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This is the third — and final — instalment of FBI Anon’s comments on 4chan.

Please read Part 1 and Part 2 to understand not only what is going on in the Clinton case but also for clues on geopolitical developments.

Part 1 explains more about FBI Anon and how he came to be somewhat of a regular on the 4chan Ask Me Anything (AMA) posts. Part 2 has a comment on his credibility, probably 90% with some ‘nonsense’ thrown in so he can keep his job.

N.B.: Both Parts 1 and 2 ended up on discussion boards here and here. (Thanks!) Both threads speculate on whether FBI Anon is Steve Pieczenik, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist who is a regular on the Alex Jones Show and has his own website. Obviously, no one can say for certain, but, personally, I doubt it. FBI Anon is working on the Clinton case and is most probably an FBI agent. Pieczenik worked for the State Department in the 1970s and 1980s in specialised operations such as psychological warfare, hostage situations and terrorism. It would seem that both men share the same worldview and have access to similar — but not identical — information and people that would cause them to arrive at similar conclusions.

What follows comes from the FBI Anon chat of October 17. Given the current resumption of the Clinton email investigation , it is probable that this is the most up-to-date information we are likely to receive before the election on Tuesday, November 8.

By October 17, the Billy Bush video of Trump had already circulated.

I have divided his comments up by topic, cleared up salty language, corrected spelling and added more information in brackets. Emphases mine below.

Is the CIA involved in the Clinton investigation?

No. The Intelligence agencies are like modern-day gangs, owing allegiance to no one and cooperating only when necessary and even then, only to a limited degree.

The polls

Trump is winning by around 20% with a 5% MOE. The election is a landslide right now, but the MSM is trying to engineer his downfall. Ironically, women voters liked that Trump tape.

[Someone objected to the 20% figure] You’re forgetting millions who have not voted before. Many polls only sample registered voters or people with a history. Trump will bring in millions who have never voted, including people too shy to be vocal about their support. Independents, which are also a huge shadow bloc, have also moved en masse to Trump. We have internal polls for our own projections as well, and so do the campaigns and the national committees. I guarantee they all see the same thing: a Trump landslide.

If he was not winning, what would be the point [of poll rigging]? They could simply ignore him and do what they did with Ron Paul.

I remember seeing an infograph a while back where someone plotted the oversampling of democrats in polls. That is a very useful tool.

Is there more to come on Trump?

I know they have a tape of him making a lightly off-color remark about blacks [referring to an ‘Uncle Tom’ remark on The Apprentice], but beyond that I have no idea. They really can’t find much on him, hence why the MSM has resorted to crafting narratives out of thin air.

Rigged election and the Clinton campaign

It depends at this point. The political mood right now favors a Trump landslide. HRC and the global elite have two ways to stop him:

1) Slander him to the point of extreme unfavorability, even with core supporters

2) Rig the polls

They are concerned because Trump has brought attention to #2, which was the exact same strategy with Bernie. Therefore they are attempting #1, but the issue is whenever people attack Trump viciously, his support grows. He maintains strength by always finding a new enemy to attack, and the last month he is pulling out the big guns and naming the true face of all of our problems: large, multinational corporations and their leaders.

The bluest states Trump can win

He will win PA and CA

[The next two comments concern California]

Most likely.

1) Trump will do well with Hispanics
2) Trump’s LGBT stance has more of an effect on liberal yuppies than you think
3) California’s population is declining, and only older, more affluent people are voting, i.e. Trump’s primary demographic.
4) The shy Trump supporter effect will take place en masse in CA

NY is Hillary’s no matter what.

The lack of GOPe support for Trump

They attempted a coup because they are bought by the same interests as the Dems. They believed it would hurt Trump, but it only makes them look like fools. Paul Ryan‘s political indecision is one example.

[GOPe McMullin’s chances] No one cares about Egg McMuffin

The chances of a Trump victory

95% Trump victory.

Can voters really beat the fraud and the rigging?

Yes. The rigging works by counting the votes to a higher percentage based on the MOE. So HRC’s votes may count for 1.2 votes isntead of one. Therefore, an overwhelming majority will give Trump a win.

Trump can win, but not without overwhelming support.

Will they ‘mess around’ with electoral votes?

They always do

Will Hillary and the Democrats contest a Trump win?

They will contest, but a re-check will yield the same result.

Trump’s presidential agenda

Trump fully intends to clean house in Washington and with the power brokers of major corporations.

He wants to Make America Great Again. He despises the powerful who have enabled themselves by throwing smaller people under the bus.

[Could he put George Soros in jail?] No.

