A complete compendium of Churchmouse Campanologist columns on Communism and Marxism — as well as related social history — for your delectation and delight (not to mention disgust)!  You might be surprised at what you discover.


18th c. German Romantics — the originators of the cult of the child and multiculturalism

A brief history of pietism


The US Constitution – re-interpreted from Founding Fathers’ intentions

Church, state and the First Amendment

Why the First Amendment? Religious persecution in colonial America


Mercantilism — then and now

Today’s citizenship —  when Westerners can no longer be ‘left alone’

The 10 Cs of today’s education: awareness and change

Short must-see video about individuals and ‘sovereign’ control

Is ‘monetary vandalism’ to blame for the UK’s move leftward? (2021, middle and working classes losing out)

Recent news proves truth is stranger than fiction (July 2022; dystopian state control)

The Western world is changing, from Covid to climate change (August 2022; Neil Oliver, Bev Turner, Rishi Sunak)

The Netherlands: government plans forced purchase of 3,000 farms (2022)


Slavery, indentured servitude, prostitution, human trafficking throughout history

France and the oldest profession: mediaeval kings knew what the Left doesn’t (2012; prostitution)

Slavery comment: HUD Secretary Dr Ben Carson criticised but Obama was not (2017; slavery, indentured servitude in America)

National Trust closes tea rooms and sheds staff (2020, 2021)



Identity politics

Identity politics and Transactional Analysis mind games

The NHS glossary of wokery is now down (June 7, 2021)

Oxford University: American grad student succeeds in removing Queen’s portrait (June 8, 2021)


World poverty

Encouraging statistic: world poverty has decreased since 2000 (2021)


JFK files

Trump released JFK assassination files on schedule, others pending (October 26, 2017)

We still do not know if Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA asset

JFK files: 1964 memorandum states Oswald not part of FBI

Lee Harvey Oswald remains a mystery

Lee Harvey Oswald’s time in New Orleans (links also mention Cruz Sr)

JFK files: revelations on media and US government agencies



Bilderberg and the press (2016, Dresden)


Climate change — or natural disaster?

The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 (1926-1927)

Great Barrier Reef alive and well (2021)


Climate change — non-eco-friendly solutions

England’s front gardens: the battle between plants and cars (September 2021)

British journalist is finished with electric cars (January 2023, Giles Coren)


Climate change — Greta Thunberg’s school strikes

Australian commentator has a message for Greta’s climate change school strike kids (Alan Jones, September 2019)


Climate change — criticising older generations

Over 50s in Britain better at recycling than today’s youngsters (a look back at the 1970s, not very nice for many)


Climate change and socialism

Climate emergency involves more than climate change

Is the 2016 Paris Climate Accord working?

Poll shows climate change is a luxury worry in Britain (2021)

So much hot air: COP26 comes to Glasgow (October 2021)

COP26: British pundits point out hypocrisy of the elites (October 2021)

COP26: a timeline of climate change scares (dating from 1966!)

COP26 bumper edition: carbon emissions galore! (November 2021)

COP26 and coronavirus: the elites are laughing at us (November 2021)

Climate change and COP26: are we British fed up with our elites? (November 2021)

COP26 roundup: socialism and hypocrisy (November 2021)


The Deep State

Operation Northwoods — 1962 (Cuba, but elements persist today)

More on the Deep State (Alex Jones, February 2017)

Summary of WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 Year Zero (Part 1, March 7, 2017)

Watch for big news on Uranium One and Trump dossier (Deep State related, November 5)

America, be prepared: things might not be as they seem (November 7)

GB News presenter explores the lies we are being told (UK; Patrick Christys, immigration, coronavirus, Twitter)


Mandalay Bay massacre

Update on Mandalay Bay massacre (October 17, 2017)

Why don’t shooter’s photos match?

What witnesses saw



Donald Trump and 9/11 (2001 video)


Jeffrey Epstein / child trafficking

Epstein death: nothing to see here, move along (August 10, 2019)

Latest news on Epstein, as well as some history (August 11)

SHOCK INTERVIEW and US latest: child trafficking finally enters public consciousness (August 10, 11)



A brief review of American healthcare (March 30, 2017)


High tech

Swedes queue up for RFID chips (February 2017)


Women’s socio-political issues

US trend: private workspaces for women (women-only clubs in all but name, 2016-2017)

How to spot predators

Leftist universities: a disservice to women (Palo Alto University [where Christine Blasey Ford teaches])


Hollywood: celebrities, film, television

Hollywood archives reveal background to a family film (Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1978)

Open borders Clooneys leaving UK — too much terrorism (July 2017)

American cinema chain reports slump (August 3, 2017)

Actor Isaiah Washington chides Hollywood’s conservatives (August 2019, includes US history)



Sometimes a story is just a story (2019, Judith Kerr’s The Tiger Who Came to Tea)


Street gangs – MS-13 and others

Attorney General Sessions sends message to MS-13: ‘We will find you’ (April 19, 2017)

The terrifying expansion of MS-13 (the strange history behind MS-13)

MS-13: enterprising at home and abroad (Central America and North Dakota)

Mexican drug cartels and a mix of satanic rituals (2016 film)



A thing of beauty is a joy forever (August 2019)

Modern, minimalist churches cannot compare with the old, glorious ones (October 2019)


Richard Wurmbrand’s Marx and Satan

Chapter summaries with links to each – the Lutheran pastor tells you who Marx and his friends really were

Richard Wurmbrand: Can Communism be Christian? – includes biography of the late Lutheran pastor

Marx, Stalin and their tactics persist today (a different recap of Marx and Satan, highlighting famous left-wing — Marxist and communist — ‘heroes’)


European history and genetics

European identity

Will Paula Deen’s release from the Food Network be her Chick-fil-A moment? (Mediterranean people are Europeans — plaintiff, pleading discrimination, is part Sicilian, ergo European)

A cautionary tale — memories of the Third Reich


Fabian Society, Frankfurt School

The Fabian Society, the Third Way and modern British thought – history and quotes from today’s English politicians

More on the Fabians, the Frankfurt School and society today – Frankfurt ‘recommendations’; Fabian ‘servitude’ — we are obeying them through laws and prevailing ideology

Introducing the Frankfurt School

More on the Frankfurt School and society today


Antonio Gramsci

Antonio Gramsci and socialism as a long game

Gramscian theory at work in the Catholic Church

Gramscian thought at work in other organisations and schools


Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood and purging America of ‘bad strains’

Margaret Sanger’s quotable quotes — don’t miss ’em!

Margaret Sanger, or the temptation of sex and money

Margaret Sanger: turning eugenics into a ‘right’ and a ‘choice’

Roe v Wade now 41 years old (2014)


Josef Stalin

Winter Olympics [2014] documentaries — expect whitewash on Stalin

Milk kinship and Josef Stalin

Josef Stalin — an autocrat very different from most

Stalin’s parents’ marriage by way of a history of Georgia (please study the map)

Stalin’s early years — rumour and violence

Stalin’s schooldays in the Wild West of Gori

Stalin’s transition to seminary

The best and worst from Stalin’s seminary years

Stalin’s socialism and atheism

Stalin’s early career as activist and agitator

The murky world of konspiratsia in Stalin’s era

Lenin and Stalin did not intend sharing power with workers

Stalin and Hitler in Vienna at the same time

Stalin: lies are good diplomacy

The names Stalin and Lenin

1920s Georgia: Stalin survives his dispute with Lenin

Stalin posts summarised


Adolf Hitler

Hitler drew from Marxism, said socialism means anti-Semitism


Propaganda and advertising (also see Yuri Bezmenov below)

How Communist propaganda works – from Willi Munzenberg to Vladimir Putin

Mikhail Gorbachev quote — discuss (why is the West is turning into the former USSR?)

Hugo Chavez — Venezuela’s ‘Christ’

Global advertising moving leftward with Cannes Lions

On sentimentality and its flipside, cruelty

Super Bowl LIV and advertising (2020)

Land O Lakes butter removes Native American from logo (2020)


Statist agendas hit more than one country at a time

Communist memo from 1920 — some things never change (America’s UCP)

No nation is alone in assaults from statists


Democrats, the American political party of racism

Want to know more about the Democrats? Start here … (Prof Carol Swain video)


The leftist ‘end of history’ and other revisionist Bravo Sierra

Lack of history = ‘milk of amnesia’

Columbus Day revisionism is about bringing Western civilisation down (2017)


Reclaiming our language

It’s time we reclaimed our language from the Left


Totalitarianism, women and attire

From the modern to the mediaeval in 40 years (how Muslim women used to dress)


Emigrés tell their stories

One for the children: the truth about Romania during the Cold War (Carmen Alexe, who emigrated to the US)


Leftists tell their stories

Views from the far left: Jessica Mitford

Growing up in a Communist home: Roy Kerridge speaks

Leaving the Left is leaving a lifestyle — David Horowitz’s story — a secular Jew growing up in a Stalinist home, then betrayed as an adult


Bella Dodd’s School of Darkness  (also see Bill Ayers below)

Chapters 1 through 4 – When Scripture makes no sense, Communism becomes an alternative

Chapters 5 and 6 – infiltration of unions; legitimacy of Soviet Russia in the 1930s

Chapter 7 – Communists work with teachers unions and the PTA; truth behind Spanish Civil War

Chapter 8 – Comintern-trained teachers in state schools; how Fiorello La Guardia ran New York City

Chapter 9 – using ‘class’ or ‘race’ discrimination to agitate teachers; negative influences on students

Chapter 10 – infiltrating schools via teachers’ unions; lack of moral code in education

Chapter 11 – Communist schools, using American patriots as cover, ‘progressive’ businessmen

Chapter 12 – Communism works to make new human beings — you and me  — in the Party image

Chapter 13 – International party members subtly wreak havoc; public Party member confessions

Chapter 14 – Communists co-opt women and minorities for their weakness and emotionalism

Chapter 15 – how Communists make money and lure the wealthy into donating

Chapter 16 – the hypocrisy of Communism

Chapter 17 – Bella becomes a devout Roman Catholic

Related — 2013 — Communist’s grandson goes capitalist — with more than a nod to Russia (Earl Browder’s grandson, Bill)


Saul Alinsky

Who was Saul Alinsky?

