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Although President Trump has been roundly criticised for meeting with President Putin, this meeting is important for world peace.

Remember that those criticising it are afraid of the intel Putin told — and gave — to Trump.

The Gateway Pundit has more on outrage from frightened Democrats (emphasis in the original):

Mueller, Rosenstein, Obama, the Clintons and many more have questionable actions in the past related to Russia. These people do not want Trump to obtain evidence of their sordid actions with Russia. They are trying to prevent Trump from meeting Putin and finding out.

Uranium One is but one example:

No doubt Putin and Trump discussed the ‘Russian hack’ — more like an inside leak — of the Democratic National Committee’s emails. On that subject:

At least one anti-Trump Republican chimed in, too:

As did Bush II’s CIA director, Michael Hayden:

Putin has been observing all the reaction, as he explained in a talk about the summit on July 19. The following video is subtitled. ‘Going off script’, he says that the ‘forces’ are Americans with ‘political ambitions’. Enough said:

The meeting, as all between the US and Russia have been in the past, was one of global importance:

Before Helsinki 2018 on Monday, July 16:

Despite a small protest going on outside, inside Finland’s Presidential Palace, things went to plan, including Trump’s characteristic handshake:

It is bound to produce positive long-term results:

Affirmation for President Trump came from Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky):

And from best-selling author and film producer Larry Schweikart:

And from Dilbert’s Scott Adams:

And actor James Woods:

Rep. Diane Black (R-Tennessee) took exception to media reports of Trump’s ‘weakness’:

Trump also received support from the Australian prime minister:

Independent journalist Michael Tracey observed that diplomacy involves a certain amount of flattery. In 2009, it came from Obama, but no one objected:

And what about this from 2012, when Obama said he ‘would have more flexibility after the election’?

PJ Media’s Roger Simon contrasted Trump with Obama (emphases mine below):

The bad cop part is what Trump actually does concretely — and, as Putin certainly knows, this is far more important than photo ops and press conferences with all the attendant words.  Trump’s actions vis-a-vis Russia have been considerably more stringent than his predecessor’s — opening the energy spigots, increasing sanctions, arming the Ukrainians, ejecting 60 Russian agents, etc.  As Walter Russell Mead pointed out, if Trump is in Putin’s pocket, he’s doing a terrible job of it.

Barack Obama — although the New York Times would burn down its own building rather than admit it — did an abysmal job with Putin and was indeed the one who was truly “owned” by the Russian.  And it wasn’t just the silly reset button and the embarrassing video of Barack whispering into Medvedev’s ear to tell Vlad he — Barack — would be more flexible on missiles after the election.  (What a toady!)  Even worse, in his Chamberlainesque ardor to make a deal with Iran’s mullahs, Obama let Putin play him in Syria, agreeing not to honor his redline against Assad’s use of chemical weapons in order not to endanger the  deal.  Trump never did anything nearly that pathetic.  Actually, he stands up strong.

Furthermore, other previous presidents had a jolly time with Putin — and no one cared:

Check out Buzzfeed‘s The 25 Biggest Bromance Moments Between George W Bush and Vladimir Putin. Remember this one? Emphasis in the original:

12. When Bush invited Putin to his home in Maine for a ‘lobster summit.’

And Kennebunkport welcomed him with open arms.

In fact, until Trump, the only president in recent years to be criticised for meeting with a Russian leader was Ronald Reagan:

In closing:

Good things will come from this meeting — better than from any previous president.


A 20-year old self-described financier and Trump supporter recently posted an excellent tweet of eight Time cover pages:

His tweet got this response:

Of course, an anti-Trumper tweeted:

I bet you can’t produce a date or the group that conducted this poll….

It was easy enough to find the source — a July 2, 2014 USA Today article by David Jackson, ‘Poll: Obama “worst president” since World War II’. This was the reality of the situation four years ago (emphases mine below):

In a new Quinnipiac University Poll, 33% named Obama the worst president since World War II, and 28% put Bush at the bottom of post-war presidents.

