advent wreath stjohnscamberwellorgauAdvent is a time of spiritual preparation before we celebrate the coming of the Christ Child at Christmas.

These resources help us to better appreciate the significance of this season:

Advent resources for Catholics and Protestants

Advent: Mary’s Magnificat and Zechariah’s prophecy in Luke 1

The Advent wreath: symbolism and history

It is a time to remember John the Baptist’s exhortations to repent and make straight the way for the Lord’s arrival:

Advent reflections: John the Baptist and the Apocalypse

Advent: Make straight a highway

Advent: John the Baptist’s message of Good News — and repentance

Advent: a time to examine one’s conscience

John the Baptist’s exhortations also included giving to one’s neighbour, hence the big charity drives in Western countries during this time of year:

John the Baptist, charity and Advent

These resources and reflections help us to better appreciate Advent.