Saul Alinsky in his own words

Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals — a useful guide

The Methodists, Alinsky and Hillary Clinton

Obamacare: It’s make or break time for radical and Christian organisations

Alinsky’s influence on Catholic bishops in the US

How the Catholic Church bankrolled Alinsky projects

How radical Catholic clergy spread CHD message in the US

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development goes on … and on

Recent Catholic funding of Alinsky-inspired projects – CCHD

CCHD collection coming in November – starve the beast! – Alinsky organisations and American Catholics

Working for the Gamaliel Foundation – an insider’s story


Bill Ayers

Obama friend Bill Ayers’s magnum opus: Prairie Fire

Obama friend Bill Ayers’s commitment to radicalism … and state education (also see Bella Dodd above)


Yuri Bezmenov

On protests, defection and the KGB

How Soviet propaganda worked on the US

Four stages of ideological subversion – videos and commentary

Leftists then and now‘there are no grassroots revolutions’


Vietnam War (2013 marked the 40th anniversary of its end)

A brief history of American interventionism in Vietnam

What no one says about the effect of the Vietnam War on America – part 1

What no one says about the effect of the Vietnam War on America – part 2

The Vietnam War: what happened to dead Americans

Vietnam War memories: middle class student feels superior

Vietnam and children of US government employees: 1960s musicians and the hippie movement

The Vietnam War and the media

The Vietnam War: Kissinger and Nixon

John F Kennedy’s warning shortly before his assassination

Concluding thoughts on the Vietnam War


John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy’s warning shortly before his assassination

Trump released JFK assassination files on schedule, others pending (October 2017)


Tony Blair

Tony Blair’s controversial knighthood of the Most Noble Order of the Garter (New Year’s Honours 2022)


Globalism isn’t working






2019 (Pointman’s ‘The Misrepresentation of the People Act’ and les gilets jaunes, the yellow vest movement)

2022 (behind the scenes in Davos)


Foreign aid

Ron Paul defines foreign aid (graphic to share)



Justin Trudeau decries Canadian pro-life supporters (January 9, 2019)



High taxes: plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose  (a pre-Revolution story)

French Socialists say: ‘Let them eat cake!’

French Socialists: Sweetness and light?  — Just subversive!

IMF chief’s scandal — slavery to one’s appetites or a set-up?

French Socialists: Jack Lang’s French Wikipedia entry cleansed

Citizen versus nation

Terra Nova think tank founder, Olivier Ferrand, 42, has died

France: the Left, Catholic schools and same-sex marriage

France: Titan, Goodyear and union intransigence

The French sound off about public sector salaries — and emigration

Why France’s left is eager for the FN to team up with the conservative UMP

French president François Hollande lets the truth slip (‘I am not your friend’)

France asks whether crime statistics are up or down

Biblical qualities of a leader — French case study

Frenchwomen relieved at abortion law revisions (2015, seven-day cooling period repealed)

France’s churches in urgent need of repair

Of summer and suntans (2016, burkinis, moral patrols, man tans)

French presidential elections — Emmanuel Macron to win (May 5, 2017)

Special report: French presidential election results (May 7, 2017)

Paris: Gare du Nord was on brief lockdown (May 8 – 9, 2017)

Why French elections can’t be hacked

Alternative media: Jack Posobiec’s French adventure at Rebel Media (Macron related)

Timeline of French media stories on Macron’s finances (2017)

Emmanuel Macron, establishment creation

Macron’s presidency begins (empty streets, rare pictures of Macron’s parents)

Macron’s un-diverse cabinet (no different to Trump’s)

How Brigitte met Emmanuel (robbing the cradle)

More on Macron’s courtship with Brigitte

Macron’s delusions of grandeur (2017)



Afghanistan: a global geo-political disaster area (Alexander the Great to 2018)

Afghanistan: Trump wanted orderly withdrawal (2019-2021)

A retired CIA man explains how the disaster in Afghanistan unfolded (2018-2021; Douglas London)

How will China handle Afghanistan? (2021)

Afghanistan’s resistance movement to Taliban builds momentum (2021)

Afghanistan’s collapse should not have surprised British government (2021; James Heappey)

More on Britain’s presence in Afghanistan (2016-2021; Nigel Farage, Tom Tugendhat, Andrew Neil, Johnny Mercer)

Afghanistan: the Taliban have not changed — music and women’s voices banned (August 29, 2021)

After withdrawing, how can the US and UK get people out of Afghanistan now? (August 29-30)

The final hours in Afghanistan: it didn’t have to be this way (August 29-30)

Afghanistan news: Biden-Ghani transcript, UK Foreign Secretary answers MPs’ questions (July 23, August 31-September 1)

Afghanistan: where ‘advice’ means life-threatening ‘beating’ (September 8)

Afghanistan news: Taliban take pedalo ride, sideline girls and women (September 19, Hamid Karzai)



Neil Oliver on the situation in Ukraine — and the West (February 26 and March 28, 2022 [Nile Gardiner])

British journalist says Biden is ‘president in name only’ (March 30, Allister Heath)


Radical Islam

André Malraux predicted religious conflict in 1956 (a must read)

What to do with people who conspire against the state?

Who becomes a terrorist?

Why IS attracts so many young people

European ransom money funds Al Qaeda (another must read)

France: perpetrator foils his own church attack

Islamic State militants could be with other boat people

2015 — hardly a happy year for France

Trump controversy: what if the Donald were talking sense? (2015)

Cologne’s New Year’s Eve nightmare (2016)

Cologne’s New Year’s Eve crime and nationality statistics now in (April 2016)

England and Sweden: sexual assault demands multicultural silence (1997 – 2015)

Reality dawns on Germany’s migrant dream (2016)

The double standard (2016)

Orlando attacks and identity politics (2016, Owen Jones)

Media and police do not wish to cause upset (2016)

Of summer and suntans (2016, burkinis, moral patrols, man tans)

French media call vehicle attacks ‘low cost’ terrorism (March 2017)


Charlie Hebdo, related killings and attacks (2015)

Terrorist attacks: stop the madness!

More on the Charlie Hebdo attack

The aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo and supermarket attacks

Paris: the historic Charlie Hebdo demonstration

What the gunman actually said to the Charlie Hebdo woman

Charlie Hebdo: freedom of speech debate continues

Charlie Hebdo and Montrouge shootings: police under attack

Paris: Hyper Casher killer took out loan to buy weapons

A fateful Friday: hostages described what took place

Lassana Bathily: France’s newest citizen — and hero

Terrorist burials: foreign countries said ‘No’

Charlie Hebdo: the aftermath — one month on

France: perpetrator foils his own church attack

French terrorism: ‘lone wolves’ network exposed (relates to aforementioned story)

Americans who foiled French train attack are practising Christians

More on the French train attack

French train attack hero assaulted in California — was a second targeted in Oregon attack?

2015 — hardly a happy year for France

Release of Made in France film delayed until 2016

Commemoration of Charlie Hebdo massacre one year on (2016)


Paris attacks and aftermath (November 13, 2015)

2015 — hardly a happy year for France

Paris attacks: the ‘battle of the Bataclan’

Life with a suicide bomber

5,000-bullet shoot-out in Saint-Denis – part 1

5,000-bullet shoot-out in Saint-Denis – part 2

An Algerian professor’s experience of Saint-Denis


France – 2016

Marseille: Extremists 1 – Jewish men 0?

Paris migrant camps raise residents’ concerns (July)

Media and police do not wish to cause upset (2016)



Boat people and the religious conflict on board (2015, also see note on France)

Mass migration as seen by EU politicians and pundits now (2016)

Italy’s Matteo Salvini is making waves (October 2018, il Decreto Salvini)



Are some Belgian policemen supporting terror?

2015 — hardly a happy year for France

Molenbeek — home to Belgian terrorists, part 1

Molenbeek — home to Belgian terrorists, part 2


Germany 2016

The difficulty with migration and integration

Cologne’s New Year’s Eve nightmare

Cologne’s New Year’s Eve crime and nationality statistics now in (April 2016)

Reality dawns on Germany’s migrant dream

Media and police do not wish to cause upset (2016)


Germany 2017

Riots in Hamburg ended long after G20 concluded (July 9)


Germany 2021

Davos news: Merkel can’t tell the difference between the US and China (Jan 27)


United States

Trump controversy: what if the Donald were talking sense? (2015, San Bernardino attack)

Detroit revisited: does it have a chance? (2016, Donald Trump speech)

American flag desecrated — SAD! (2016, high school American football)


Refugee situation 2015

Refugees in the United States — no Christians

Boat people and the religious conflict on board (also see note on France)

Islamic State militants could be with other boat people

Accommodating migrants: the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie  (and the truth behind Aylan Kurdi’s death)

The Calais crisis is nearly 20 years old

Migration chaos in Europe

More on the migrant situation

Migrant crisis: has Angela Merkel ‘jumped the shark’?

Syrian refugees and the Muslim world

Welcoming the stranger biblically (not what you might think)

Migration crisis: statelessness and darkness


Refugee crisis 2016

Calais Jungle: will this massive failure soon turn a corner?

Are we nearing peak Calais? (January)

Sweden update: misogyny, murder and mayhem (January)

Mass migration as seen by EU politicians and pundits now (January)

Migrant children — and an update on the Swedish social worker’s murder (January)

The Pope’s ambivalence towards Westerners (March 24, Maundy Thursday; March 27, Easter Sunday)

Turkey visa deal for Schengen zone criticised (May)

Paris migrant camps raise residents’ concerns (July)

Media and police do not wish to cause upset (2016)


US presidential campaign 2012

That 2012 campaign slogan and the history behind it (Forward!)

2016, the film, is a must! (post-colonialism)

Obama’s ‘hidden bread lines’ — believe it

The Obama flag (and quite a bit on Benghazi, the supposed October Surprise)

American conservatives are not doomed

American conservatives — ignore the polls and carry on

The difference between a leftist and a conservative

US elections: voter manipulation

The US elections and Tokyo Rose Syndrome — redux

Thoughts on the Mormons (Two Kingdom reasoning for voting Mitt Romney)

The US government’s emaciation of America’s schoolchildren (includes Michelle Obama and European school lunch videos)

The 47% of whom Romney spoke — free phones from Obama

2012 presidential debate rules answer your questions (features Mormonism versus Obama’s — Jeremiah Wright’s — church; Mitt’s ‘suitcase nukes … effectively deployed’)

Keep your eye on the birdie — Benghazigate

Romney versus Obama: Was Candy Crowley’s moderation the real October surprise?

