The Taliban are up to their old tricks, with a twist.

They have redefined the word ‘advice’, which now means a severe, life-threatening beating.

This video shows a journalist after what is known as a ‘physical and cable advice’. He can barely walk:

On September 9, The Telegraph posted an article on the Taliban’s ‘advice’, which comes swiftly with no questions asked.

It comes with a horrific photo. Anyone who doubts what damage a flogging can do should look at it. I’ve never seen anything like it.

‘Advice’ is currently being given to journalists who are reporting on anti-Taliban protests.

Excerpts follow, emphases mine:

An Afghan journalist has described “looking death in the face” as he was brutally beaten by the Taliban for three hours with cables and pipes

Severe welts were inflicted on the backs of numerous Afghan journalists on Wednesday after they covered protests in the country’s capital.

Khadim Karimi, Editor-in-Chief of Kabul daily Etillaat Roz, said ten Taliban members beat him “by boxing, kicking, cables, pipes and everything that was available”.

I was looking death in the face. I was thinking about my family, because I thought that I would be killed.”

This was the background to the beating:

Mr Karimi had been arrested by the Taliban within minutes of attempting to secure the release of his reporter and cameraman.

Nematullah Naqdi and his colleague Taqi Daryabi were detained earlier in the day after reporting on a demonstration by women demanding the right to work and education.

“I felt the responsibility to try and release them,” Mr Karimi said. “When we arrived there in front of the police station door, suddenly Taliban fighters arrested us by force.

The Taliban did not allow any discussion:

They didn’t give us a second and chance to talk and say details. Their response was hitting, boxing and violence.”

Mr Karimi’s colleagues were released shortly after him. Mr Naqdi and Mr Daryabi “were tortured to near death”, he said. “They lost consciousness at least four times during torture.”

An 18-year-old journalist told his story. He:

was thrown into a room of other young men after being arrested and whipped for so long he “forgot to keep track of the time”.

I was terrified and did not know what would happen. But I suspected they were going to shoot at us,” he said.

“When it was my turn, two big, bearded men came… They laid me on the floor and started beating with a stick, cord and whip. This hurt a lot and there is no word to describe that feeling.”

He managed to escape after hiding behind other protestors, despite being too injured to run.

I tried to hide my injuries and bruise so that no one suspects meThis was my scariest day of my life that ended. But memories remain for the rest of my life.”

I don’t doubt that for a second.

The article says that Afghan journalists are the Taliban’s main targets. ‘Advice’ is given less to foreign journalists.

Does Joe Biden know exactly what havoc he wreaked by leaving Afghanistan so suddenly? Does he care? Is he even awake today?