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On Monday, August 15, 2022, Guido Fawkes posted a photo of a frustrated Remainer and former Government minister Michael Gove. Both were trapped with thousands of others in an airport:

The lady in the photo is an advisor to Labour’s Lord Dubs. Both are refugee activists. She met her husband when both worked for the European Commission.

Guido showed us her tweet:

Here’s another:

Guido’s post explains (emphases his):

Holidaying politicians can’t catch a break at the moment: Boris is being attacked for his second holiday in a fortnight to his dad’s in Greece, Sir Keir’s finally out on the airwaves after two weeks in Mallorca, and Michael Gove can’t travel without mouthy lefties haranguing him at the airport. Voluble remainiac nutter Candida Jones has already garnered 17,000 likes on a photo tweeted at 5pm last night, claiming Michael Gove had been caught up in a Brexit-related “sh*tshow” over a 30-hour EasyJet delay, which she was apparently told was caused by “lack of staff due to the pandemic compounded, in the case of the UK, by #Brexit”. It’s remarkable she was given an excuse that coincides neatly with her worldview. At least there are no airport staff shortages in any other EU member states to undermine the claim…

Unfortunately for Candida, not only is her Brexit-hating worldview not backed up by facts, neither is her belief that Gove was caught up in the supposed “#BrexitChaos”. While she may have been delayed by 30 hours, according to a source close to Michael, he experienced an hour delay in landing at most after coming back from his holiday in Greece …

Maybe Candida needs another holiday to calm down…

Airport chaos is going on all over Europe — yes, that’s right, EU-member countries — and, just as importantly, all over the Western world.

I read the comments to Guido’s article with interest. Emphases mine below.

Here is the situation in Dublin and Madrid:

I’m Irish. She’s a lyre, Dublin airport is wild, luggage is a disaster. Madrid is wild. I’m a regular flier. Both in the EU. My wife had to wait 5 days for her luggage. Last week I was caught in the Dublin luggage disaster, went to log in my bag code, computer did not register it or anyone else’s. On the way out luggage check in system failed and the clock was ticking. Luckily a US business man went and gave the manager a roasting. It was up within 8 minutes, tech operatives were mooching around doing nowt apart from looking blank.

This is not only continental chaos. It is also occurring in North America:

Four hour delays and passengers refused access to the terminal at Schiphol, Amsterdam.

Huge delays in Berlin

Ditto Nice

Ditto Brussels

In June Lufthansa and its subsidiary Eurowings cancelled nearly 1,500 flights because of staffing problems.

And it’s been happening across the Atlantic, in Toronto and JFK.

All of this is obviously due to Brexit. Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the USA and Canada must all be regretting their decisions to leave the EU.

From that, we see the absurdity of blaming Brexit, but for anyone not yet convinced, here’s another report about airports in EU countries:

Brexit causing the 3km queue at Essen airport, at Frankfurt airport, at Amsterdam airport and Brussels airport (a small selection of those I’ve read about in the German press). I suppose all their British staff left after Brexit and returned home causing the staff shortages.

Let’s look at Germany a bit more closely. This isn’t a criticism of that nation, by the way. This is to point out the stupidity of blaming Brexit. At fault are the crippling coronavirus lockdowns, as evidenced in the last sentence:

Europe’s worst performing airports and airlines are in Germany.

Holidaymakers from Germany are most likely to be impacted by the airport chaos, Mabrian’s data shows.

Between June 14 and 5 July, 1,482 flights scheduled for the first half of July were scrapped. This is a total of 6 per cent of all outbound flights from the country.

It also represents a chunky 27 per cent of total cancellations of flights with their origin or destination in Europe.

“German connectivity has been slower than most in recovering to 2019 levels so this could slow the recovery further,” Cendra comments.

Germany has also seen strike action by airport workers:

Numerous flights were cancelled at Frankfurt Airport due to the strike organized by trade union ver.di, German news agency DPA reported. Starting at 2am, employees of the cargo and passenger controls at Germany’s largest airport stopped working, a ver.di spokesperson said in the morning.

Only passengers with layovers were able to go through security checks in Frankfurt. Airport operator Fraport had called on all travelers hoping to board in Frankfurt not to travel to the airport.

According to Fraport, 130 of 818 flights planned for Tuesday were cancelled. Originally, about 71,000 passengers had been expected at the airport that day.

EuroNews has more on the situation in Germany, Turkey and the UK.

This Guido reader works for British Airways and says the chaos has to do with extensive lockdowns — and layoffs — during the pandemic:

I’ll admit here, I work for BA as a FO (A350). All the airlines are experiencing this. The bosses ruthlessly cut staff during the pandemic and have then tried to reinstate a 100% service without the staff levels to cover that. If it’s Brexit, why are Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, United, American, Iberia, Delta, Southwest, etc, etc all dealing with an identical solution …

He probably meant to type ‘situation’, but anyway:

From what I’ve seen first hand (not a lot but I hear a lot of the tittle tattle), it seems to be the short haul copping the worst of it. The more popular routes (NYC, LA, Toronto and such like) seem to be faring better. I know we are on a major recruitment drive ATM and people are returning but I’d like to think that in November you would be good.

Another Briton, a Welshman, says that once laid off, a number of airport employees sought jobs elsewhere with better pay and no shift work:

It has got nothing to do with Brexit. It’s happening everywhere, but only to certain airlines. In UK the main cause is these airlines (usually budget ones) rather than go through the rigmorole of furlough, made the cheap staff redundant (baggage handlers are on or near to minimum wage) rather stupidly thinking they would come back once this was all over. In reality, they went and found better paying jobs in better conditions and are not that stupid enough to come back. The morons are trying to recruit – but ignoring reality & still advertising minimum wage/ near to minimum wage and guess what – they can’t get anyone dumb enough to do it. You can get more working in a supermarket or an Amazon warehouse, no split shifts, more comfy conditions.

This is a fact – I’m actually involved in the edges of this.

Someone else says this is true:

This is very true, I live near Gatwick and recently went to a local tile shop for some advice on tile adhesive. The young lad seemed a little confused and told me it was his first day as he previously was a baggage handler in Gatwick but had been made redundant during the pandemic but had now found a better job, more money and no shift work in this tile shop.

In addition, potential airport workers have to undergo security screening before they are employed:

It is also a fact that recruiting new people to do the jobs so many were made redundant in as they have to have security clearance to work airside and the civil servants working from home have been very slow to process clearance.

One now understands that Brexit is hardly to blame for airport chaos.

Coronavirus lockdowns from 2020 onwards are the cause of this madness.

It would be interesting to know if the aforementioned lady was a supporter of longer, harder lockdowns, as nearly everyone on the Left was. If so, she can blame herself indirectly for her travel discomfort.


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