[There would be an] increase in utilities, industry, and energy sector

Would it be good to enlist in the military during a Trump presidency?


The possibility of a third party winning in future

No third party will take control in America for a long time

Possible Obama pardon for Hillary

If HRC loses, she will be pardoned by Obama. O will then proceed to deteriorate our relations with Russia even further.

What would happen if Hillary won and Americans revolted?

It is very likely HRC would institute martial law and permit the military to conduct safety drills against the revolt

Hillary and gun control

She intends to do an Australia-style gun control, with strict tax punishments for people who refuse to take part in the system.

Sectors favourable under a Hillary presidency

Boost to financials and healthcare

Secret Service opinion of Hillary

HRC is awful. I actually had a conversation with a former secret service agent friend of mine (female). She was assigned to Bill back in the day but she hated Hillary because apparently Hillary hated the Secret service.

Hillary is the least charming person on the planet

Hillary’s sporadic bursts of energy

… whatever she is on is designed to make her energetic for long periods of time.

Hillary’s health

… most likely … Parkinson’s

What does Hillary smell like?

[a few reports and interviews have been circulating claiming she smells like sulfur]

She smells like hair spray and cardboard

Is Clinton involved in satanic activity and/or into extraterrestrials?

Black magic yes. Extraterrestrials I cannot answer.

[Podesta emails point to his interest in extraterrestrials. Articles have also indicated a Clinton interest in UFOs.]

[re satanism and a reference to the Clintons’ close relationship with the late Cardinal Bernardin, also rumoured to be a satanist] Correct.

Are there incriminating Hillary tapes?

No. But there is one of her talking about how blacks are disgusting and poor.

I don’t possess it. You will see it in time. It is kind of funny.

Is there a Bill Clinton ‘rape tape’?

I am not sure.

Is Assange dead?

No. Very scared, but still alive. Whether or not that will change in the next few days is questionable.

[Re Hillary’s remark on droning him] She wants to.

[Re Assange and John Kerry] I have no idea. I am waiting to see what those keys were that they released on Twitter. They are threatening someone.

2016 deaths ‘linked to Clinton’

Potentially 20, confirmed 6

[Latest one] A man in Pennsylvania who knew about the voting machines.

Justice Antonin Scalia’s mysterious death

The common assumption is Scalia was murdered to help bring about gun control via another justice. But then any justice could have been sacked. What was Scalia doing before he died? What topic was he interested in?

Clinton camp’s biggest worry

The truth about the disgusting delights of the Clintons and the global elite coming to light

How did the Clintons get to be so awful?

Bill is a political mastermind. Hillary wasn’t always so corrupt, but once she saw the ptential for power, it drove her to what you see now.

HRC loves power and death.

Does Jeffrey Epstein have anything on the Clintons?

He has nothing.

Mark Cuban

Cuban wanted some loopholes and goodies to remain, but in private conversation Trump let it be known that he intends to fully wipe the slate clean. Cuban did not like that, so he went full HRC because it ultimately benefits him more.

Huma Abedin

She helps the Muslim Brotherhood hold HRC’s ear

Can’t the DNC see what a mistake they made?

There has been significant regret since her 9/11 incident. Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do. The Clitnons have bought and paid for the presidency again, the only thing stopping them is Trump.

USS Mason/Yemen situation

The rebels we supported are firing at us with our own tech because they’re too dumb to realize who sold them weapons.


Currently China is shutting down power in major cities in small bursts to test our power grid.


[Re Obama starting aggression against them before Trump can take office] No, but the goal is to erode relations to the point where Russia will be withdrawn to whoever is President. Even Trump will not take acts of aggression lightly. Obama will flirt with war as long as he can, just enough to make the Russians think poorly of Americans under any scenario. Then Trump will have much more work to restore relations when he gets in.

The Trump Campaign headquarters attacks are all orchestrated. Virtually everything going on right now is a distraction from the imminent threat of war with Russia.

[Possibility of nuclear war with the US] Yes (Russia just did a nuclear bombing drill in Moscow with 40 million people – the US population is still unaware anyhting major is going on)

World War III

I suspect a major war in the next year or two regardless of who is elected. I had hoped that Trump would be able to bring about more peace, but the people he is fighting are determined not to allow it.

[Global elites to trigger it?] Based on recent events, yes.

[Could it start before the end of 2016?] Maybe.

[What country will start it?] Israel or the United States (expect another 9/11 style false flag)

[Countries involved] It will be the US & Japan Vs. China, India, and Russia. I had previously thought India was on our side, but it looks like they may swap allegiances.

[Re India] They have been making deals with Russia, and by proxy they will warm up to China should the US pose a serious threat. Try reading the news.