Hope and change for American conservatives: vote a straight Republican ticket

Will there be riots when Romney wins? (discusses blacks who believe Democrats betrayed them and the downfall of the Occupy movement)

Former Congressman Artur Davis — from Obama endorser to Romney supporter

America’s Fourth Estate: ‘Pegs’ Noonan opines

Walt Disney World preparing Romney likeness for Hall of Presidents

Message to Romney supporters: keep calm and carry on! (contains information about the upcoming Democrat Party implosion)

What the media do not tell you about Barack Obama (find out about the Soebarkah name)

The fog surrounding Obama (more media obfuscation)

Please send this viral before November 6: Trevor Loudon’s ‘Urgent Message for America’ (Obama is purposely trying to wreck America’s economy)

Chicago blacks angry with Obama — and Democrats

An unbeliever on Mitt Romney at the Red Rocks, Colorado rally

Mitt’s sense of humour — yes, he IS funny (2012 Al Smith dinner speech)

Mitt Romney and the Bain factor (find out what makes a winner)

Mitt — as told by people who have worked with and for him

Why Mitt Romney will be a friend to Great Britain

When Mitt met Ann — talk about a love story!

Mitt’s humanity drives the Left … well … crazy

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 — please get out and vote

Sandy shines a light on Bloomberg — and others (once again, Mitt was right)

How the Electoral College works

Digesting last Tuesday’s result

More reflections on the US elections

An 11-point plan for the Republican Party

The ‘Marxist Takeover of America’ – a 12-point survival plan

US post-election update and two relevant historical quotes

Final words on the US election — vote flipping and debunking the media (Obama has historically won up to now by smearing, cheating and intimidation)


ObamaNation part deux

Interpreting General Petraeus’s resignation

Obama supporters take the high road on patriotism — possibly tax, too

Obamacare — does the law say no one is required to participate? (see comment following post)

Farewell, Hostess and Wonder Bread — union intransigence

Being on the dole is ‘a full time job’

Politicians to Americans: weaponry ‘for me but not for thee’

US government increases armoury and aerial exercises

Terrorism, lockdown and civil liberties

Questions many have about the Boston Marathon bombings

Welfare, unrest and terrorism — it’s time for reform

Will Paula Deen’s release from the Food Network be her  Chick-fil-A moment?

What’s going on with the Senate and the First Amendment? (2014)

American housing plan for wealthy suburbs (2016)

The man responsible for Obamacare: Jonathan Gruber

Democrat spin doctor Ben Rhodes (2016)

Homeland Security has been hindered in fighting terrorism (2016, Philip Haney)

Countdown to Obama’s departure (December 2016)

The Obama years (January 2017)

Obama administration scandals are many (February 2017)

Obama administration paid certain groups not to harm Americans (February 2017, Islam)

Infographic on Obama era scandals



Immigration policies in the US and Mexico

Author James Meek on Britain’s ‘immigrants from the past’ (March 2019)


Gun control – US

Politicians to Americans: weaponry ‘for me but not for thee’

US government increases armoury and aerial exercises

French train attack hero assaulted in California — was a second targeted in Oregon attack?

Living in small town America does not guarantee safety


Democrat supporters

Lance Armstrong’s story of cancer, cheating and fraud

Will Paula Deen’s release from the Food Network be her  Chick-fil-A moment?


US presidential campaign 2016

2016 US presidential election: take the ISideWith quiz

Weighing up one GOP presidential candidate (Ted Cruz)

When you’re mad — Network style (Donald Trump as the new Peter Finch Network character/Ronald Reagan)

Dilbert’s Scott Adams on Donald Trump: he’s a typical New Yorker

Ben Carson (all posts)

Churchgoers and the 2016 Republican candidates (Trump, Cruz)

More on America’s 2016 primaries

America’s 2016 primary is the best ever

Candidate spend in the 2016 presidential primary race (overall, February, March)

Little-known facts about Trump’s 2016 campaign (as of April 2016)

Hillary (2016)

Republican race now down to two runners (May 2016)

Notionally moral voting in 2016

Voting is private and secular — not a matter for church discipline (anti-Trump)

Parsing Russell Moore’s voting advice

Donald Trump’s broad appeal to the silent majority

After Republican convention, Democratic governors panic

Democrats in turmoil (as Democratic National Convention begins)

DNC speaker asks to be ‘out of spotlight’ (DNC uplift, Trump falls for it)

How Breitbart is changing the conservative media landscape (Stephen Bannon, Trump campaign CEO)

What makes Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon tick?

Hillary’s odd harangue against alternative media

Donald Trump’s brand of Christianity (Norman Vincent Peale)

The moral case for voting Trump

Reuters cuts Bishop Jackson’s message to Donald Trump in Detroit

Hillary to blame for her own ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’

Hillary’s emails: why should we believe her?

CNN presenter devastated to learn the truth about Hillary (hammering mobile devices!)

Beware of Hillary’s recent claim to faith

Where’s Carl Bernstein when you need him?

Why Americans would like the truth on Hillary’s health

Meet the Deplorables

Meet the man behind Les Deplorables

Birtherism and other Obama doubts began with 2008 Clinton campaign

Weekend bomber’s family history (NY/NJ, Sep 18-19)

Weekend attacks: Trump and Pence rightly talk of terror

Meetings versus rallies

Presidential candidates meet with Egyptian president

Hillary asks, ‘Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?’

Department of Labor investigating Trump supporter Peter Thiel’s company

Hillary no champion of women

Clinton victim Juanita Broaddrick speaks

More evil than you can shake a stick at (Billary: Arkancide, etc.)

Family advocate says Trump’s policies ‘better than conservatism’

Donald Trump on failure (includes vandalism at Trump International Hotel in DC)

New book exposes Hillary’s health

Mike Pence wins VP debate

Bernie Sanders supporter favours Trump (H/T Sackerson)

Trump’s taxes (includes 1995 mention of NYT calling him ‘The Comeback King’)

How Catholic faith shaped Kaine and Pence

FBI’s Comey: ‘We are not weasels’

Home Depot founder: ‘America down the drain’ if Clinton wins

Republican elite are killing their party

Donald’s defiant Deplorables

WikiLeaks: non-Catholic urges ‘Catholic Spring’

‘The emasculated voter’, Democrats, America and Trump

Trump’s anti-globalist, anti-elitist movement (October 13 speech)

Tonight’s debate — Trump’s symphony (final debate, Wednesday, October 19 — info on Podesta and Clinton dealings with Russia, including uranium)

New York: Trump and Clinton at the Al Smith Dinner (Thursday, October 20, after third debate)

Evangelicals, politics and Trump

The Rowboat is here — will you get on board?

Conservative Evangelical supports Trump

Donald Trump’s quiet charity (fruits of faith)

Dilbert’s Scott Adams endorses Trump — finally

Michael Moore says Trump will win (caution — Hillary supporter)

Those dirty Dems (James O’Keefe undercover video)

Last Friday’s FBI bombshell (October 28)

Latest FBI bombshell — why 650,000 emails could be dangerous (October 28)

FBI Anon speaks — part 1 (shocking investigation into the Clinton Foundation, July 2016)

FBI Anon speaks — part 2 (above conversation continued, September 2016)

FBI Anon speaks — part 3 (October 17)

Notes on the Trump incident in Reno and on the Clintons’ people (November 5)

Election 2016: children, voter fraud and final thoughts (November 7)

Can’t stump the Trump! (November 9)

[continued after Censorship 2016 – see Trump Victory 2016]


Censorship 2016/17 and Fake News 2017

The late journalist Udo Ulfkotte revealed how the world gets its news — via intelligence agencies (the background, pre-2017)

Michael Crichton warned us about Big Media (the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect, 2002)

How the media manage the 2016 presidential campaign

The public’s frustration with media treatment of presidential candidates

On mules and the electorate

NPR closing readers’ comments

More on media outlet comment threads (Damian Thompson, The Spectator)

Bernie supporter sacked for switching to Trump

Time has it wrong on Internet ‘trolls’

The double standard of free speech (Facebook, pro-Trump, ‘assassinate Trump’)

Huff Po contributor sacked over article on Hillary’s health

CNN cancels Dr Drew for discussing Hillary’s health

Radio host Michael Savage off air for discussing Hillary’s health

Reuters cuts Bishop Jackson’s message to Donald Trump in Detroit

A 2016 retrospective: fake news from the New York Times and CNN

Trump family give press the slip, media meltdown ensues (dinner at the 21 Club)

Art and reality (2017)

Mike Cernovich: Internet sensation’s interview propels 60 Minutes ratings to the top (March 26, 2017)

Full 60 Minutes transcript of Mike Cernovich interview available (April 3, 2017)

How Mike Cernovich got his scoop on Susan Rice (Sunday, April 2, 2017)

Harvard study finds media bias (May 18, 2017)

Most Americans equate media with fake news (Wednesday, May 24, 2017)

Undercover video exposes CNN as fake news (Project Veritas, Monday, June 26, 2017)

Project Veritas rolls out CNN exposé starring Van Jones (June 28 — and Part III, Friday, June 30)

The Dunning-Kruger effect and American media (August 2, Glenn Thrush and Jim Acosta)

The Google Ideological Echo Chamber controversy (July – August 8)

The Left, the media and Trump (August 15: Antifa, selective covering of news)

Washington Post gives editorial space to the dark side (August 23)

Antifa violence continues (August 27, Berkeley, WaPo acknowledges, also historical perspective)

Hillary’s book blames everyone but herself (September 2017)

New Project Veritas video exposes New York Times (October 10)

Project Veritas ‘American Pravda’ series: second video (October 11)

American Pravda Part III — more from the New York Times (October 17)

American Pravda Part IV — Trump Derangement Syndrome at the New York Times (October 19)

Project Veritas strikes again with Washington Post videos (November 27, 29)

Time‘s Person(s) of the Year (December 6)

An analysis of CBS (a 70-year history)

More on the Washington Post (a partial history from 1933 through to the present)

‘The Inner Circle’ (Q on MSNBC’s Mika ‘That’s Our Job’ Brzezinski, also her dad Zbig)


