The following video is likely to be the most important one you will watch this week:

Author and independent reporter Alex Newman explains in 30 minutes what is really happening in the United States after the election.

Please take time out of your schedule to view it.

Many Americans in power do not want President Trump to win re-election. This year was crucial in seeing that does not happen.

Hence the voter fraud that happened in several states last week.

The mass media narrative is important in keeping morale suppressed among Trump supporters.

There are various strands involved in seeing a coup succeed: government, intelligence agencies, the media, polling companies, those in charge of voting as well as big donors. Even if you already know this, it is worth watching him explain it in more detail.

Newman says that the legislatures in the states involved are mostly Republican and can take the decision not to accept their state’s result given the unusual vote counts and the many reports from vote watchers on the ground. As such, they can appoint pro-Trump electors to the Electoral College.

Newman suspects that this dispute will linger for weeks. He says that things could get very bad during that time: reminiscent, he says, of the 1917 election in Russia which brought about the revolution there. Wealthy American donors and corporations at the time bankrolled the Russian Revolution. He says that what is going on in the US right now is not dissimilar.

Furthermore, he says, Trump must start getting rid of high-placed people in his administration: Bill Barr, Christopher Wray and Mike Esper (see update below). The first two are letting people who have committed serious crimes run around scot free.

The overall goal of people blocking Trump is to force him out of office. Newman says that some in the military are involved in the hope that they can turn the troops against the president.

Newman sees the possibility of greater violence in city streets while the election mess is being sorted out.

Newman has just come out with a new 167-page book — Deep State: The Invisible Government Behind The Scenes, which he says you can buy direct from the Liberty Sentinel website, of which he is a contributor. I do not see a link for buying the books, so perhaps the Contact page will be of use.

UPDATE — Monday, November 9 — President Trump fired Mark Esper:

Thank you to everyone who let me know via the comments.