Savings and production are what drive an economy. China will be hurt by war, but they have savings and a strong production base. Even with a ton of debt, they can pull off a war. The US, on the other hand, is a result of the spend/invest mentality. We have no manufacturing base which can compete globally.

EU will be in WW3, but the collapse of the EU will render them militarily impotent for the most part.

Should people watch out for false flags?


The next false flag may deal with an explosion of a plant or facility controlled by an electrical grid


The ruling class simply wants to rule over an indifferent mass. However, many do believe that in the end times, a war of ideas will occur and they will prevail through the intervention of a “messiah”. Which makes it scarier because there are powerful people who legitimately believe through mass war and death, peace will come.

[Really?] Yes

The Owl of Minerva is an important gesture in upper circles

They don’t see the world as you do. They live in an insulated world of riches and power, and they do not know what it is like to struggle of live paycheck to paycheck. Even though Hillary did as a child, she is so far removed now it doesn’t matter.

[Does George Soros have the Spear of Destiny used to pierce Christ?] No

Who really runs the US government?

George Soros and anyone who considers themselves a Zionist.

[This type of control happened in] 1913

The possibility of conflict involving ‘Constitutional Americans’

Truthfully, I don’t know.

What are the ‘good guys” chances if civil war breaks out?

Who knows at that point?

If Hillary is elected, civil war is a near certainty.

[Could she die before then?] Not likely. Death in 2018-2020 after starting war

The validity of The Citizens Audit

It is asking the right questions, and yes, many of HRC’s PACs and even her campaign solicit foreign money and shadow money.

Credibility of 4chan’s Knowledge Bomb threads

[Part of the question: ‘Some of the things he says make sense, but others seem really out there (like members of the EU being part of a sex club involving refugees).’]

His information is legit.

Is Podesta WikiLeaks email 2010 important?

Very important

FBI Anon’s accuracy

I’ve been wrong a few times, but in my job, being right is not a prerequisite. I only plan for things that may or may not happen.

I have been answering and *mostly giving out correct info for months. The only reason why there is so much doubt now is because CTR and other PAC’s are flooding this board trying to sow doubt wherever they can, and it is unfortunately having an effect. This board was once vehemently pro-trump, but many are beginning to feel doubt.

[Regarding not using consistent self-identification] Because it gives me enough plausible deniability in case someone should want to come looking for me. It’s also the reason why sometimes I give disinformation – it helps give just enough doubt to keep serious people from prying.

I have not claimed to be anything other than someone with knowledge of HRC’s case.

I try to limit these to once per month.

FBI Anon’s wife

Thank you, my wife is giddy to be remembered. Too bad these are dark times.

Which is more important: WikiLeaks or the Clinton Foundation?

The next few batches of the WikiLeaks dumps should help answer this. It will all start to make sense when you connect the dots.

And, as an aisde, when you are reading Podesta’s e-mails, remember that the Clintons deal in weapons, drugs, and people. Some terminology in use is far more nefarious than many of you suspect.

“cards” [Child Abduction Rapid Deployment]

“favors”, “extras”, “officers”

[What next WikiLeaks will reveal] Evidence of favors for foreign nationals including the sale of human beings.

I know a lot of info regarding their movements of people and children.

Will we see all 33,000 emails?

The NSA has them, it’s just a matter of time before someone hacks them or releases them.

Vote in person or by mail?

Vote in person, always.

Voting in person allows you to be sure your vote was cast the way you desire. You never know what happens to your paper after it is mailed in.

What the public can do

You should be [fighting hard to make sure Hillary is not elected].

Sign up to be an election watcher.

Have faith in Trump, fight hard against the shills.

Vote. Encourage everyone you know to vote. Explain that a vote for Hillary is a vote for mass war and death.

Do not give up hope.

Yesterday’s post featured FBI Anon’s July 2 conversation with members of 4chan.

The background to an anonymous agent communicating with a group of young, interested and informed people is in that post.

This post covers his conversation about the Clinton case as of September 25, just before the first presidential debate that evening.

One more will follow — from October 17 — which is the subject of tomorrow’s post.

N.B.: Take or leave this information. It’s up to you. People tend to dismiss it because they are decent souls who find it too incredible. However, this is what one of the 4chan members says (two-thirds of the way through the thread):

A lot of stuff has been correct, some stuff is wrong. Just look up the first two threads and you’ll see what I mean. I’d say about a 10% incorrect rate. Since he admits he mixes in deliberately wrong [stuff] and also fully admits he of course doesn’t know everything and is giving some things educated guesses, this doesn’t necessarily disprove him. If he’s a roleplay[er], he’s a good one, and he’s pointed diggers in some useful directions.