Censorship and fake news 2018

Fire and Fury author makes questionable declaration (Michael Wolff on the BBC)

After high-salaried hosts leave, could US breakfast television get cheaper makeover? (George Stephanopolous, ABC)

Project Veritas goes undercover at Twitter (January 10-15, 2018)

An overview of American media (January 28 Julian Assange tweet, Eric Schmidt, Alphabet [Google])

More contributing factors to mass shootings (Parkland, FL — lack of fathers, school/policing policies)

Bob Woodward on Trump Derangement Syndrome (March 8, Obama doll)

The mockingbird sings at 4 a.m. (CIA and Big Media, Project Mockingbird redux)

March 31: Roseanne Barr headlines reflect Mockingbird signals

The Mockingbird sings at 4 a.m. — July 2, 2018 headlines (Michael Cohen)

Time‘s propagandistic cover pages versus the reality (June 26)

The Mockingbird sings at 4 a.m. — August 2-3, 2018 news (QAnon)

United States: Alex Jones, private social media companies and the First Amendment (August 6)

American media bias chart — worth seeing (August 28)

The Mockingbird sings — Labor Day 2018 headlines (September 3)

Famous Catholics: Salena Zito — one of America’s great journalists (September 10)

The New York Times needs Americans’ ‘help’ in their coverage of 2018 mid-terms (September 18)

What people don’t realise about Dems and the media (November 30)


Censorship and fake news 2019

Twitter’s latest censorship controversy (May 7, Mike Morrison and his AOC parody account)

Actor James Woods leaves Twitter (May 11)

The_Donald (Reddit, June 26)

Political violence — a warning about Communism (June 30; Antifa attack on Andy Ngo)

Google Camp is probably not (meant) for you (end of July; Sicily, climate change)

News in brief: making sense of life, death — and cloud computing (July-August)

Project Veritas exposes CNN (anti-Trump too much of the time; Cary Poarch)

Developing: Project Veritas posts video about Epstein cover-up (November 5; Amy Robach from ABC about 2016 report)


Censorship and fake news 2020

Laurence Fox — a British actor with common sense (January 16; BBC Question Time)

What BBC documentary misses on Dutch populism (January 23; Ed Balls programme on the BBC)

New Project Veritas videos on censorship and bias (June 25; Facebook, Cognizant)

Twitter removes Trump meme; Twitter users react (July 2; ‘They’re after you; I’m just in the way’)

When journos want to cancel Twitter (July 3; also journalist’s negative views of upcoming press briefings, Chris Morris’s Brass Eye)

Televised press briefings to come to the UK this autumn (July 2, 3; journalists unhappy with transparency)

The saga of New York City pavement sign outside Trump Tower (July 9 – 19; interview with Bevelyn Beatty)

News in brief: call to prayer, censorship, coronavirus (October 20; James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Google exposé)

More on alleged Biden corruption (October 27, Twitter still censoring New York Post for Biden exposés)

Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald leaves media outlet he co-founded (October 29-30, The Intercept)

UK news: Big Brother Watch uncovers Government interference during coronavirus pandemic


Censorship and fake news 2021

UK free speech in March 2021: part 1 – the perils of pontificating polemicists (March 8-9; Piers Morgan and Good Morning Britain)

UK free speech in March 2021: part 2 – Scotland’s Hate Crime Bill (March 10-14)

UK free speech in March 2021: part 3 — the Sarah Everard vigil in London (March 13, 15)

BBC bias takes the biscuit: the Dyson ventilator ‘story’ (May 12)

News in brief: May 2021 (May 17; WEF cancelled, Prince Harry on free speech, California churches can open)

UK news: Big Brother Watch uncovers Government interference during coronavirus pandemic


Censorship 2022

Freedom of speech must be defended, even when distasteful (August 13; Jerry Sadowitz, Edinburgh Fringe)

More on the death of free speech (February – August)

UK news: Big Brother Watch uncovers Government interference during coronavirus pandemic


Censorship 2023

UK news: Big Brother Watch uncovers Government interference during coronavirus pandemic

Mark Steyn departs GB News: don’t mention the vaccine


Messed up advertising 2019

The chocolate chip cookie and today’s advertising (May 12, Mother’s Day US and Chips Ahoy!)


US presidential campaign 2020

Iowa caucus: a tale of two parties (February 3)

Nevada caucus produces clear Trump and Sanders victories (February 22)

CPAC 2020 big success for Trump, Republicans (final days in February)

Former activist warns about left-wing movements, calls them ‘bogus’ (from 2017, circulated in June 2020; Chaziel Sunz)

The Democrat Victory Plan 2020 (Algerian Strategy)

Thank you to Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports for the best interview of President Trump so far (July 23)

Beverly Hills: Trump supporters turn away hate with a dance party (August 22, BLM protest; Ricky Rebel and The Deplorable Choir)

Republican National Convention 2020 (August 24-27, the best ever with a myriad of short, moving speeches, especially by Sister Deirdre Byrne, MD; includes commentary on the Democratic National Convention)

Don’t believe the propaganda — US veterans support Trump (September 4-6)

Behind Biden’s gaffes lies a costly agenda for America (mostly June – October 12)

2020’s October Surprise: Hunter Biden’s laptop (October 23; Tony Bobulinski press conference before October 22 debate)

More on alleged Biden corruption (October 27, Twitter still censoring New York Post for Biden exposés)

Joe Biden’s questionable dealings (2013-2019; Tony Bobulinski update, Tucker Carlson Tonight)

Joe Biden’s odd behaviour with the opposite sex — and a Tucker Carlson update (October 28; full Tony Bobulinski interview, Tucker’s courier shipment arrives in empty envelope; Gropin’ Joe’s hugs, caresses and maladresses with women and children)

Joe Biden through the decades — and a further update from Tucker Carlson (October 31; Tony Bobulinski, Jesse Watters)

Closing thoughts on the US 2020 presidential election (multiple videos, including one from Michael Moore at the end)

October 24, 2020: Biden praises ‘most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organisation’ (November 5-6; the aftermath)

Journalist Alex Newman explains what’s really going on in the US (November 9: Mike Esper resigned or was dismissed, Christopher C Miller, Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, is now Acting Secretary of Defense)

Voter fraud on an epic scale (Nov 8-10; Tucker Carlson, Rudy Giuliani talks to Lou Dobbs)

How the US Constitution resolves election disputes according to the Constitution (Nov 8-10; post from Anglican Curmudgeon, H/T Underground Pewster)

Judge Jeanine Pirro and guests look at the US election (November 14)

Jesse Watters on the US election: ‘something doesn’t add up’ (November 14)

Top lawyer Lin Wood helping President Trump in Georgia (November 11-18)

Top lawyer Sidney Powell is releasing ‘the Kraken’ (November 8-19)

US election weekend update (November 19-22)

Update on Lin Wood’s legal fight in Georgia (November 19-21)

Sidney Powell investigating different issues to Trump campaign legal team (November 22-24)

Conspiracy theories are dead — long live the conspiracy (November 18-28; re-educating Trump voters)

US election: the Kraken released — videos, Flynn transcript — developing (November 13-28)

2020 election update at the beginning of December (November 30 – December 3)

US 2020 election update: December 4-6

Great tweets from Kevin McCarthy, Republican Minority Leader in the House of Representatives (December 9 going all the way back to 2018)

US election and Electoral College update (December 14)


Joe Biden

Biden’s first two days in office (January 20-21)

Pollster Frank Luntz: reuniting America will take a LONG time (January 21)

The Biden administration’s plan for American money and property (January 21; Janet Yellen)

Democrats want new powers with new threats against the First Amendment (January 22)

The lingering mystery of Joe Biden’s dark White House (March 15)


Centrist media coming to the UK (Andrew Neil)


Andrew Neil and the debut of Spectator UK — excellent! (September 4, 2020)

Spectator TV: Episode 2, September 10, 2020 now available

Spectator TV videos: Trump, Boris, coronavirus — and more (Episodes 3 and 4; includes Sweden’s Anders Tegnell)

Spectator TV’s Week in 60 Minutes — Episode 5, October 1, 2020 (coronavirus strategy with Professor Sunetra Gupta)

Spectator TV: The Week in 60 Minutes — October 8, 2020 (coronavirus in Ireland and northern England)

Spectator TV: The Week in 60 Minutes — October 15, 2020 (coronavirus, Brexit)

Spectator TV: The Week in 60 Minutes — November 5, 2020 (Episode 10; US election, coronavirus)

Spectator TV: Episode 13 — November 26, 2020 (Brexit, coronavirus)

Spectator TV: Episode 14 — December 3, 2020 (Mark Harper MP, Trevor Phillips, Scottish independence)


GB News launches in the UK (June 13)

Why is GB News, with its balanced content, losing sponsors? (June 15)

Nigel Farage’s show boosts GB News ratings (July 12-29)


The preference for factual media — Parliamentary broadcasts in the UK

The inexorable rise of the UK Parliament’s televised coverage (2015-2021)


Big Data and 21st century technology

A Google Anon explains social media bots (March 15, 2018)

The alarming world of Big Data (Facebook data)

Raleigh, NC police tap into Google data to solve crimes (March 15)

Obama campaign’s Facebook data mining far WORSE than Trump’s (2012 re-election, ‘targeted sharing’, Taargus)

‘Of course’ Google execs often visited Obama White House (2009-2015)

Time to delete your Facebook account? Here’s how (April 12)

Facebook: US senators grill Mark Zuckerberg (April 10)

Panasonic’s hoped-for new product: human blinders (October 18)

News in brief: making sense of life, death — and cloud computing (July-August)


Democrat and Leftist abuse, violence and falsehoods


Leftist assaults on good Americans (August 4)

Tucker Carlson: to the Left, power is personal (September 18)

Brett Kavanaugh, victim of ritual defamation (October)

Kavanaugh nomination: how the Left brandishes extremism (October)

Bombshell video: Missouri’s Claire McCaskill is no moderate (October 15, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas)

Tucker Carlson on the ‘collapse of the Democrats’ (October 16)

Senator Lindsey Graham: Dems ‘are going nuts’ (October 16)

Tucker Carlson: more on Democrat madness (October 18)

Mid-terms: more lies and hypocrisy — and two Texas videos (late October, James O’Keefe, caravan, November 1-2, Beto O’Rourke)