“Over the span of 69 years of American history and 12 presidencies, President Barack Obama finds himself with President George W. Bush at the bottom of the popularity barrel,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.


Obama received only 8% in the best presidents poll.

The Quinnipiac poll also reports that 45% believe the nation would be better off had Mitt Romney defeated Obama in the 2012 presidential election; 38% say the country would be worse off with a Romney presidency.

The media purposely mislead people. It’s high time we stopped believing their propaganda.

Incidentally, if you missed my post on the ties intelligence agencies have with journalists, please do read it.

On Tuesday, November 29, Donald Trump took Mitt Romney and Chief of Staff (and GOP chairman) Reince Priebus to dinner.

They dined at Jean Georges (Vongerichten) in the Trump International at 1 Central Park West.

A word of explanation is in order for my overseas readers. Mitt was one of the top people in the NeverTrump movement. He was never on board with Trump’s candidacy and made it known publicly in no uncertain terms. Now that Trump is forming a cabinet, he has been meeting with Mitt. The Secretary of State position is rumoured, but Trump said he would also be meeting with other hopefuls.

Conservative blogs are exploding with ‘Never Mitt!’ but Trump enjoys his negotiations and bringing people together. Big Media won’t tell you that, but it’s true, and it’s one of the reasons why he won on November 8.

For those reasons, this dinner attracted more Big Media tweets and videos than one could reasonably expect. The times might be off on the tweets below (because I’m reproducing them), so I’ve put everything in chronological order from the time stamps I’m viewing. The original time stamps show up when you click on the tweet.

The three arrive for dinner. Everyone applauds (5:32 p.m.):

Several minutes later (5:47):

Then (5:54):

A short time later (6:10):

Here’s the Jean Georges menu. Three courses for $128. Each Caviar Creation has a $40 supplement.

What they ordered:

Big Media grab a video. Trump doesn’t look too happy:

Here’s an interesting photo collage (courtesy of The_Donald). Trump’s enjoying this on several levels.  Not so sure about Romney, but, then, he lost in his presidential bid in 2012, so he is unaccustomed to being filmed and photographed at dinner:







Afterwards, Mitt spoke to the media (7:50 p.m.):

He did not answer any questions:


I think Trump’s overriding message — in the nicest of ways — was, ‘It’s my party now.’ That partly explains Reince’s presence. Also, a third person is a witness to a conversation between two people, in this case, Trump and Mitt.

This is an exciting time for the Republican Party. Trump injected a lot of life and young blood into it through his voters. Reddit’s The_Donald — a youthful and enthusiastic, if somewhat salty, news site — is testament to this new unity among Americans of all ages, creeds and circumstances. Everyone is welcome there. What’s more, they’re always first with news and analysis. Most have no party affiliation, but they are 100% behind Donald Trump.

Onwards and upwards, Republicans! This is the first time in decades you’ve got the wind in your sails! Carpe diem!

The next four years will be fascinating!

Who on earth would eat their own?

Yet, that is precisely what the GOPe(lite) are doing.

A group of men criticising Donald Trump for an 11-year-old private conversation and putting a lame GOPe plot into play whereby holier-than-thou hypocrites disavow their own candidate.

These men, including Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Jeb! Bush, are losers. They never supported Trump in the first place. They got on board post-convention but were looking for any excuse to get off the Trump Train. Here is a full list.

Billy Bush, incidentally, is a cousin of Jeb! and Bush 43. NBC have suspended him from the Today show because of the tape.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Americans who haven’t voted in years are supporting Donald Trump. So are an enthusiastic group of young adults like those at The_Donald (language alert). Breitbart and Alex Jones have teams of young, edgy, enthusiastic reporters who support liberty, freedom and transparency.