To make it readable, I have again divided the information into topics. I have also taken out the salty language, corrected spelling and added explanatory notes where necessary. Emphases mine below.

Angry FBI agents

Most senior Intel guys are furious with Comey and the DOJ in general. Grunts at the bottom are confused and do not know enough.

So much of my faith in the system has been destroyed this past year.

Rigged polls

If the election were held today, the result would be ~15% HRC and 50% DJT. The other 35% are independent/undecided. So yes, HRC will try to rig the polls, which is why Russia is getting blamed for messing with our election. Of course they are meddling, but they have no real effect. We will simply blame them so Microsoft can gain total control over the machines and make sure the vote is counted “properly”.

Voting — in person or by mail?

It is better to go in person, but it ultimately does not matter because the votes are machine counted.

What are the chances of voter intimidation involving La Raza and/or BLM?


Trump’s safety

Assassinating major figures is very difficult and very dangerous, especially today. There are eyes everywhere, so the best way to kill someone is to assassinate their character, which is why the MSM constantly goes hard after Trump.

Black markets are betting in favor of his assassination, I don’t see it happening.

Trump’s chances of winning

95% probable Trump victory.

College is not a representative sample of the voting populace. The voting public is not even representative of the general public. Among people who are voting or have voting histories, Trump is winning, and he’s adding way more people who have never voted. A Trump victory is baked in.

If Trump wins

DJT will put her in jail.

I cannot say for sure, but I expect it will be a major issue at the forefront of his presidency.

The Fed will be a main target of Trump I am sure, since they manipulate so much economic activity in favor of the wealthy.

If globalism dies out in the US, what is the next targeted country?

Try China


We suspect they have something big. Before I thought they were blowhards with no information, but now I am starting to think they got a hold of something damaging.

I do not know what WikiLeaks has, and am very much looking forward to reading their material.

Russian involvement

We know the Russians got a hold of something in her servers. Tbh, I believe she was planning to start a war with Russia, and that the Russians have given select info to Wikileaks to help destroy her campaign. Russia is not the greatest country on earth, but they do not want to be at war with us. The world is weary of conflict.

Any war started with Russia will involve a false flag.

[If Hillary is elected] I expect within one to two years.

Muslim Brotherhood involvement

They are involved, but not as much as people think. They are dangerous, and they do want to subvert US to Islam.


Iran’s actions are the focal point of what is coming next. Saudi Arabia will collapse, as they’ve been [mess]ing around with oil prices too long to recover. Good riddance.

Enemy countries with nuclear capabilities

They want world domination. Our ICBM defense is very substandard compared to China and Russia.

Hide-outs in case of World War III

The US will probably be the safest place, given the large mountainous regions with plenty of hiding places/natural resources.

World War III will largely be fought ‘on the plains of Africa’

Sub Saharan Africa

Credibility of ‘insider’ information

The “insiders” are giving out information. Not all of it is correct, some is just fun to think about, others are clearly trying to help me point you in the right direction.

What about the plausibility of Clinton Foundation (CF) and child trafficking?

The CF always operates in countries where birth records are difficult to maintain. Let that sink in for a moment.

Or the CF and missing persons?

Haiti was a disaster for a number of reasons, but as regards to the CF, a number of people went missing in [the Bahamas] shortly after the CGI [Clinton Global Initiative] set up shop. Maybe someone can find out why.

[Original statement said ‘Haiti’, which he later changed to the Bahamas.]

Anywhere the CF is peddling their HIV/AIDS solutions, inevitably missing people and questionable organizations with enormous cash flows appear.

Did Obama really use a pseudonym in his emails?

We leaked this. It just goes to show how corrupt the whole of government is.

[Politico has the story from 2015. Those were State Department email leaks.]

Was stonetear trying to wipe Obama’s email headers?


[Stonetear actually went on to a Reddit forum to ask how to do this for a ‘VIP’ customer of his. The comment below relates to how anyone could be so stupid.]

You are under the false impression that our government is competent in anything.

Could Obama be implicated in the Clinton investigation?

Obama would be impeached if the truth were out. Unfortunately, the entire government would collapse, and Americans would revolt tomorrow, assuming most people believe the truth. Once you know what the real deal is, it is hard to have faith in people anymore.

Obama’s final months and foreign policy

The president is doing last-minute stuff to try and convince world leaders that America will remain as it is. The problem is, no one wants America’s policies to continue.

More on Obama

Obama is an atheist liberal with Muslim sympathies. He was born in the US, but spent a good portion of his childhood overseas. He also has Chicago mob connections through his father.

