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Do you ever get frustrated with the all-political, gotcha video interviews with President Trump?

I do.

Well, here’s one that you must watch if you haven’t seen it already.

Dave Portnoy is the founder of Barstool Sports. He’s from Boston — ans excellent city, historically known as America’s Athens of the North — and is also a savvy stock market investor.

He also has delightful rabbits running around in his back garden …

… and enjoys a good al fresco lunch:

For my European friends, Dave’s corn on the cob with mixed white kernels — an American delicacy — is the finest corn you will ever eat. Sadly, this variety of sweetcorn has not yet come to our shores.

But I digress.

On Thursday, July 23, 2020, Dave Portnoy — a sports and stocks blogger — managed to get a 21-minute spontaneous interview with the most powerful man on the planet: President Donald Trump.

One of President Trump’s sons is a big Portnoy fan, so that might have helped grease the wheels in the Oval Office, but this is one interview you won’t want to miss.

Portnoy is self-avowedly apolitical. That might have helped, too. He just sits down with the US president outside of the Oval Office and asks him various questions, including those about power handshakes and regretted tweets:

N.B.: It was so good that President Trump featured it on his personal YouTube account.

Portnoy had this to say about his personal achievement:

I don’t care what your politics are this was an opportunity that couldn’t be turned on. I still can’t believe it happened to be honest.

The president was completely natural. On being asked about his ‘power’ handshakes, he questioned whether Portnoy should have reached out to shake his hand for a power handshake of his own during the coronavirus outbreak. Trump said he wondered what to do: shake or not shake the confidently outstretched hand. So, he admitted, he shook his interviewer’s hand and hoped Portnoy had been tested. Portnoy responded that he had tested negative.

Portnoy took the message on board and refrained from shaking Trump’s hand when he concluded the interview.

Trump said that the tweets he regretted most were the retweets, because, he admitted that he hadn’t checked the sources out well enough to see if they were credible.

His normal tweets, he said, were to counter fake news circulating on certain media outlets.

The funniest bit came at the end when Portnoy asked Trump if he could ring his father, who is rather opposed to the president. Trump gave his consent, as long as it could be done quickly. Portnoy Senior was very cordial towards the president and asked him if he could encourage his son to ring him more often!

If you have time only to watch this in segments at a time, here they are:

ENJOY — and please share Dave Portnoy’s interview with your friends!

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