Please pray for Tucker Carlson and his family (November 7 and October 13)

Radical leftists force Seattle City Council candidate to withdraw from 2019 race (November 14)

Leftist radio host invokes Bible with Tucker Carlson (November 16)

What people don’t realise about Dems and the media (end of November, Martin Geddes graphics)


News in brief: making sense of life, death — and cloud computing (July-August, El Paso shooting)

Children: when normal behaviour becomes ‘extremist’ (August 16, possible satire)

Today’s Democrats aren’t those your grandparents admired (September 5, DNC anti-Christian resolution and doxxing)

Guest post: A reader writes about today’s Democrats (September 10, H E)

How the Left brought about the rise of populism in US, Europe (mid-September, Piers Morgan to Ben Shapiro)

Why Dems are hounding Brett Kavanaugh — again (September 15; fear of too many Conservatives, possible repeal of Roe vs Wade)

Jon Voight on attacks from American Left: ‘This is war’ (September 27)

New reflections on the American coup and what lies behind it (September, October)

Australia: Social Justice Warrior rants against civility, received with civility (November)


Americans of Italian descent object to Christopher Columbus statues being torn down (July 24, 25)


Media family photos

Family photos speak a thousand words (CNN, MSNBC, Fox News [Tucker Carlson])



President-elect Trump’s first few days (November 8-10)

For churchgoers who don’t like Donald Trump

CEO recants Trump death threat too late (Matt Harrigan of PacketSled who resigned)

Texas Pizza Hut owner gives employees $100 each

Clinton-controlled media worried about ‘state-run media enterprise’

Detroit restaurateur boycotted for catering Trump event

Trump family give press the slip, media meltdown ensues (dinner at 21 Club)

Despite election result, America ‘under God’s judgement’

Post-election trauma: the regressive nature of university students

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly revisited

Election 2016 — the battle goes on, keep the faith (includes tweets on Fidel Castro’s death)

Church charity and OSU attacker connection (November 28)

Trump’s dinner with Mitt — and Reince

Why Thanksgiving election madness might spill over into Christmas

Are Jill Stein’s recounts finally over?

Trump thanks America in nationwide tour

Humour, history and reality (creators of Dilbert and The Simpsons foresaw Trump victory in 1990 and 2000, respectively)

Happy New Year to all! (2016 with a look at 2017)

The Gang of Eight

Recent regulations could be overturned after inauguration

Janus, the Roman keeper of doorways (2017)

The madness draws to a close (Obama’s legacy)

Fake news on Trump: media, intelligence and politicians punked (2017, Russian dossier)

[continued on my Recipes / Health / History /Trump page at the bottom]


Pizzagate, Orlando shooting and related scandals (2017 – ?)

Can Jeff Sessions make pizza great again?

Was Orlando shooter’s father working for the FBI? (March 30, 2018)

United States: has anyone really investigated these servers? (August 6, 2018: Hillary, DNC, North Korea)


Bernie Sanders

When Bernie Sanders called President Trump ‘a fraud’ (2017, FBI investigating Sanders for fraud)


Personal American stories

The absence of values in today’s society (my late paternal grandmother’s experience)



Hugo Chávez — Venezuela’s ‘Christ’

Chávez legacy hangs by a thread (2013)

Young Venezuelan describes a life of strife (under Nicolás Maduro, 2017)



Professor from a Catholic college says Castro’s Cuba meant freedom



Englishmen had more freedom — and lower taxes — in 1914

Street gangs and recidivism — findings from the 1950s

Another case of vulnerable girls and sex gangs

Lord Mandelson confirms Britain’s worst suspicions (immigration policy)

Statistics on statistics

British health ‘expert’ calls his countrymen ‘porkers’ (they pay his salary)

After Lee Rigby’s barbaric death, what now? (2013)

Woolwich attack update (2013)

Retired MI5 head advocates spying on neighbours (Stella Rimington)

Snooper’s Charter — in which ‘I agree with Nick’

Britain’s Parliamentary vote on Syria (historic, possibly since the 1640s — thanks to David Cameron)

Parliamentary internet use — pot and kettle hypocrisy (they are doing what they accuse the public of)

Is Britain’s long-cherished freedom of speech disappearing? (2014, Conservative Theresa May)

England, act early in 2014: the NHS care.data junk mail leaflet (personal health details)

England: NHS care.data project postponed to autumn 2014 (good news)

Poverty needs redefining

The bias of BBC documentaries (Winston Churchill, 2015)

Extremism in England — part 1 (2006 – 2015)

Extremism in England — part 2 (2015)

Painful reading about England (2015, with reference to 7/7 2005 — and Christmas)

London makes history with new mayor (2016)

Orlando attack and identity politics (2016, Owen Jones)

French media call vehicle attacks ‘low cost’ terrorism (Wednesday, 22 March 2017, London)

March 21 riot in Bristol — poison from across the pond? (March 21, 2021; radical Left)

England’s local elections: Labour’s Starmer needs a new PR team (April, local elections)

England: could Hartlepool go Conservative in its by-election? (May 4, local elections)

England’s elections: Conservatives win Hartlepool, Labour suffer locally (April 6-7)

Bumper edition: Labour’s car crash party conference (September 25-29)


Brexit (2016)

Reasons to be happy — Brexit a real possibility (December 2015)

How can it be demeaning to learn the language of your new country? (2016)

Brexit — must the UK dance to America’s tune? (2016)

Brexit debate results in audience wanting to leave (2016)

Brexit: about the white and red referendum communication (2016)

Brexit: The Movie — 71 minutes well spent (2016)

The Church of England’s prayer for the EU Referendum (2016, includes bookies’ view)

Tony Benn’s warning about the European project in 1975

EU Referendum: Catholic bishop criticises government’s Project Fear

And after Brexit — Frexit, Swexit?

Former advisor to David Cameron in favour of Brexit

EU Referendum forecast: hot and hotter

How the EU has asset-stripped Britain

EU Referendum latest

Further thoughts on the EU Referendum

EU Referendum: more topics to consider before June 23

Final thoughts on the EU Referendum before June 23

Brexit wins!

Brexit in the days that followed

Brexit and British business

Parallels between Brexit and Trump

UKIP — in response to a reader

Brexit (2021)

June 23, 2021: five years after the Brexit referendum, how wrong Project Fear was (June 23)

The transport shortage is global — nothing to do with Brexit (August-September)


Brexit Chronicles


End of Week 1

Disagreement over Article 50 (July 4, 2016)

End of Week 2 (Conservative Party leadership contest)

A new day with Theresa May (near end of Week 3)

Week 4 — May meets Merkel (one week after May became PM)

Former Prime Minister David Cameron resigns as MP (September 12, 2016)


Theresa May triggers Article 50 (March 29, 2017)


Crunch time — or not? (March 24, 2019)

Threat to fulfilment of referendum result (March 31)

Which is less democratic — the EU or the UK’s Remain MPs? (April 2)

May’s dangerous dance with Corbyn (April 3)

Yvette Cooper’s bill to prevent No Deal goes to House of Lords (April 4)

Conservative Party members are angry (April 8)

Weekend stalemate (April 8)

Latest news from Brussels on new extension date (April 9)

Despite today’s lies from Remainers, Leavers knew what they were voting for (April 11)

Another trip to Brussels, another extension (April 12)

Before voting in the EU election, Remainers must watch this documentary! (May 8-9, BBC Storyville from 2017-2019)

Leaving the EU defeats Theresa May (May 24)

Former Chancellor Osborne’s petty revenge against Theresa May (May 24, London Evening Standard)

The 2019 EU elections in a nutshell (May 27, The Brexit Party)

After the EU elections, hell breaks loose (May 28)

What if Boris Johnson became PM? (June 4)

Farewell, Theresa May — hello, Boris Johnson (July 24)

Boris becomes PM on St Boris Day (July 24)

The Boris Bumper Edition (July 25)

Boris gears up for EU meetings (August 19; plots, leaks, Operation Yellowhammer)

Bring on Boris’s ‘sunlit uplands’ (September 3; July 25 – September 2)

MPs stymie Boris — for now (September 6)

The truth continues to emerge, voters angry (September 3-6)

Prorogation Bumper Edition (September 13)

Attacking Boris only makes him more popular (September 6 – 17, also Lib Dem Kirsten Johnson on North Devon Leave voters)

Lib Dems’ radical idea of ‘democracy’ — axe Article 50 (September 2019 party conference; Kirsten Johnson stands down as PPC for North Devon)

Britain’s Supreme Court overrules prorogation, ‘zombie Parliament’ returns (September 24-26)

Remainers spend weekend targeting Brexit and Boris (September 28; No. 10 suspects ‘foreign collusion’)

More Boris bashing at beginning of Conservatives’ conference (September 28; Charlotte Edwardes, Peston, rebel MPs, Kay Burley)

Attacks on Trump and Boris are two sides of the same coin (September 28-29; Democrats and Remainers)

Orderly prorogation of Parliament, MPs return Monday for Queen’s Speech (October 8)

From the Queen’s Speech to ‘a Tournedos Rossini of a deal’ (October 14-17; Jacob Rees-Mogg)

Historic Saturday sitting of Parliament reveals skullduggery (October 19-21)

Another delay to Brexit, thanks to opposition MPs (October 22; links to Theresa May’s and Boris Johnson’s Brexit deals)

How Theresa May’s father helped shape a young German’s life (1961)

John Bercow’s last day as Speaker of the House of Commons (October 31)

Bercow’s tributes marred by Conservative MP who wants the truth (October 31; Andrew Bridgen about Keith Vaz)

New Speaker of the House presides over last day of Parliament (November 5; Sir Lindsay Hoyle)

Kate Hoey, staunch Labour Leaver, gives moving valedictory address to Parliament (November 5)

The magic of Boris Johnson (November 12-23)

BBC’s Question Time Leaders Special (November 22)

Fallout from ITV election debate lingers for Labour (November 19-26; anti-Semitism, NHS untruths, Andrew Neil’s interviews with Jeremy Corbyn and Barry Gardiner)

Convicted terrorist temporarily halts election campaign (November 29; London Bridge, dead terrorist, throat-slitting killer, Fishmongers’ Hall, Lukasz the narwhal tusk man, Cambridge University’s early release prisoner advocacy conference)

