Last week, I bought a clear mask along with a set of lightweight cotton masks.

I normally speak to our local shopkeepers, so I would like for our conversations to continue as normally as possible.

For the deaf and even for those who are hard of hearing though, masks that cover the face make communication difficult for them. The people affected explain the issues in the short video below.

I bought a clear mask similar to the ones on the right (see the second tweet). Those are for cycling purposes; they do not do anything to combat the virus. Yet, the government has asked us only for face coverings, not surgical-grade masks:

No one in the medical arena or in government has mentioned clear masks, which seems strange. I found mine by chance.

No one in authority has said anything about visors, either. Hairdressers wear them. Our local greengrocer did, too, at least early in the pandemic.

I guess one has to do one’s own research:

Opaque masks are an issue …

… so I am glad to see there is a petition to remove the mandate for face coverings:

While it is well-intentioned, this video from Matt Hancock’s Department of Health and Social Care offers questionable advice in dealing with hearing impairments: removing one’s mask to speak and inclining one’s ear towards the person talking. Both are supposed to be no-noes, aren’t they?

We’ve had two deaf workmen come and work on our house. Both relied upon looking at us as we spoke because they need to lip-read. One carried a notebook and pen, so that we could clarify some instructions for him.

I hope they and others with hearing problems are doing well, because not everyone will appreciate their difficulties in communicating:

That is a very real possibility.