[His father — Frank Marshall Davis of Chicago??]

Hillary’s health

We believe she has Parkinson’s.

Hillary influenced by the Rothschilds

Their relationship is mentor/protege

The Billary marriage

Theirs is a political marriage, they barely spend any real time together.

Stories about Hillary and Moloch


Gary Johnson (Libertarian)

Gary Johnson’s true support is hovering around 1%. No one cares about that idiot. I actually have met him at a party one time, and he is actually incredibly cringy. My wife thought he was gay.

Is the NSA competent?

Not really. Do they have a … ton of info? Yes. Do they share it? No. Do they even know what they have? No.

CIA in the media

[Anderson] Cooper and [Wolf] Blitzer are both former CIA

Americans and the media

Right now we know the public no longer trusts the media, so when they report on things people fact-check, which is why they dropped the “Pepe is bad” story this week. As soon as they reported it, people started flocking here en masse.

[Pepe is the unofficial Trump campaign mascot. He is a comic book frog. Read more in my post about the Deplorables, near the end.]

The financial papers are usually better reads because they are written for businesspeople, and usually big money decisions require solid info. Stay away from politically oriented sources though. I like to read Investor’s Business Daily, the Wall Street Journal, Drudge Report, Mish’s Global Economic Trends, Al-Monitor, Government Executive, The Hill, and Asia Times. Those are just a few of the sites I read though. I use Feedly to aggregate all my news.

What about attacks and bombings going on in the US last summer?

Bombings were false flags, everything else is media hype. BLM is a waste of time. The crime rate among blacks is virtually unchanged, it has always been high, the only thing different is the media attention.

Was the Alabama gas pipeline break an attack?


Clintons’ involvement with immigration

I do know they helped push immigrants through the border, just like every other politician, but that is the least of their sins.

The latest smoking gun

The latest FBI doc dumps. The redactions aren’t hard to figure out if you’re putting 2+2 together

Why and how FBI investigation stalled at that time

Imagine I have three guys working on a project. It’s in the purple or SAP [Special Access Program]-[above top-secret] level, and none of them know who is working on said project with them or what the big picture looks like. They’re isolated from one another. I tell two to pause and one to stop completely, the project never gets finished and no one knows why. That’s the type of stuff going on in the department right now. because I am a big picture guy, I know it’s to stall so HRC can run out the clock.

Why the immunity agreements?

They can take the 5th or get immunity from us. We grant it because we want to know how deep this [hell]hole goes, and they take it because they believe they will be pardoned. We can terminate immunity agreements if the information prosecutes someone without an immunity agreement, i.e. HRC.

Why doesn’t FBI Anon do something himself?

I have tried explaining this, but since some of you are too dense, I will try again.

I could go into my office, pull all the docs (though I would get arrested shortly after), come home to my pc and upload tons of dirt on HRC right here. But do you know what will happen?

Google will remove it, and then this website will be shut down. It will go down with no reason, no explanation, the founders will all be investigated by the DOJ, and though they may not be found guilty the harassment will be long enough to stop them in their tracks. Nothing will get done.

Instead, I layer the truth with just enough [nonsense] to make my story believeable. Now, people are looking at in, some don’t care, others doubt me, but the bottom line is this board has become a place where anti-Hillary sentiment reigns supreme. And because the anti-hillary sentiment is so strong, the MSM is attacking this very board because it knows people are coming to see what is going on, and what is going on does nothing for HRC’s campaign.

FBI Anon’s safety

Last time I made a thread (which was a few months ago, I don’t remember exactly) things got a bit too close. People started asking questions, but most people from all over the government don’t suspect anyone because I make sure to post enough nonsense that no one will believe or take seriously. Nuggets of truth.

My wife is well, though she doesn’t like when I do these anymore. She doesn’t want me to get suicidal.

I don’t need recognition, I just don’t need Hillary Rodham Clinton to become president of the United States. It’s gotten to the point where my wife and I have made a suicide pact if she actually gets elected and serves enough time to do damage.

I came back [to 4chan] because I left you guys in the fog, and though it’s tempting to think I am doing some secret stuff, I’m really a normal guy with a family and stuff to do.

My wife is a housewife, and she knows how to handle herself. She’s a great woman.

Jason Chaffetz (Republican congressman for Utah, head of House Oversight Committee and hearings on Clinton investigation)

I know him personally. He is furious over what has happened, but is constrained by the DC beltway groupthink. If DJT gets elected, expect him to unleash his full fury on HRC.

Victoria Nuland (Assistant Secretary of State, career dating back to Bill Clinton’s presidency)

You are on the right track.