Boris hosts successful 70th anniversary of NATO, despite squabbles (December 2 – 4, The Grove in Watford)

Lib Dems losing because of Jo Swinson and ‘Stop Brexit’ slogan (November 6 to December 5)

Reasons not to vote Labour (November 8; anti-Semitism, Corbyn’s opposition to security and defence; ambiguity about Brexit)

Vote Conservative to back Boris — and respect the referendum result (December 8; Boris at Grodzinski’s in Golders Green, Jacob Rees-Mogg)

Boris Johnson’s big victory (December 13; 80 seat majority — highest since 1987 with Margaret Thatcher)

Laura Kuenssberg’s BBC documentary well worth watching (December 17)

The season of goodwill reaches Parliament (December 19; Conservative and DUP MPs being gracious unto all)

December 19 — the second State Opening of Parliament within the last two months (less formal, still grand)

Boris Johnson’s first Christmas as Prime Minister

Boris looks forward to ‘exhilarating decade’ in New Year address (December 31)


Britain’s last day in the EU Parliament (January 29)

Brexit Day — January 31, 2020 — Bumper Edition

How Brexit Day unfolded on January 31 — another Bumper Edition

Boris sets out his stall in the Painted Hall (February 3)

Labour fail to understand their election loss (February 6, 8)

Government announces that No Deal still on the cards (February 27)

In a nation worried about coronavirus, Rishi Sunak’s budget was week’s highlight (March 11)

Negotiations and new legislation progress despite coronavirus (May 11-21)

Post-July 1, we’re on our way out (July 13)

Last week in Parliament: September 14-17, 2020 — part 2 (Internal Market Bill)

The week in Parliament: September 21-23 — the Internal Market Bill

Coronavirus crisis: Rishi Sunak calls for living ‘without fear’ (September 24)

EU deal deadline looms (October 8)

Temporary panic over Danish butter (November 15, Lurpak)

Brexit Chronicles: Merry Brexmas — December 24, 2020 — Part 1

Brexit Chronicles: Merry Brexmas — December 30, 2020 — Part 2

Brexit Chronicles: Merry Brexmas — December 31, 2020 — Part 3 and last in a long series

Leaving the EU: what happened after January 1, 2021

France threatens Jersey: Boris responds with gunboats (May 5-6, 2021; fishing rights)

Why Brexit cannot be blamed for the UK’s shortage of workers (2022)

January 31, 2023: the third anniversary of Brexit

Brexit three years on: the reasons why MPs are slow to legislate (2023)



The Woolsack: Parliament’s former sports pub still rowdy (January 24, 2020)

How to get suspended from Parliament (2020-2021)


Polling / Surveys

Yes Minister clip: how pollsters get the answers they want (1986?)




Coronavirus hygiene: why soap and water are essential (March 11, 2020)

Mid-March coronavirus news (March 16)

The concern about coronavirus: controlling free movement (March 18)

Coronavirus update — empty shelves continue; schools, public worship stop (March 20)

Mothering Sunday a dud as Boris ramps up restrictions (March 23)

Confusion over Italy’s coronavirus death rates (March 21)

Coronavirus in the United States: crisis or not? (March 22-23)

UK coronavirus update: Lockdown Day and more (March 24; Oxford University’s positive herd immunisation figures, undergoing research)

Imperial College London revise numbers, some Britons sceptical (March 26; Imperial’s Dr Neil Ferguson denies downgrading numbers)

Two short takes on coronavirus — Taiwan and England (March 21, 26)

Project Veritas visits New York and New Jersey hospitals (March 26-27; also Andrew Cuomo backtracks on shutdown)

When the cure is worse than the disease (March 26-27, Rep. Thomas Massie [R-Kentucky])

Peter Hitchens on the coronavirus shutdown one week later (March 29)

Britons discuss the coronavirus online (March 29)

London: Metropolitan Police fight crime during coronavirus lockdown (March 31)

Coronavirus lockdowns: the ‘free 30-day trial of communism’ (March 31)

Coronavirus strategies and statistics crash global economy (April 1; The Simpsons clip of House Cat Flu epidemic, Karl Denninger)

How some people practise social distancing — photos (April 10; humour)

United States and Northern Ireland: listing COVID-19 as cause of death (April 6-10)

Coronavirus: Boris fighting his way back to good health (April 12)

New York’s Nassau County Police Department celebrates residents’ birthdays (April 12)

Coronavirus in the United States: constitutional religious liberties curtailed (April 15)

Coronavirus pandemic hits just when American and British economies were doing well (April 16)

United States: politicising coronavirus (April 16; Nancy Pelosi and ice cream, Donald Trump)

Coronavirus kerfuffle over PPE: BBC’s fake news (April 18)

UK: private hospitals waiting for coronavirus patients — it’s time to phase out lockdown (April 18)

A witty British look at coronavirus lockdown (April 20; take on the Lord’s Prayer, satire)

Coronavirus causes cartels to sell more lethal drugs (April 20)

Coronavirus mitigation: French researchers study nicotine (April 22; good news for smokers)

British public dislikes media’s coronavirus coverage (April 27; polls, media connections)

The controversy over hydroxychloroquine and ventilators (April 29; Prof Didier Raoult, Drs Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi)

Coronavirus causes New York’s top chefs to step out of the box (May 3; New York Post, Eleven Madison Park)

Reminder: Vitamin D is essential for health (May 4)

Coronavirus names we will remember — and not fondly (May 4; Neil Ferguson, Anthony Fauci)

Prof Neil Ferguson resigns: will coronavirus lockdown start ending in the UK now? (May 5)

A British coronavirus version of Rudyard Kipling’s <i>If –</i> (May 6)

75th anniversary of VE Day — and the UK is in lockdown (May 8)

Minor lift of lockdown in the UK (May 10, 11)

Coronavirus-struck France reopened this week: a report from Monday (May 11)

Slovenia lifts lockdown — social distancing still in place (May 14; first European and EU country to fully lift lockdown)

Coronavirus advice: why masks aren’t a good idea (May 15; socially-distanced schools, John Travolta in The Boy in the Plastic Bubble)

France’s partial reopening — Week One revisited (May 16)

Anti-lockdown protest in London’s Hyde Park results in arrests (May 16; Piers Corbyn)

Why lockdown is such a bad idea (May 17)

Lockdown’s nearly over — time for a shave (May 20 – 22; King of Shaves [UK])

UK Parliament’s ‘hybrid’ virtual model voted down (May 20)

Professor Michael Levitt: Nobel Prize winner and coronavirus locdkdown contrarian (May 23; includes Prof Neil Ferguson)

MPs urge UK government to reopen churches, houses of worship (May 24; Conservatives Sir Peter Bottomley, Sir Graham Brady, Tim Loughton)

More doctors doubt the wisdom of coronavirus lockdowns (May 14, May 26; Prof Didier Raoult, Dr Robert Sebbag, Spanish study)

WHO drops hydroxychloroquine trials — then restarts (May 25; Prof Didier Raoult, the Lancet; June 4 — trials restart, Lancet paper withdrawn)

A good excuse for the Church of England to close churches permanently? (June 3)

UK Parliament: coronavirus restrictions produce farcical voting queues (June 2 – June 8)

Coronavirus, then riots: suddenly, social distancing disappears (May 31)

Coronavirus diktats and crowded protests: oh, the hypocrisy of it all (June 3)

The continuing madness over coronavirus social distancing and protests (June 3-5; hypocritical nurses, General Mattis, Catholic churches burnt, Washington Post 2019 police on blacks murder statistics (9); Tucker Carlson says that, no matter what you do, you will never satisfy the Left)

June in the UK — Part 1: the angry, yet law abiding, silent majority (June 3)

June in the UK — Part 2: angry silent majority questions lockdown (June 5; masks; no arrests for destructive protestors, two for eccentric Piers Corbyn)

June in the UK — Part 3: the angry silent majority on lockdown (June 5)

June in the UK — Part 4: coronavirus and the public’s anger about health during lockdown (June 5)

June in the UK — Part 5: the hypocrisy surrounding coronavirus and social distancing (June 6, protests)

England and Wales begin to reopen: coronavirus update (June 15-26; Primark, Nike Store, Selfridges, masks on public transport, beach in Wales, Mark Drakeford)

United States: young and old protest amidst coronavirus pandemic (June 27-28; Florida, North Carolina, Oregon)

Coronavirus update: how England celebrated July 4

Coronavirus and the mask trend (July 8-9; US, UK; abortion, care home deaths, beauty salon industry dying)

This book is real — Klaus Schwab’s COVID-19: The Great Reset (July 9, Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret)

Mandatory face coverings in English shops coming July 24 (July 13, 14; Sir Desmond Swayne speaks out)

Another MP, Sir Edward Leigh, speaks out against masks (July 15)

Discrepancies in test results and deaths (July 14 – 17; Florida, possibly California; England)

Coronavirus test discrepancies found in Texas (July 16, 17)

A short take on coronavirus vaccines, statistics and school (July 17, 18)

The effect of lockdown and face masks on children (July 21; The Still Face Experiment 2009, Dr Edward Trotnick, Boston)

Masks make life difficult for the hard of hearing (July 22; clear ones are available)

July 25: face coverings now mandatory in shops — England (July 24)

Coronavirus: England’s mask requirement will only make things worse (July 24; all major supermarket tweets, except for non-committal M&S!)

