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On Sunday, President Trump retweeted the introduction to Watters’ World from Saturday, November 14:

It’s a great 8-minute long video.

Watters notes President Trump’s many accomplishments over the past four years and finds it inconceivable that he would not win re-election, particularly when Joe Biden was such a lacklustre candidate. He also pointed out that Republicans had very good election results.

Watters also cast doubt on the voting machines and software as well as the coralling of Republican vote watchers, who were told to stand so far away that their presence was meaningless.

Watters is prepared to say he was wrong only after every vote has been counted. However, he says that this was the first election to have so many mail-in ballots and, with little to no signature verification and ballots allowed after Election Day, it was a recipe for fraudulent voting.

Watters says that if mail-in ballots are the wave of the future, the United States will never have an honest election again. Americans will lose trust in the voting system.

Wherever we live in the Western world, our vote is the only voice we have. I feel for the American people.

I hope that Jesse Watters is right in his conclusion that Trump will be back for a second term.


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