Mysterious deaths, including Justice Antonin Scalia’s

Not sure about Scalia, the Clinton Kill List is very, very legit. Some are natural causes, but the ones that seem too outrageous, actually are. I forget his name, but the one who claimed to be investigating the Octopus who ended up in a duffel bag locked from the inside [happened in London], he was investigating the Clintons.

4chan /pol/ (political threads)

I do my part by coming here and answering questions. It has been a while, and unfortunately the investigations have stalled so I am not very helpful, but you guys collectively are fighting against the negative perceptions. Everyone thought they couldn’t make a difference, now the MSM is openly trying to frame this board and others as right wing extremists to discredit us. That should send a clear message as to how threatening this board actually is.

Keep making noise and bringing people on the board.

Many of my colleagues openly discuss 4chan. We share our thoughts in private, but most of us know what she did was illegal. Even basic intel people have briefings that can last for 10 hours telling us what we can and cannot do with information. You do not need intent to prosecute. We are told this every day, we can be negligent and still get [messed about].

They [the media] know you won’t find anything concrete, they are worried that you are creating negative perceptions of HRC that cannot be whitewashed (which was the whole point).

We have no moles in her campaign.

I am on /pol/ pretty much every day. I don’t always browse every thread, but I keep up (mostly). I spend a lot of time on /fit/, /wsg/, /wg/, and /b/ though. My wife loves /fa/ and /v/.

Sign off for the thread

Unfortunately it’s bedtime, my friends. I have a long day of cooking and watching Trump beat the [heck] out of Hillary in the debates tomorrow. If you were in this thread, be sure to take a few shots for me.

What the general public can do

In my opinion, the topics which you should focus on … should take priority in reverse order. Details of the Clinton’s dirty dealings in China and Haiti are icing on the cake, details which most Americans could care less about because they have no perception of these countries.

Hillary’s health is huge, but the best topic to my mind is her intimidation and silencing of the women Bill has raped/assaulted. These women are numerous, yet few have managed to tell their story, let alone have anyone care. You all can make that happen.

Like I said, keep doing what you are doing. Countering the psychological narrative being pushed on people is having an effect.

Volunteer to be a Trump election watcher. Try to set up an organization which will conduct independent exit polls (many states no longer require them since most of them showed the Democrat primaries were rigged).

FBI Anon’s prediction that Trump’s victory is ‘baked in’ comes true only if everyone votes. Make it a Monster Vote to defeat voter fraud and vote flipping, which is happening now.

Tomorrow: FBI Anon’s latest thread from October


Hillary related:

This one is from The People’s Cube:

The site 4chan has had several AMAs (Ask Me Anything) threads featuring one or more agents going loosely by the name FBI Anon.

He — or they — are all working on ‘the Clinton case’.

What follows over the next few posts are FBI Anon’s comments from the following threads:

  • July 2 (before either the Republican or Democratic National Conventions and just after Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton had their conversation on her plane) — today’s focus
  • September 25 (just before the first debate) — future post
  • October 17 (the most recent) — future post

A language alert applies to all three. However, what FBI Anon says cannot be completely discounted, even if some disinformation — perhaps 10% — is mixed in. The agent includes the disinformation in order to keep his job. It is unlikely that it pertains to big ticket topics, but smaller ones.

A number of 4chan participants do not believe what FBI Anon says, but the guys at The_Donald are confident that what he says is mostly accurate and should be noted.

N.B.: After this, you will never think of the Democratic Party or the Clintons or their foundation in the same way again. When I first read these threads, I thought about them for days afterward. I am presenting this information to you to help you and yours make an informed decision on November 8.

FBI Anon asks the 4chan folks to spread the information. I found various threads on The_Donald about him. This one lists all the 4chan FBI threads.

I shall do my best to divide everything up by topic. I have edited out the foul language and corrected some spelling and grammatical errors. Emphases mine below.

Reference is made below to a SAPSpecial Access Program — which FBI Anon defined as follows (July):

A Special Access Program is an intelligence program classified above top-secret. They are held on closed servers at secret locations. The only way to get one is if you are specifically read on to a program, have a need to know, then you must physically go to a location and pass through several layers of security to even look at the program. A good example in non-classified terms would be the locations and operations of our intelligence operatives around the globe, or our missile silo locations.

FBI Anon introduction

I am a person with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Clinton case. I will answer as many questions as I can without giving too much away.

Why FBI Anon went to 4chan in July

Sent home, awaiting word about the [chaos] Lynch just caused.

Chances of Hillary Clinton being indicted or brought to justice

There is intense pressure for us not to do so. I am posting from a position of near anonymity and enough plausible deniability to evade prosecution, as we have all been given gag orders.