England: July’s news roundup in brief (second half of July: St Swithin’s Day; Princess Eugenie’s wedding, coronavirus lockdown in the north west of England)

Why many of the English are angry about masks — and scientific mask findings from recent history (July 26; Revd Richard Coles, Dr Kelly Victory, UK health/pandemic chiefs, COVID-19 declassification as highly infectious disease; masks can cause more harm than good, breathing more difficult)

Coronavirus: dateline Melbourne, time for a dystopian television series (August 4; Australia, Victoria state)

Resolving the coronavirus crisis: it’s not getting better (August 5; a look back at Denver International Airport’s mask mural, 1990s, and Foreigner’s Blinded by Science, 1979)

Back to school in the coronavirus era (Pinellas County, Florida)

An Englishman’s take on coronavirus regulations (early August; Carl Vernon, Turkish Airlines advert)

The one positive out of coronavirus: disposable plastic makes a comeback (continuing in August)

Guest post: more positives from coronavirus (August 13, August 24; guest post from formerdem)

Why tote bags are not necessarily better for our health or for the environment (New York State pre-lockdown)

The Revd John MacArthur continues legal battle with California over indoor church services (August 16; Governor Gavin Newsom)

The legal background to John MacArthur’s battle with the State of California (August 17)

Why John MacArthur’s church complies with Romans 13 (August)

A court win for John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church (August 20)

Guest post: thoughts on the lack of clergy support for John MacArthur’s court battle (August 2020; by H E; two other pastors fined)

Robert F Kennedy Jr’s warning on government intrusion (August 28-29, Berlin; CDC reduces number of US COVID-19 deaths on August 29)

Dems flout coronavirus laws: for thee, but not for me (August 30-31; Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi); follow-up: One year on, hair salon owner speaks out about Nancy Pelosi incident (August 11, 2021)

Sir Christopher Chope’s parliamentary adjournment debate on coronavirus measures (September 2; additional sources from England)

Looking back six months to March (September 3; UK, US)

The week in Parliament: September 7-11, 2020 (coronavirus, Extinction Rebellion)

Coronavirus: more important insights (September 11-18; UK, US, testing, China, COVID-19 origin, Dr Li-Meng Yan, Loose Women, Tucker Carlson Tonight)

Last week in Parliament: September 14-17, 2020 — part 1

England: MPs sound off about the coronavirus debacle (September 21-22)

September 26, 2020 — police break up London anti-lockdown protest (Germany’s Dr Heiko Schöning arrested, held until Sunday)

Brady Amendment to stop ‘rule by decree’ not tabled, compromise reached — September 30, 2020

More news from Parliament — September 28 – October 1

UK’s coronavirus crisis worsens: we cannot wait for a vaccine (October 9)

Public Health England puts COVID-19 and flu statistics together (October 9)

10 p.m. curfew, three-tier restriction approved in Parliament (Oct 12-14)

News in brief: call to prayer, censorship, coronavirus (October 14; World Doctors Alliance, Dr Heiko Schöning)

French furious about curfew and more restrictions (October 16; RMC’s Les Grandes Gueules)

Whitty and Vallance’s old, partial data form basis for England’s second lockdown (October 31-November 4; lockdown begins on Guy Fawkes Night)

Coronavirus mars centenary of Remembrance Sunday (November 8, for November 11)

Thanksgiving 2020: US state and local officials say NO (November 19-24)

Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers in the year of coronavirus (November 21-24)

Conspiracy theories are dead — long live the conspiracy (November 18-28; Alex Jones looks tame by comparison)

Coronavirus: England moves from lockdown to tier system — when will this end? (December 1)

UK coronavirus update — vaccine, scientists and more (December 8-10; Kay Burley suspension, Susan Michie)

Coronavirus: the week’s leftovers, served cold (December 9-10)

Coronavirus: new, severe situation in and around London (December 14)

Coronavirus: will there be Christmas in England? (December 12-16; Susan Michie)

Coronavirus England update: Boris cancels Christmas for you-u-u-u (December 19; Susan Michie)

Coronavirus: Tier 4 weekend fallout (December 19-20)

Prayers for Coronavirus Christmas 2020

The sinister politics of coronavirus: continuing lockdowns, Spain’s unvaccinated list (December 28-29; Les Grandes Gueules, RMC; Maajid Nawaz, LBC)

Prof Neil Ferguson on CCP-inspired lockdowns, as told to The Times (December 25)

Coronavirus and the CCP: what Prof Neil Ferguson told The Times (December 25)


Guest post: H E looks at coronavirus through the lens of history (January 4)

Coronavirus: Lord Sumption on lockdown harm (January 17, 18; England and Wales deaths chart 1971-2020, Maajid Nawaz thread)

Socialism does not work: the disparity of coronavirus vaccine injections in the UK (January 19)

Good news: entrepreneur Dave Portnoy helps American businesses in trouble during coronavirus crisis (January 22)

Coronavirus: UK’s 100,000+ death toll explained (January 27)

Coronavirus vaccines: the EU tried to pull a fast one — then retreated (January 29)

Why vaccine success is greatest in Israel, the UK and the US (January 29)

Rest in peace, Captain Sir Tom Moore (February 2)

Coronavirus news in brief — early March 2021 (March 2-4)

Coronavirus: Lord Sumption on UK lockdown — March 2021 (March 4, 5)

March 23, 2021: first anniversary of the coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus news: England reopens after a long winter lockdown (April 12)

UK coronavirus news: Dr Michael Yeadon’s speech at Canterbury Freedom Rally on May 15, 2021

Coronavirus news: England continues to unlock (May 17)

Coronavirus vaccines: US doctors hesitant to treat patients with side effects (May 17)

UK news: Dominic Cummings reveals much to Science and Technology Select Committee (May 26)

D-Day 77 years on (June 6)

UK coronavirus news: Health Secretary Matt Hancock appears before parliamentary select committee (June 10)

UK news: the week in COVID (June 11; Susan Michie)

UK coronavirus news: Freedom Day postponed from June 21 to July 19 (June 14)

UK coronavirus news: rebel MPs make their voices heard (June 16)

UK coronavirus news: spotlight on Matt Hancock (June 16-20)

UK coronavirus news: has Matt Hancock lost credibility with Queen and country? (June 24-25)

UK coronavirus news: Matt Hancock’s final 48 hours as Health Secretary (June 25-27)

UK news: Sajid Javid’s return to Cabinet as Health Secretary (June 27-28)

UK coronavirus news: will Matt Hancock be investigated? (June 28; Oliver Tress, restriction-free Wimbledon video)

MPs worried about Matt Hancock’s security camera (June 28)

Coronavirus tests: British children creating false positives to get time off school (July 1)

Coronavirus news: England awaits Freedom Day on July 19 (July 4-5)

UK coronavirus news: mask controversy mars possible Freedom Day reopening (July 5-6)

UK coronavirus news: SAGE member’s communism revealed on breakfast programme (May 2020 – July 2021; Susan Michie)

UK coronavirus news: only the Left want masks and lockdown to stay (July 6, 8)

UK coronavirus news: Parliament returning to normality (July 12)

UK coronavirus news: SAGE adviser calls masks ‘comfort blankets’ (July 17)

July 19 in England: ‘Freedom Day’ supermarket round-up

England coronavirus news: Freedom Day and Boris come in for criticism (July 19-20)

Short takes on coronavirus: the young, the old and the vaccine passport (July 17-22; Conservative Party Conference)

Coronavirus news: is vaccine uptake creating variants? Developing … (May 19, August 1; Luc Montagnier, Robert W Malone)

News in brief: coronavirus, 2020 Olympics (August 1-2; TikTok recruiting ‘GPs’ for propaganda; mask police, Neil Oliver)

Scottish clergyman on the necessity of church during coronavirus crisis (August 7; Revd William Philip, Glasgow)

Coronavirus news: London ground report (August)

Dairy farmer explains the scam and sham of coronavirus (September 2; Julius Ruechel, Canada)

Parliament’s back in session: is a tax rise for the NHS on the way? (September 5-6; National Insurance)

The rise in coronavirus cases among the double-vaxxed (September 4-6; Robert W Malone, WHO)

UK news: why Conservatives passed the National Insurance bill for the NHS backlog (September 7-8)

Coronavirus news: Scotland votes for vaccine passports, England postpones them for now (September 9)

Coronavirus, The New York Times and China (2020, 2021; Wuhan lab leak)

UK Coronavirus news: Lancet does U-turn on lab leak, Matt Hancock criticises anti-vaxxers (September 19)

Coronavirus revives the long lunch: ‘Christmas every day’, says restaurateur (September 19)

UK coronavirus contracts: Matt Hancock and Lord Bethell under investigation (September 21)

Coronavirus: thoughts on the vaccines (October 1)

UK coronavirus news: Parliamentary select committees’ report tells us nothing new (October 12)

UK coronavirus news: lack of common cold immunity during lockdown means severe symptoms now (October 14)

UK news: Coronavirus Act 2020 extended yet again, until March 2022 (October 19)

UK news in brief: baby’s first word is ‘mask’ (November 10, also black taxis)

New coronavirus variant and the latest episode of Project Fear (November 26, Omicron)

Coronavirus news: England’s new restrictions in the face of Omicron variant (November 27)

Parliament votes overwhelmingly for new coronavirus restrictions in England (November 30)

Omicron variant: mixed opinions, mixed messages, along with hope (November 29 – December 2)

Boris news: Omicron Christmas party bumper edition — part 1 (December 9)

Boris news: Omicron Christmas party bumper edition — part 2 (December 10 – 13)

Coronavirus UK news: views on vaccines (Valneva, French company operating in Scotland; Prof. Angus Dalgleish)

Coronavirus news UK: Conservative rebellion on Boris’s Plan B (December 8 – 14)

Coronavirus Plan B vote: Conservative MPs put the frighteners on Boris (December 14)

UK news in brief: coronavirus, the Queen and by-election disaster for Conservatives (December 16)

Coronavirus vaccines: Dr Robert Malone talks to Neil Oliver on GB News (December 18)

The Spectator exposes reason for worst case scenarios, Boris’s Cabinet opposes Christmas lockdown for England (December 18 – 21)

Anglican vicar’s sermon goes viral as he refuses to close church at Christmas (December 19-23; Revd Will Pearson-Gee)


Coronavirus news: could Boris be moving towards a Swedish approach for England? (January 2)

Coronavirus policies: from the sublime to the ridiculous (January 2-8; El Salvador, France)

January 8 interview: Dr Michael Yeadon discusses coronavirus vaccines

UK coronavirus update: conservativism works better than socialism (January 8-13)

Lord Frost accuses UK Government of ‘covid theatre’ (January 13)

UK economy defies experts’ predictions (January 19)

Neil Oliver warns of ‘consequences coming’ and eroding trust after coronavirus debacle (January 22)

Lord Agnew resigns over Government’s ‘lamentable track record’ on coronavirus grant fraud (January 24)

Lord Frost still in the news despite resignation (January 31)

Bill Gates says Omicron works better than vaccine (February 18)

Boris lifts remaining restrictions in England (February 21)

UK coronavirus news: FOI request shows initial 2020 lockdown modelling data incomplete (February 28)

