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The Democrats’ message is unity.

However, veteran pollster and political consultant Frank Luntz found out the hard way that this is unlikely.

He conducted a focus group asking them for their reactions about the socio-political scene in the United States right now. He was shocked at the reactions he got from both Trump and Biden voters.

He went on several television channels in the US as well as the BBC to warn about the dangers of division in English-speaking countries.

Here is a compilation of what he spoke about, along with clips from the focus group panel:

This is the full focus group session (26 minutes long). It falls apart within the first three minutes, although by the end, everyone agrees on a coronavirus exit plan and that Wall Street’s excesses must be curbed:

Luntz said that he doesn’t want to do focus group work anymore. He’ll probably change his mind, but this session was most unexpected for him.

He said that he isn’t sure how long it will take for the United States to reunite in spirit.

He noted that it took 50 years after the Civil War for the nation to come together as one. He says that Americans could be looking at a similar time frame today.

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