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On Sunday, May 10, Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the British public, giving them an update on the coronavirus lockdown.

More widespread testing has been in place since April. Thousands of new positive cases are appearing every day, thanks to the expanded testing system.

The devolved nations — Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland — are testing at variable rates. According to charts that Guido Fawkes posted on May 11, Northern Ireland is far and away have the best testing rates (emphases in the original):

Using data from the regional public health authorities published on May 9 it would seem that Northern Ireland is way ahead of the other regions, it was testing at 10 times the rate of Scotland, which is testing at the lowest rate. England is testing for Covid at more than double the rate of Scotland…

How successful have the measures to reduce the number of cases been – when adjusted for population size? Wales had substantially more new cases compared to the other regions.

It is clear from the official figures that Scotland and Wales are doing less well when it comes to testing as well as suppressing the number of new cases.

It is clear that the coronavirus is still circulating, although less than before.

The British government is working with the devolved nations to implement pandemic policies that are largely uniform across the UK.

Boris’s announcement on Sunday and press conference on Monday pertain to England.

Very little will change, other than that people who have not previously been working in essential industry sectors have been told they may return to work, provided they are healthy and can provide for child care, where necessary, and that the workplace is COVID-19 safe.

Those returning to work are advised to avoid public transport because of social distancing issues. Those who do need to use public transport have been encouraged to wear some sort of face covering over the nose and mouth.

Childcare in the home can resume, as can cleaning by a third party, provided social distancing can take place.

Grandparents and other relatives living outside the household must not visit family members inside the home.

One may visit one’s parents outside their homes, provided there is social distancing. However, one cannot visit one’s mother and father at the same time. One must pay a separate visit to one’s mother, e.g. in the morning, and one’s father later in the day.

This is quite absurd, but the government is ‘following the science’ from SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies).

More sports venues for exercise — golf courses, basketball courts, tennis courts — opened on Wednesday, May 13, with social distancing rules in place. Those in the same household may avail themselves of these venues at present.

Garden centres were allowed to reopen on Wednesday, May 13.

Further restrictions will be lifted when the R number reduces, but that will not be until June.

Any further lifting — encompassing beauty salons, barbers and hospitality — will not begin until July, provided R is where it should be.

Boris emphasised several times that re-opening various sectors is conditional. The dates are subject to change.

These are the updated messages from Sunday, May 10:

Essential home repairs from a workman, e.g. a plumber, can continue to go ahead as before. However, it would appear that non-essential work done by a third party inside one’s home — nice-to-have painting and decorating — must wait.

These were the messages from the daily briefing, led by the Prime Minister, on Monday, May 11:

I found the FAQs on this new lockdown stage more useful than the main government document itself.

SAGE, advising the Prime Minister, are treating us as if we are lab rats.

That said, the PM agreed to lockdown and getting us out of it is one heck of a lot harder than it was getting us into it.

This is one of the worst social experiments of all time.

I know that Britain was far from being the only nation to go into coronavirus lockdown, but this will have lasting damage far beyond the lifespan of COVID-19.

We have been deprived of family, work and worship: the three pillars of Western society.

Pray God deliver us from evil.

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