There is enough for her and the entire government to be brought down. People do not realize how enormous this whole situation actually is. Whether she will be or not depends on how much info about others involved gets out, and there are a lot of people involved.

She had SAP level programs on her server, which if made public, would literally cause an uprising and possibly foreign declarations of war.

There already is enough to indict. Comey has been trying to stall because he does not want to face the Clinton Machine, as well as the rest of Washington D.C. But this case would explode into a million other cases if fully brought to light, and then we would be one agency competing against the entire government and a hoard of other interests. It is a very tense and uncomfortable position.

What Lynch is saying is she will accept whatever they do and make her determination as she will. Nothing about her responsibilities has changed, she is simply trying to keep her hide intact.

We have no power to prosecute, we simply hand over the data to the DOJ for them to prosecute. And we do not have the authority to hand over all of the data because of its sensitivity. And some of the data will lead into other cases of corruption.

Making a recommendation is not the same as actually prosecuting. We only say “here is the data, you need to get XYZ” and then the DOJ acts

We have our hands tied. My message to you and everyone on this board is do not get distracted by Clinton’s e-mails. Focus on the Foundation. All of the nightmarish truth is there. The e-mails will pale in comparison.


All I can tell you about the SAPs is HRC had them, and she did not have proper authority to have any of them. They were leaked to her by someone, and she did sell them to overseas donors. Possessing them alone makes her guilty of treason

Sec. [of State] CAN have access. That does not mean he/she WILL. SAP is granted on a need to know basis, and HRC did not have any need to know any of the programs on her server.

Public knowledge of issues influencing continued investigation

Before the Clinton-Lynch meeting, I would have said 0%. Now it looks more likely because the public now sees the Clintons trying to cover their asses. More questions will add pressure for the investigation to continue.

The Clinton Foundation (CF)

The real point of interest is the Clinton Foundation, not the e-mail server. We received the server from Benghazi, then from the server we found data on the CF. Then we realized the situation is much worse than previously thought.

Killing HRC would not cause this problem to go away. The problem is with the Clinton Foundation as I mentioned, which you should just imagine as a massive spider web of connections and money laundering implicating hundreds of high-level people. Though I do not have a high opinion of Hillary, she is just a piece -albeit a big piece – of this massive [horrible situation].

Obama is loosely tied to the CF, but much more tied in with the same people who donate to the CF.

BC likely wanted LL to focus on the e-mail server and shy away from prosecuting the foundation.

[The Foundation] Sold influence, intel, favors, and people to anyone willing to pay.

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The people under the magnifying glass do have an affinity for children.

Pedophiles and sex traffickers everywhere. Many politicians trade girls like cattle.

Why no one else is brought to justice

The DOJ is most likely looking to save itself. Find everyone involved in the Clinton Foundation, from its donors to its Board of Directors, and imagine they are all implicated.

My opinion is the entire government is guilty of treason, which is why HRC’s death would not cease the investigation or prevent further scandals. Many, many people are involved.

If we recommend, we literally hand over documentation implying the entire government is involved in treason at the highest levels and everyone is about to duck and cover, as well as some sensitive details of SAPs which would obliterate national security.

[Then again] If we do not recommend, it will look like a cover-up and Trump will use the perception to bolster his message. I did work in PsyOps once, and Trump’s use of confirmation bias is legendary.

We could do it tomorrow if we wanted. [But …] There are too many political players involved.

Your moral inclinations may look good on the internet, but in real life the situation is complicated. You cannot possibly ask the entire government to prosecute itself. Lynch has also given to the Foundation, and has many ties to many people she should not. Remember that Bill appointed her. She is a great prosecutor, but she did not get where she is by simply being good at her job.

The problem is with the entire government. HRC is one component of that government.

… you do not have the breadth of info that I have that would make your eyes fall out of your skull if you knew what all was going on.

George Soros

Soros is at the heart of all of this.

He is the kingpin.

Ideologue. Believes he and his cohorts are the answer to ending all world wars. Todd Huizinga’s book The New Totalitarian Temptation reveals the mindset quite adequately.

Soros funds, instructs, and influences every layer of US government, right down to the tax code.

Agents fearing for their lives, including Clinton retaliation against them

We are all worried about that.

My bosses have the benefit of being in the limelight. Their disappearances or silences would be accompanied by questions. Mine would not.

I do not want to post any information about me or where I am, because if any hint got out that I posted anything, I would be fired and blacklisted. Possibly killed.

Does Hillary kill people?

People have a way of dying around her.

