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On Friday, May 12, 2017 President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump hosted a reception for active-duty troops, their spouses and mothers at the White House.

Mother’s Day was on May 14 in the US, and Mrs Trump’s speech touched on that beautifully:

As everyone in this room knows, mother is a title that claims your heart and changes your life forever. In fact, it has been said that having a child means allowing your heart to walk around outside of your body.

She added:

For the mothers of someone who has or is serving our country, this must be especially true …

However, I have no idea what kind of different challenges each of you must face as the parent of a soldier. And while you stand with many other parents, so strong and so proud, I am sure that you sometimes march on this journey alone. While your sons and daughters are away serving so selflessly, having a community share even some of that burden must make all the difference in the world.

I want to know – I want you to know, you’re among that community today and we are all so proud to be part of it with you. I also want to say thank you for all that you do, for your selflessness and for your own sacrifice on behalf of our country. Let today’s celebration with this community of strong and selfless moms be a first step in building the relationships and – and in your knowing that my husband and I, along with the vice president and Mrs. Pence and everyone here at the White House, hold you close in our hearts and thoughts each and every day.

Here’s the video:


I hope they were able to see the White House Movie Theater, which was opened to the public for the first time that day.

It’s heartening to see the Trump White House give the military and their families such deep consideration.

April was the Month of the Military Child and May is Military Appreciation Month in the United States, so the Trumps and the Pences have been holding a number of events for service personnel, their families and veterans.

I do not understand how people still cannot see that the current administration is working for the benefit of all Americans.

Follow the White House site and Twitter feeds to see all the news that Big Media fail to report to the American public.


Yesterday’s post contained O Antiphons for December 17 and 18, the first two days of the Octave before Christmas.

Each day from the 17th through the 23rd has an O Antiphon connected with it: verses from the Old Testament that foretell the birth of the Christ Child. The O Antiphons date back centuries before the Reformation — to the reign of Charlemagne. That said, Protestants will also find these verses useful in contemplation of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The O Antiphons spell out SARCORE. These are an aide memoire, because, reversed, they spell out in Latin ero cras, which means

I shall be [with you] tomorrow.

The Bible verses behind SARCORE — ero cras — are as follows:

  1. “O Sapientia, quae ex ore altissimi…” (O Wisdom from on high…)
  2. “O Adonai et dux domus Israel…” (O Lord and leader of the house of Israel…)
  3. “O Radix Jesse qui stas in signum populorum…” (O Root of Jesse who stood as a standard of the people…)
  4. “O Clavis David et sceptrum domus…” (O Key of David and scepter of our home…)
  5. “O Oriens, splendor lucis aeternae…” (O Dayspring, splendor of eternal light…)
  6. “O Rex gentium et desideratus…” (O longed-for King of the nations…)
  7. “O Emmanuel, rex et legifer noster…” (O Emmanuel, our king and law-giver…)

On Day 3, the faithful contemplate the Root of Jesse. Jesse was David’s father. Isaiah 11 gives us the prophecy, discussed in the following posts of mine:

The O Antiphon for December 19

December 19: a second O Antiphon for this day

This is why Matthew made a point of recording Jesus’s genealogy at the beginning of his Gospel. He wanted the Jews to know that He came into the world as a descendent of Abraham, our father in faith, through King David and other famous people in the Old Testament — saints and sinners — establishing Him as the Messiah, as Scripture prophesied:

Matthew 1:1-17 – Jesus’s genealogy


On another subject, a charitable one, some US military personnel cannot afford the cost of plane fare to return home for the holidays.

Americans can help make Christmas a time of reunion with their families by donating to the charity Let’s Bring ‘Em Home, which has been in existence since 2001:

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen FIFTEEN years ago I asked some of you folks for help with an idea I had. My idea was to gather up a few dollars and buy some plane tickets to allow some deserving young soldiers the opportunity to spend Christmas with their families …

As always, we exist exclusively on donations, and as our administrative fees were all the way down to 3.66% last year, LBEH is a charity that you can be sure as much of your donation is going directly to our military’s benefit as possible! The folks who run LBEH — including myself — are volunteers! So remember… Lots of donations = lots of airplane tickets = Lots of happy soldiers! And as always, your donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

This short video, made by a serviceman who contributes to The_Donald, records his own surprise homecoming for the holidays. It’s a moving little film. Have a tissue handy!

So, if you can, please help give other men and women serving the United States the chance to come home for Christmas.

Now that the Obama administration is being rocked by the scandal of Gen. David Petraeus’s resignation, it is unclear whether the General will be able to shed light on what really happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, in which the highest levels of government allowed one US Ambassador and two Navy SEALs to die a slow, tortured death — unaided.

Just a few days later, another four-star general, William ‘Kip’ Ward, was embroiled in an expenses scandal and was stripped of one of his stars.

Whilst scandal and corruption need to be rooted out wherever they occur, particularly in public life, the left-wing White House must see how this works in their favour by undermining the American military in the eyes of the public. At the same time, television adverts have begun appearing for Obama’s citizen’s army, which is seeking recruits. The PUMAs have also noticed this discredited military versus civilian army theme:

BASIL99: Like rabid dogs[,] the press … After not laying a finger on [Obama] for the past 5 years they’ve turned all their restrained venom on military heroes.

