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One of my readers, formerdem, left a comment last week on my post ‘The one positive out of coronavirus’, which is worth sharing with everyone.

Formerdem kindly gave me permission to post it:

Churchmouse, here are my silver linings: home schooling is up, peer pressure is down, gardens are up, nursing homes are down, authoritarian politicians are outed, plastic bags are out, supply chains coming home, tax base of authoritarian states is about to plummet, personal skill w/IT is up, obesity is now seen as life threatening, gyms are down, online exercise is up, supply chains coming home, we now know who are our friends in real life actually are, national staycations will foster all kinds of odd little out of the way things, expensive colleges are on the way out, privacy and borders of all kinds are up.

Outside of plastic bags being out (in the UK, they are very much ‘in’ during the pandemic), if this is the new normal, bring it on.

Thanks, formerdem, for the insights — greatly appreciated.


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