As the media change the narrative, let’s not forget coronavirus (February 5, March 2; Prof Graham Medley at Science and Technology Select Committee)

UK coronavirus news: SAGE are gone for now (March 4)

Studies surrounding coronavirus vaccines raise questions but little media attention (March 21, 23)

Neil Oliver on the situation in Ukraine — and the West (February 26 re Justin Trudeau and March 28 [Nile Gardiner])

Travel woes the fault of lockdown not Brexit (summer holidays worldwide)

Coronavirus policies under the microscope: are people waking up at last? (August)

Rishi Sunak’s coronavirus policy revelations and the blowback did not help his leadership campaign (August 25-27)

Coronavirus news: overcoming long Covid, parliamentary vaccine debate (November – December)


Outspoken Conservative MP has whip withdrawn for vaccine remarks (January, Andrew Bridgen)


Herd immunity

Coronavirus in Britain: herd immunity timeline — February to May 2020

Coronavirus in Britain: herd immunity timeline — May to June 2020


Problems with coronavirus testing

The problem with coronavirus testing (September 11; questionable results: too high a cycle threshold [CT], therefore, more false positives)

Why some nations with extensive testing have fewer cases (September 11; Prof Carl Heneghan recommends a CT of 30; Uruguay and Taiwan have CTs in the 30s)

Evidence that PCR testing should be changed (September 4-12; CTs, civil liberties)


Investigative article alleges that China used social media to push Western lockdowns (September 15; Michael P Senger for Tablet)



Riots in the US — 2020

Kenosha, Wisconsin: the last place one would expect riots

Kenosha’s aftermath: gutted buildings, ruined businesses

Chaos and unrest spread to other American cities (Rochester, Louisville, Dallas; Trump flotillas)


The notional ‘scourge of disposable plastic’ — false

Why tote bags are not necessarily better for our health or for the environment (2020; New York State pre-lockdown)

The cost to the environment of making paper bags (stats from several studies)


Harry and Meghan

Disroyalty is not a good look (January 13, 2020)

British public react negatively to disroyalty (January 14; Elton John knew before the Queen did)

On the Sussexes and the Sandringham summit (January 15; historical bad press coverage)

It takes a special person to be a Royal (January 16)

On family, money, opportunism and the Sussexes (January 17; Justin Trudeau knew before the Queen did; no help from Meghan for British minorities)



An independent Scotland? (September 2014)

Scottish independence referendum — winners and losers

Scotland post-referendum: is David Cameron in trouble? (English Home Rule)

UK free speech in March 2021: part 2 – Scotland’s Hate Crime Bill (March 10-14, 2021; SNP legislation)

Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon did not break ministerial code, but does the story end there? (March 22-23)

Parliament: news in brief – March 2021 (March 23-25; SNP’s Neil Gray MP running for MSP; Jeane Freeman’s career background, Boris’s reasserted authority as PM of Scotland, Lord Palmer on stale biscuits)

Scotland and the much vaunted drive for independence (April; May 6 election)

Scotland’s election: can Alex Salmond’s Alba Party hold the SNP’s feet to the fire? (April 28)

Scotland’s socio-political issue: protecting women and children (April 29)

2022 Christmas news: some cheer, but not much (December 2022; Gender Recognition Certificate legislation)



Ireland’s referendum on marriage — American pressure helped (2015)



Videos: how German and French police remove road protesters (2021-2022, Extinction Rebellion)

UK Parliament: police remove noisy equipment from anti-Brexit protester (June 2022, Steve Bray)

2022 Christmas news: some cheer, but not much (December 2022, woman arrested for silent prayer)


War on world poverty — good news, not much press

2015: world hunger down to under 1 bn people for the first time


War on disposable plastic, including plastic straws

England to ban one on of fhe best inventions known to mankind (May 2019, plastic straw)


Communism and the Church today

The origins of ‘social justice’ — you might be surprised

Communism and the Protestant ‘social gospel’ — a long history (‘honeyed words to the church people’)

The left-wing origins of ‘What would Jesus do?’

Francis of Assisi never said ‘use words if necessary’

The Methodists, Alinsky and Hillary Clinton

SHOCK: Communist Catholic clergy and Vatican II – Agent AA-1025’s story

Communist infiltration of the Church – introduction — Protestant infiltration; social justice; Catholic Agent AA-1025

Insight into Communist infiltration of Catholic Church – Jesuit agents; destroying parishoners’ faith

The curious Vatican omerta on Communist infiltration – Pope Paul VI, Vatican agents, Vatican II

More on Communist infiltration of the Catholic Church – seminaries, parishes with sleeper agents

La nouvelle théologie — heretical menace to Catholics and Protestants

Media silence on persecution – quotes and incidents

Liberation theology — part 1

Liberation theology — part 2

Sojourners: More socialists masquerading as Christians

Progressives and US churches – making the connections – who’s involved with whom

Obamacare: It’s make or break time for radical and Christian organisations

Faith in Public Life: socialism cloaked in Christianity

Alinsky’s influence on Catholic bishops in the US

How the Catholic Church bankrolled Alinsky projects

How radical Catholic clergy spread CHD message in the US

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development goes on … and on

Recent Catholic funding of Alinsky-inspired projects – CCHD

CCHD collection coming in November – starve the beast! – for American Catholics

Pope [Francis] seeks to involve Chinese state in Catholic churches (2016)

The communist nature of Catholic clergy (2016)

Rumblings from the Vatican to Australia (2017)

Lutheran clergyman warns against following the social gospel (2018, Dr Gregory Jackson)


Church bell complaints

Residents ask for church bell tower to be soundproofed

Church bells create ding-dong on the Côte d’Azur


Zeitgeist movement and the Venus Project


Multiculturalism explained — questions answered


The Cult of the Child

The Cult of the Child

Why do we insist on prolonging childhood?


Child trafficking — United States

US statistics on child trafficking — care system to blame?


Poverty in the West

Poverty needs redefining

Death of the middle class? Quite possibly (2015)



High taxes: plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

UK’s tax freedom day was May 29, 2012

Public sector worker semi-literacy: what Britain’s taxes support

Remember — your taxes pay for parasitic special interest groups

On excess taxation, or theft

Where much of the Western world is today — earners versus takers

Let’s not forget the upper-class taxpayers (2014; they keep many of us alive)

Taxing happiness (comments conclude Rose’s tips on tobacco growing)

Tax: true in 1984, truer now (Charley Reese of the Orlando Sentinel, but even with Trump’s tax reform there are pervasive smaller taxes)

High taxes were not what America’s Founding Fathers wanted (March 20, 2019; James Madison, Rep. Dan Crenshaw [R-Texas])


Are Westerners a free people?

Adlai Stevenson II on freedom and safety

Are Americans and other Westerners unwitting Communists?

Citizen versus nation

Are you ‘selfish’ enough to take care of your own health?

Healthy lifestyle mandates – we were warned

Neofeudalism and outcast Englishmen

Giants versus pygmies: spot the difference (US and UK leaders then and now)

How Obama’s ‘point people’ could affect your life

Who controls your liberty to have a family?

Which is more deplorable, the gun culture or the fatherless culture?

Communism in the US: the oh-so-conventional destruction

2012 in light of American Communism of the 1930s and 1940s

Obamacare: It’s make or break time for radical and Christian organisations

You CAN be conditioned to vote a certain way

Communitarianism can go only so far

The difference between a leftist and a conservative

Where much of the Western world is today: earners versus takers

Why we should be concerned about the Georgia Guidestones

Elderly people living in their own homes? How DARE they!

MORAL DERELICTION: Britain’s elderly to downsize and work — continued

Could Britain’s elderly be the new kulaks?

The British think tanks behind behavioural change

Poor morals lead to bad science — and bad policy

Killer bacon and the Left (Lifestyle Control is a Leftist construct)

Fear, freedom and responsibility debated in Indiana

Britain’s taxpayers fund 27,000 advocacy groups

Scapegoating people who have no rights

A French perspective on ever-expanding fines and bans

Anti-smoking violence borne out of hysteria and falsehood

Bans: strategy, arguments, psychology

#Octabber is just around the corner (October 2012 — the British Smokers’ Resistance)

New Zealand: Secular pietism’s laws ‘change public attitudes’

Tobacco Control’s John Banzhaf and Catholic University of America — plus Food Control

Ruth Malone’s Nightingales, ‘nurse activists’ and smoker demonisation

Tobacco Control’s people to watch: Lisa Bero and the Cochrane Collaboration

Tobacco Control: 1994 – the year Stanton Glantz feared for his funding

Scientists say obese threaten global food security

New York soda ban: a ‘trivial’ issue of ‘personal freedom’

Stanton Glantz eyes Food Control — for your own good (comments include Rose’s tips for tobacco growing)

Is Britain’s long-cherished freedom of speech disappearing? (2014, Conservative Theresa May)

What’s going on with the Senate and the First Amendment? (2014)

Why French — and other European voters — are so skittish (June 1, 2017, post-Macron, pre-May election)

The sad case of Alfie Evans (April 30, 2018, England — also Charlie Gard, another toddler)

The Anglosphere: 2022 year-end news roundup (euthanasia, destroying marriage, climate change)


Education and Agenda 21

New education programmes play on zombies and communitarianism

Educational values your child will be forced to espouse

Today’s citizenship: when Westerners can no longer be ‘left alone’

The 10 Cs of today’s education: awareness and change

A bit of history about revisionism in American schools  (pre-UN but relevant)


Libertarianism – the antidote!

H L Mencken quotes for a Fourth of July barbecue

John Gresham Machen on today’s education system

John Gresham Machen on societal decline and the State

A Reformed minister traces his move from the Democrats to libertarianism (R Scott Clark)

A great reason to be libertarian

Another antidote — thinking and acting like Olympians and Paralympians!

London 2012 television coverage

2014: Winter Paralympics now on in Sochi

Paralympians add excitement to winter sports

Tokyo Olympics: Team GB’s medals haul equals London 2012’s (Tokyo 2020 [2021])

And yet another antidote — positive thinking

Even great people fail (Abraham Lincoln’s many failures to the presidency)

The Paralympics story: Sir Ludwig Guttmann’s ‘best of men’

The first Invictus Games showed inspiration and grit (disabled ex-servicemen, London, 2014)

And, finally — exercising free speech

First Amendment at work: shock business sign in Florida (2016)