Hillary and Obama’s relationship

Obama and HRC do hate each other. HRC hates black people and Obama dislikes recklessness. As far as the investigation, some details are correct. As to the outcome, no one knows.

The Obamas

Obama is a liberal atheist who is willingly associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Stephen Coughlin’s book, while not totally accurate, does shine light in the right direction.

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Michelle is a woman.

Who else has the emails?

Foreign powers are in possession of some of the documents we have analyzed, because they were hacked from the Clinton server. Trump has some files as well, and likely plans to leak them and use them to his advantage soon.

The leaks will have to be made in a non-transparent fashion.

What about Russia?

I am not sure, but some of my war strategy buddies are estimating a high probability that Russia will leak all of the info they have to the world, since Clinton wants to go to war with them and they have no desire to be in conflict with the US.

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Russia wants Ukraine back, and then they want to be left … alone to invest. Russia is more a paragon of freedom and nationalism than any other country.

Other foreign relations implications

[HRC responsible for selling] Weapons, favors, intelligence, and people.

It benefits her because her donors have paid for it.

Canada has no business telling us how to run intel. Trudeau makes you [Canadians] all look like fools, and already his intel departments are coming to us for help doing … everything.

Germany is not involved. Merkel likes HRC though.

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Get rid of Trudeau. He has no experience managing or running a country.

Mexico is actively trying to undermine the US.

The media

Mainstream media is [dire]. Who cares what they say. They are attempting to distract by putting the focus on HRC’s emails and not the Foundation.

If Hillary wins

 We will go to war with Russia and possibly China if she wins.

Donald Trump

The entire government is corrupt. No one is clean, not even Trump.

Trump has donated to the Clinton Foundation in the past, though for fairly innocuous things like building permits and such. He is smart, so his tracks are covered well. But if any prosecutor wants to go very in-depth Trump would be brought on bribery charges. He could easily get out of them, but he would be charged nonetheless.

I do not know of Trump’s record, but from the case he definitely knew to limit his exposure and make it only look like a donation.

If Trump wins, HRC will be prosecuted.

Trump has very good people advising and leaking to him.

Trump is not a Clinton plant. He believes they are disgusting animals.

[Sidney] Blumenthal is attempting to get dirt on and strategize against Trump. 

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I support Trump. He is a good candidate. Not perfect, but good. I used to work in PsyOps, and Trump’s campaign is exactly how the textbooks train. It will be studied by agents forever.

Most of us are pro-Trump.

HRC hates that Trump makes the media profitable, so they have to keep covering him.

The choices

I will put it to you this way: You have three choices,

A) turn over all of the information to the DOJ, make public a recommendation, the truth comes out, the entire world realizes how much the US is meddling in foreign affairs and we go to war, the civilian population realizes how much foreign money influences our government, and a civil war begins.

B) You cherry-pick the data to implicate the people already in the eye of public opinion, so the chips fall on the heads of a select few and the whole system does not crash.

C) you do nothing and watch the unstable political climate to gauge how you will respond.

I am confident if Trump wins she will be going to jail.

most of us are of the opinion that HRC will not be president, and having Trump in office makes our job that much easier. But right now we have to carefully wade through the mud.

A is not going to happen.

Revolutions are much longer and more violent than you think. And if a civil war breaks out, foreign powers will immediately get involved, prolonging any conflict.

[In general] People can integrate if done in a healthy and constructive way. Not by force.

The agents and 4chan (/pol/ — political threads)

The FBI is rather fond of /pol/. We study more than we investigate.

/pol/ is an amalgamation of minds from various geographic and demographic factions. We study very intensely the ideas which emanate and gain prominence on the board, as well as which ideas other organizations try to promote which ultimately get defeated (JIDF, for example, is highly unsuccessful as making /pol/ pro-israel). And most of us just enjoy the posts in general. We like to see how close to the truth everyone is. And we occasionally let our true nature slip.

Alex Jones

(from continuation thread)

Alex Jones is a useful idiot. He does believe what he says, though.

What the public can do

Post about HRC everywhere you can. Focus on the Foundation. Do not let her e-mail server be the sole focus of media attention. Follow the Foundation. Her e-mails are a small bite compared to the CF.

Promote and discuss it everywhere. Ask questions. Read the news on it. Post articles everywhere. Pirate Jerome Corsi’s book (so people can’t say I am shilling) because he does have some things right.

If you dig hard into the foundation and make it the sole point of your focus, you will remember this thread when the truth is revealed.

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We do not live in a democracy, we live in a republic. There is a lot of greatness in America, and there is still plenty to love. Society and culture are dependent on man. You are in control of society, not the other way around.

Tomorrow: more FBI Anon

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