… at least they have tried to serve the country, with mixed results, while [Obama], Holder, Rice, [Jarrett], Harris, Jackson, all want only to destroy the country.


It’s almost as if [Obama] were conspiring with mideast jihadists to humiliate the military is the most public way possible …

It’s clear [he] is willing to sacrifice our soldiers to his nefarious ends. Looks what he did to Stevens and the other 3 servicemen.


Alinsky rule – eliminate and discredit the military and put [yes-men] in place. Same with the “citizen army” we have heard about and which I have now seen ads for.

Yes. It is scary … This is [Jarrett]’s revenge. This is an attempted coup and coopting of the military and the entire government. Doubt if anyone in the American media will even notice.

I recall many moons ago when the US military was largely discredited during and after the Vietnam War. The peace movement and campus protests against the war had completely overshadowed the sacrifices that American servicemen were enduring with increasingly less support from home. Looking back now, it seems as if that was when the media began to change. After all, if one stayed at university, one did not have to be drafted for service. Unfortunately, this put the idea into  many young people’s heads that the combination of middle class status and intelligence became synonymous with peace whilst being poor and notionally unintelligent was associated with military service. Of course, that is far from the truth, however, it shows the power of the media. Beware of propaganda!

UPDATE HERE WITH PHOTO: Woman makes obscene gesture at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery. Hmm.

The American military swear an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, not a President. This is important to remember. Heaven only knows what sort of oath Obama’s civilian army — Americorps — takes.

The American military fight to uphold the Constitution and freedom.  What follows is a poem by a United States Marine Corps chaplain. With Thanksgiving coming up in a couple of days it is worth remembering and communicating to younger family members whilst praying for American servicemen and women wherever they are in the world:

It is the soldier,
not the President who gives US Democracy.

It is the soldier,
not the Congress who takes Care of US.

It is the soldier,
not the Reporter who has given us Freedom of Press.

It is the soldier,
not the Poet who has given us Freedom of Speech.

It is the soldier,
not the campus [community] Organizer who
has given us the Freedom to Demonstrate.

It is the soldier,
who salutes the flag;
who serves beneath the flag,
and whose coffin is draped by the flag,
that allows the protester to burn the flag.

~ Father Dennis O’Brien, US Marine Corp. Chaplain


All best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving to America’s armed forces, those currently serving as well as their retired comrades.

Our free world would not exist without them. May God bless them today and always.

Earlier this week, I featured a clip the Joe Pyne television show from the 1960s.  Clips from his and William F Buckley’s shows demonstrate why many of today’s Americans over 50 are quite tired of all the leftist antics of the past 45 years.  Today’s clips below demonstrate yet another reason why.  I admire Pyne’s remarkable patience in the first few segments.  Here is a television host who served with the Marines in the Second World War and ended up with a wooden leg because of a rare form of cancer.  Could a war injury have brought it on?

Before the Vietnam War, few men thought of being a draft resister.  Suddenly, in the mid- to late 1960s, there were loads.  People like my late maternal grandfather, also a discreet Joe Pyne fan, couldn’t understand why these guys didn’t sign up.  My paternal grandmother said that agitators must have got to them.  She was angry, too.  Yet, before I get any accusations of my family being ‘right wingers’, let me say that they voted Democrat in every election.  Today, searching for that ‘D’ on the ballot can be ill-advised.

This show is from 1965.Watch Joe Pyne patiently explain, beginning halfway through this first segment, to Stanley Kohls how the Viet Cong bombed villages without warning and why the South Vietnamese leader at the time was a good one:  ‘Why else would 1 million people migrate there from the North?’  Right or wrong, you decide.  But, hear him out — and wait until the end of the post …

Kohls mentions Bertrand Russell as an inspiration at the 3:17 mark, but Pyne is right on top of it:

The audience weigh in on Kohls.  At 1:54 a woman lets him have it.  Kohls gets hostile (notice his mention of the Manchester Guardian!) and Pyne’s patience begins to wear thin:

Compare and contrast the views of the audience members and Pyne against Kohls’s progressive talking points, the same ones we hear today (at the time this was filmed, there had been a draft since time immemorial — no volunteers or Selective Service as there is today):

But this next one is the kicker — a Hungarian immigrant totally dismantles Kohls, going so far as to suggest that he leaves the United States.  Kohls, citing an article in the Saturday Evening Post, replies that Hungary in the mid-1960s was freer and more democratic than before.  (Yuri Bezmenov’s propagandists must have been excellent back in those days.)  The Hungarian looks on in bemusement:

You may wonder what happened to Kohls.  Here he is in living colour, a proud atheist (note the Che t-shirt!):

To which P G Wodehouse’s Bertie Wooster probably would have said, ‘Say no more, Jeeves.  Say no more.’

Indeed, sir. 

I do wonder, however, if Kohls ever revealed his atheism to the Friends (Quakers) organisation with which he wanted to work.

For more information on Joe Pyne, read:

Tulsa TV memories

Classic Television Showbiz

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