On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, a young British comedian wrote about her solo holiday experiences for Metro.

Ania Magliano says, ‘Going on holiday solo isn’t fun — anyone who says otherwise is lying’.

I took three holidays and two weekend breaks by myself over 30 years ago before I got married. I’m here to tell you that all of them were great fun.

One, in particular, was unforgettable, start to finish. It would have made a splendid movie.

But, let’s delve deeper into Ania Magliano’s recent solo holiday in Greece.

In order to have a successful holiday, have a good reason for going solo. I knew other people would cramp my style. I wanted to be swept along by the moment, experiencing spontaneity.

Anna’s reason was, errm, to display sophistication:

For a long time I idolised solo holidays as the pinnacle of sophistication.


Sure, there were moments where I did feel happy, peaceful and classy as hell (moments that were instantly undermined by my brain going, ‘Look at us, we’re being classy as hell right now’).

It seems she wanted to prove that she could get in touch with her inner self:

Fair enough.

For me, the right time to go solo on holiday came once I was in touch with my inner self. By that point, I was yearning to travel alone. So I did.

I recommend going to cities rather than an island or a resort for two reasons. First, islands and resorts attract groups of friends or couples. Secondly, cities offer a diversity of opinion and places to go with greater chances of striking up conversations. A singleton in an urban environment is not unusual.

Yes, one can have a great time on a solo holiday. One just has to have the right reasons for going and the right mindset before departure.