, finally, got CONTROL of the message, at least at the federal level thanks to the task force. Now it is local and state health “officials” like the twit in Ohio, spreading hysteria by GUESSTIMATING. WTF. She SHOULD, rightly, be fired, and SHOULD lose her medical license.

The FIRST rule of a crisis situation is to REMAIN CALM, and NOT panic. In an active shooter situation, usually, those that keep their cool, SURVIVE, those that PANIC, sadly, die.

Calm, and reasoned allows people to THINK, and not react, or OVERREACT. Hopefully, in a few days if not weeks, we WILL turn the corner, I think it will be shorter rather than longer.

One last thing. The MSM hype, AGAIN they ALWAYS over reach. They CANNOT continue the stoking to defcon 5 of 24/7 hysteria, breathlessly reporting NOTHING but covid 19. People are ALREADY saturated with it, they are growing TIRED of it, especially with no sports, and little movies to go see. Soon, they will simply TURN IT OFF. Do you know what happens then? I will bet my gopher suit that this “crisis” will suddenly, miraculously, END. If you cut off either the oxygen or the source of a fire it DIES.

Prex gave me permission to publish his comment (emphases in purple mine):

Feel free, I WANT people to NOT panic (what the Cabal want); this is getting ridiculous, when they start closing restaurants and bars, the next thing is a curfew. There simply is NO need for this, at least not at this time. This is their dry run, after Trump something like this will be MUCH worse. We the people need to get and STAY informed, and start MAJOR pushback on the insanity. Caution is one thing, sequestration is QUITE another. Remember we have FEWER than 70 deaths, and 30 of those were in ONE spot, not one state, not one city, one BUILDING.

This is akin to shutting down the country of Legionnaires disease…think on that.

Again, feel free to post ANY of my comments here, or my blog, just link me as proper credit…you know the deal. I would suggest sharing mine and Steve in CO’s running thread, it is quite informative if I do say so myself! Thanks, Prex

He then added this:

I would suggest taking in a post by Jim Hoft on the Gateway Pundit, he is BASICALLY, proving my point. It is about the MSM openly LYING to us all about the ACTUAL death rate of covid 19 vs the seasonal flu. He has an interesting take that dovetails with my theory. Basically, the REAL numbers of flu deaths here NOW are 10 % of the REAL documented cases. 22000 of 220000 documented cases. For Covid 19 it is 3.4 % for the REAL documented cases, including the OUTLIER of the one facility.

The reason the CDC can state that the Flu mortality rate is .1% is that they are ESTIMATING that there are 36 million infected here in the US with the flu, and THEN extrapolating the REAL deaths out of THAT number 22000 of 36000000. That my friends is what we call GIGO.

Why this is IMPORTANT. IF they can estimate the flu numbers, because they KNOW the spread, they KNOW the gestation, why can’t they do the SAME with covid 19?

They have NEARLY the same sample size WW 178000 vs 222000 for the FLU here. They KNOW the mortality rate WW is 3.8%, 5786 of 178000. So why didn’t they ESTIMATE the numbers of infected and compare and extrapolate like they did the flu? Answer: because it would show that covid 19 is NOT more virulent than the common flu, and there are a LOT more cases than we are being told (#’s of infected withheld?) They KNOW the #’s from China, to the size of the city to the reported dates (gestation), and they KNOW the amount decesased AND infected. If you do not trust China, how about South Korea? They have ACCURATE info, and it is MUCH less than reported.

In short my friend, we are being BAIT AND SWITCHED on the numbers to create PANIC.

EX a: estimated # of flu infected vs ACTUAL mortality to get .1% mortality

Ex b: Actual #of known infected vs ACTUAL mortality to get 3.4- 3.8%.

These two are NOT like comparisons, not even CLOSE, and it is IMPORTANT to see that they are using actuals vs ESTIMATED to get the higher numbers. IE comparing apples to apples in covid 19, and apples to ORANGES in the flu.

The question is WHY can they not extrapolate the numbers in covid 19 like they do with the flu?

Answer, they do not want a panic over the flu, it is something people are USED to, has been around, and therefore even with the TRUE number, would not panic.

Covid 19 is NEW, and “unknown” and can be used to spread the panic desired. When one factors in the avg age of infections, serious infections for BOTH, and the factors in that 8 of 10 in covid show mild to NO symptoms, you start to REALLY see the agenda.

We are being MANIPULATED, folks.

Then he rightly pointed the finger at leftist mayors and governors in the United States:

We are being manipulated, and leftist mayors and Governors are doing what they ALWAYS do, overreach. They are closing restaurants and bars, and now daycares..WHY? children are basically NOT affected. Answer because this is a TEST, a TEST of just what they can get away with before we the people say ENOUGH.

Time for some lawsuits, testing the Constitutionality of this. Then, the states and cities would have to PROVE actual danger, NOT projections. I hope you see now why I so vehemently went against the exponential projections, I KNEW they would be used against us for an AGENDA, damned if I wasn’t right.

The left will CONTINUE to infringe, and spread panic, till something pops, it will not take long, I give it 3 weeks TOPS. Hopefully, there will be enough SANE people, and Trump, to put a STOP to this through pushback. Plus, I believe they CANNOT keep up the hoax, and, yes, folks, it is a HOAX because of its PURPOSE, for much longer, they will NOT be able to fool the people much longer and fuel the hysteria. People will soon see, that they nor NO ONE they know is infected, and THEN the pushback starts.

The virus is real, but it is being made into the Spanish flu, and it is NOWHERE near that. May God have mercy on us all if a REAL killer comes a calling after this FIASCO by the MSM.

I IMPLORE President Trump, please for the love of the country, RESCIND the Obama EO that permits propaganda to be spewed. FORCE these people to report the TRUTH and NOTHING but the truth, and that includes lying by omission.

Many people are just now coming to where I have been for over 2 weeks, pissed off, and it will get MUCH worse if they do not quit openly LYING and spreading hysteria, let alone infringement of life, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of happiness. All in the name of a crisis, and “public health”. My considerable rear end. The numbers do NOT bear out the reaction.

EX A. 69 deaths of 330000000 =.000000020990 %
EX B 3300 cases of 3300000000= .00001%

Now tell me again why we are in lockdown and PANIC?

Projections and exponential projections coupled with HYPE. Nothing more. These are FACTS, not projections.

I fully agree more with those sentiments. I hope that you do, too.

Prex has more on his site in ‘Corona-steria’.

We have never seen anything like this in living memory.

Based on what Prex and SteveInCO say, governmental response has been over the top.

When all is said and done, outside of China, Iran and Italy, it is likely that less than 1% of various nations’ populations will have died.

Meanwhile, every year, there are tens of thousands of deaths from influenza and respiratory illnesses in each Western country every year. On average, 1%-10% of populations die in each of those countries from those ailments. The percentage varies among countries. In England, it is around 1%.

Then, let’s talk about the much higher percentage rates of death from heart disease, diabetes, obesity and the like.

Yet, our leaders are obsessing over coronavirus?

I do not know how much people can push back on this at the moment. However, if you are healthy and your government allows it, keep patronising local shops and restaurants. Otherwise, they will go under. That would be very bad for the owners, their employees — and the economy.

Just keep in mind what is happening right now, because this is not the last pandemic we will ever see. Far from it. And, what sort of restrictions on freedom of movement will we see then?