James Taranto has an excellent round up of the GOPe’s folly in the Wall Street Journal. He concludes:

We can’t fault Republican politicians who find Trump’s comments repugnant or who worry about their political fallout. But how can a party function, or even survive, if its leaders are at odds with its voters?

Trump’s behavior has often exacerbated that divide, but his nomination was primarily an effect of it. A plurality of Republican voters rejected the conventional GOP candidates—a majority if you consider Cruz to be, in his own way, an unconventional candidate. Some Nevertrump commentators have been forthright in blaming the voters for the party’s current predicament. If the politicians adopt that approach, they won’t have a party for long.

One of Taranto’s readers, Martin Soy, responded with this incredibly accurate assessment (emphases mine):

The Nevertrump Republicans look upon Trump supporters as something that they should scrape off the sole of their shoe.  

From a business analogy, you have a brand that is not gathering market share (Republican POTUS candidates), and you discover a whole new group of customers looking for a product (Trump supporters).  Now, as I understand it, in business, you figure out what your potential customers want, and configure your brand to get them to buy it.  You don’t tell them to get lost, which is what the Nevertrumpers want to do.  As JT said in July, and reiterated today, the Republican party is never going to be the same after this election. The Republican leadership can be on the bus, or under it. 

It is unbelievable. Trump has given that silly party a once-in-a-generation gift and these guys are throwing it away!

He’s the best candidate they’ve had since Ronald Reagan and is bringing in a load of voter support from disaffected Democrats, not to mention independents.

Until the weekend, most Trump supporters were going to vote Republican down ticket. 

A lot are now discussing voting for Trump only or for him and anyone but a Republican on the rest of the ballot.

I’m not sure that is a good idea. The US hardly needs more elected Democrats, but, in the end, this is what Republican party leaders have brought upon themselves.

I hope Trump wins, because I would like to see him reshape the Republican Party in a way that will last for many years to come. It could do with a top-down cleaning. These guys must go.

POSTSCRIPT — For those who want to discuss morality, here is another WSJ comment. Jeff Pitzen writes:

Person A: Invited a woman to a hotel room “suggested meeting” as an excuse, then proceeded to r@pe her, and at one point biting her lip.  Had a State trooper “procure” willing women for adulterous purposes, at least ONE of which refused his advances.  Had a 12 year AFFAIR with another.  In the spirit of keeping this short, while he occupied the highest office, often referred to the most Powerful Man in the World, used his position to s3xually harrass and obtain s3xual favors from a young woman who worked for him.

Person B:  Has had multiple affairs (these, we’re told by Democrats, are of a personal nature and none of our business).  To my knowledge, has yet to be accused, by anyone, of s3xual assault. 

Precisely. Here are two revered Democrats, Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton:

Why do people around the world respect these guys yet denigrate Trump?

(I’d be delighted to give credit to someone for their excellent graphic. However, it’s been doing the rounds on the Internet anonymously.)

It should be clear by now that the mainstream media (MSM) have been pushing memes as to how Obama won a second term in office.

I find it curious that people who normally disregard the MSM now believe them when they say that fewer voters came out in favour of Romney than for McCain. Check Breitbart for six election day citizen’s journalism pieces which show that, from dawn to dusk, there were queues nationwide. (Read reports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.) It seems unlikely that these were for Obama, especially when a) ‘broken glass’ Republicans and independents were going out to vote and b) Romney rallies consistently had at least 10 times the number of people in attendance over Obama’s.

The other strange thing is how Romney’s Electoral College projections were 10 votes ahead of Obama’s until the early hours of the morning (UK time) and, suddenly, everything flipped to Obama.  That was it for Romney.

When did Obama and his team ever believe he could win anything without cheating or intimidation? In 2008, it was by intimidating Hillary Clinton’s delegates to give their votes to his candidacy prior to the Democratic National Convention. Yet, Hillary had more popular caucus votes than he. (See We Will Not Be Silenced. The episodes are available here.)

