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Lest anyone wonders, I am being tongue in cheek with ‘long live the conspiracy’.

We have lived a conspiracy in most of the Western world in 2020 with local and national coronavirus machinations.

The attached link leads to the most important article you will read this week:

What we have endured this year goes far beyond anything that Alex Jones could have considered happening simultaneously.

Daisy Luther’s article on The Organic Prepper — a site I’d not read until the weekend — is excellent. It is fully sourced and well written.

The briefest of excerpts from ‘7 Things That Were “Crazy Conspiracy Theories” Until 2020 Happened’ follow, because I would like you to read the article for yourselves.

1/ Universal Basic Income:

With this second round of lockdowns how many more jobs will go permanently down the tubes? What are all those people going to do for food? For rent? The government is going to give them money. And we can’t even argue, really, because everyone knows someone who has lost a job they had for decades and who can’t find other work.

They might call it something else, but Universal Basic Income is coming. And it’s coming soon.

2/ Travel papers:

Don’t be ridiculous. We’ll never have to show our “papers” to travel freely in the United States.


Not until a COVID pandemic with all its subsidiary restrictions occurred. Back in March, days after I warned about the first lockdown, I wrote:

Yesterday, readers sent me photos of “travel papers” provided to them by employers so they could get to and from work. These are employees who work in industries like healthcare, pharmacies, and foodservice, as well as those who work in the production, transport, and sales of essential supplies.

One reader wrote, “We were told to show these if we got stopped on the way to or from work and that if the authorities gave us any trouble, to not argue and just go back home.”

Papers that people sent were from Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Kansas, New Jersey, West Virginia, Virginia, Oregon, Florida, Louisiana, and Ohio. Industries mentioned in the papers were trucking, grocery stores, medical clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, city transit workers, railroads, food production plants, pharmacies, gas stations, stores like Target and Walmart, and automotive repair facilities.

You can see some of the papers that people sent me here.

3/ Mandatory GPS tracking of humans:

“Don’t be silly. Nobody is actually tracking you with your phone. You’re not Jason Bourne.”

Whoops. 2020 proved that was a lie when they rolled out contact tracing apps to make sure you didn’t breathe the same air as somebody who got a positive COVID test.

4/ Cashless societies:

This had a lot of people concerned, especially since Venezuela used COVID to push citizens toward a cashless society. Here in the United States, the “change shortage” was so extensive is caused many stores to give you your change on a store loyalty card or invite you to donate that change to some cause. A true cashless society would allow significant control over our day to day lives. See this article for some of the totalitarian ways it would affect us.

5/ Microchips:

Darpa got involved early on, touting it as a way to “save” us all from COVID …

The microchip talk died down but the fact it as even a discussion and topic of COVID research should be troubling. Anyway, after the initial microchip hubbub, the push got redirected toward our next conspiracy theory.

6/ Mandatory vaccines:

Remember back when nobody thought that adults would ever be forced to take vaccines except for “crazy conspiracy theorists?” Well, that day is coming sooner than many people expect …

And how will they make sure that “the majority” of the population gets the vaccines? It’ll start out easy – there are tons of people who will gladly roll up their sleeves to get a vaccination that was rushed to market with no testing on the long-term effects. And then, the rest of us will be coerced by being unable to go to work, to a concert, to school, or into a public building without proof we’ve been vaccinated.

There is currently a petition posted on the White House website regarding vaccines. It needs 100,000 by Christmas Eve in order for consideration. It currently has under 3,000 signatures:

The petition text reads as follows:

There is plenty of evidence proving vaccines cause injury, illnesses and even death.

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 (42 U.S.C. §§ 300aa-1 to 300aa-34) was signed into law by Pres. Ronald Reagan on November 14, 1986. NCVIA’s purpose was to eliminate the potential financial liability of vaccine manufacturers due to vaccine injury claims. This prevents us from fighting corruption that surrpetitiously infiltrated our health system. We demand the abolishment of this Act.

We also demand that a new Act be signed, outlawing any organization, corporation, institution, et al from requiring the vaccine in order to access their services such as work, education, leisure, travel, health, food etc.

This is unethical. The government is meant to be our servant, not our master.

Not everyone who is concerned about a vaccine is an anti-vaxxer. On a news show I saw on Sunday (BBC Parliament), a physician from Northern Ireland said that some contain necessary ingredients that some people might be allergic to. He mentioned eggs, which, if I remember rightly, he said are in a flu vaccine.

And finally, the seventh point, which has to do with ‘re-educating’ Trump voters. The tweet below appears in Daisy Luther’s article.

7/ Re-education camps:

Finally, for those of us who believed these conspiracy theories were conspiracy facts all along – oh – and for Trump voters – there’s the discussion about how to re-educate us so we can rejoin society.

In a Twitter thread run amok, we saw the dark side of some “well-educated” Democrats who were sincerely trying to figure out how to redeem those of us who did not vote for Joe Biden.

This is true.

Yesterday, I was listening to C-SPAN’s Sunday morning programme on BBC Parliament.

A Democrat union activist, married to another union activist (she said they met in a picket line years ago), asked C-SPAN’s guest when Trump voters would be ‘re-educated’. She said that it must be done because they cannot vote in another ‘unqualified’ person for US president.

Conspiracy theories are no more. We’re living a worldwide conspiracy right now.

As Madge from the old Palmolive adverts used to say, ‘Relax, you’re soaking in it’.

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