Earlier, back in Illinois in 2004, he and his team smeared GOP opponent Jack Ryan (by getting Ryan’s divorce records unsealed — ironic) then the Roman Catholic beliefs of his subsequent opponent Alan Keyes; Obama won the race for US Senator that year based not on any policy differences but through a dirty campaign. Eight years before, in 1996, Obama managed to push all his Democratic opponents off the primary list — including his own mentor Senator Alice Palmer — leaving him unopposed in his own party and victorious in a heavily leftist district.

Even in 2008, Obama’s team didn’t seem to mind voter intimidation going on in cities like Philadelphia.

There is also another angle. I have read in several places that Obama had no acceptance speech planned. Romney had no concession speech. This opens up the possibility that people behind the scenes had a vote flipping operation put into place. Of course, one name always pops up in the picture, although there are no doubt more who would like to see the United States reduced to serfdom by a bunch of feral neo-Bolsheviks.

Before I go further into vote flipping, I would like to share other reactions from around the web, some of which are from Hillary’s PUMAs — the last comment coming from an immigrant who later became an American citizen (emphases mine):

The GOP — and Romney/Ryan — had to fight the media as well as the Dems (The Right Sphere):

Small, petty politics won. More specifically, our inability to combat small petty, politics won. We are an ideological movement. We have principles we hold on to. The left simply does not. They hold no truths to be self-evident. They have no moral compass. They will lie, cheat, and steal for their movement. We will not.

What won last night was marketing. What won last night were communications strategies. Our ideology didn’t lose. Our ideology was never heard. It was drowned out by a media more focused on gotchas and Big Bird and binders and feeding a narrative created by the masters of marketing: Obama For America. The media won’t allow an ideological battle because every time they do, they lose …

So stop the finger pointing. Stop the “I told you sos.” WE didn’t lose the election. Marketing WON the election. And we’d better figure out how to outdo the marketing machine fast or it is really really over.

The possibility of collusion between pollsters, media, the Democratic National Committee, then a behind-the-scenes vote flip which would enable a palatable anti-GOP rationale for Romney’s loss to be presented to the public. From PUMAs:

wyntyre: I believe I am right about the impossible numbers. Just an hour or so before Florida started leaning for [Obama] one of the biggest [Obama fans] out there, Chuck Todd, said BOTH parties expected Florida to go for MR. Even the pollsters have been saying that for months. The media was complicit in the POS’s victory. It has been obvious from day one, when [ABC’s George] Stephonapoulos brought up contraception at the January primary debate. This was all coordinated. And covert I do not believe Mitt did not take Florida.

Erica: It does seem fishy to me, too. All the indicators you mentioned were there, and then the blowout for O. I don’t trust his Chicago machine and am starting to believe we’ll never have a fair election in this country again.

gxm17: Everyone in my family who voted for Obama absolutely believed that Romney would win. That’s sure what it *felt* like. That’s where the energy was coming from. I didn’t see any excitement or energy coming from ObamaNation, only fear and anger. Now they are giddy with relief. And they don’t even see the blood on their hands. Ah, ignorance is bliss!

angienc: [Mitt] wasn’t prepared for the massive cheating – the MSM is pretending it is because DailyKos/SEIU poll, PPP & Nate Silver were “right” (and all the other polls were wrong) but that’s the cover story (and unfortunately people on the right are falling for it too).

Obama lost almost 10 million votes [compared with] 2008 yet lost almost NONE of his votes in the important swing states.

Nothing fishy there at all.

votermom: I was born in a dictatorship that was nominally “democratic.” The President, under international (ahem USA) pressure, would hold elections. There would be massive  crowds for the opposition challenger, than mysteriously the results would show overwhelming votes for the dictator. He never officially lost an election. The media would always cover this up for him – never criticized him.

I saw the crowds for Mitt Romney. I saw the handfuls of diehards for Obama. I saw the poll skewing – Obama needed to exceed  2008 turnout to break even with Romney. Did Obama exceed 2008 turnout? No he did not. Obama lost 9 Million voters! But in the key battleground states, he got more votes than Mitt Romney. Somehow Obama voters in battleground states were more pumped than ever to vote for Obama?

I’m not the only one whose spidey sense is tingling. These are not  plausible numbers, these are 3rd world dictatorship … election numbers

To clarify my hypothesis of vote flipping, only a few people in the background could know about it. Otherwise, the secret risked exposure. I do not believe that Obama knew, because he appeared as surprised as Mitt Romney did. This action was done independently of Obama and most of his water carriers, even though they had hoped for this result. I believe that what people saw on the ground with voter irregularity and intimidation was but a small part of the hypothetical vote flipping.

Historically, improved technology has improved the potential for vote flipping. Most states now use electronic machines with a touchscreen facility or a vote scanner. Devvy Kidd went back into the archives to find out how these machines work and why they are a risk to the democratic process, a brief excerpt of which follows:

Dr. O’Halloran … confirmed by contacting Doubleday Publishing of Kalamzaoo, Michigan which sells the GES “Accu-Vote system, “A programming technician matter-of-factly told me that there are modems inside each of the vote counting computers which are used to transfer results from dozens of precincts to computer counting computers. They talk between modems. There is a modem between each computer unit.” This means the voting counting computers can talk to a central computer mainframe and are vulnerable to outside access. Dr.O’Halloran went on to say, “The Doubleday technician explained that special command cards can be inserted into the machine to tell the precinct computer to call the central computer with results. According the technicians, “You have to program the phone number into the card, the card accesses the modem and the card tells it to dial into the central computer. To close the election you slide the ‘ender-card’ – like a special ballot – which has certain codes on it and tells it to lock up the election.”

GES isn’t the only manufacturer of these internal modems. Dr. O’Halloran further investigated a Florida based company, Optech, and found the following on its web site: “Modem communications and results transfer capability from the precinct with the OPTECH III-P Eagle and regional accumulation with the Smart Pack Receiving System.” This alarmed O’Halloran because “the presence of an internal (hidden) modem which could allow outside access to the computer without anyone’s knowledge.” At that point, Dr. O’Halloran contacted Ronnie Dugger, author of a highly acclaimed November 1997 article in New Yorker about computerized election fraud. For those who are interested, you can read one of Dugger’s articles here; another detailed article on vote rigging via these insidious machines is here.

A modem in an election computer would be highly suspect,” Dr. O’Halloran quoted Dugger. “You can’t insulate a computer from outside communication if you have a modem in it. There would be a sub-routine (in the source-code) program which would cause the results being turned into the central computer to be phoned to you too, so that you could find out how many votes you needed to steal the election.”

A number of electronic machines used in the United States for last week’s election came from Smartmatic, a Venezuelan company which, in 2005, bought the American company which makes the machines — Sequoia Voting Systems. This CNN video tells us that when Chicago used these in an earlier election, Venezuelan technicians were on hand to rectify any problems.

The Sequoia/Smartmatic machines, not surprisingly, use their own (proprietary) software. This makes it nearly impossible to discern whether their voting systems are tamper-proof. These machines cannot be audited. Furthermore, the foreign ownership of the voting machines raises the question as to foreign ownership of American elections.

‘Venezuela? Hugo Chavez?’ Funny you should ask. These machines were used in the country’s 2004 recall election. Some experts, the video says, allege that the machines were ‘manipulated’ in order to give strongman Hugo Chavez a victory when he was widely expected to lose. Yet, the day after the election, Chavez declared victory with 59% of the vote. One of Chavez’s ministers sat on the board of Smartmatic. A year later, Smartmatic purchased Sequoia. The rest, as they say, is history.

And, let us not forget that many of the votes were tabulated at the top level by SCYTL, a company based in Barcelona (Spain!).

We might never know what happened this year, but what all conservatives and small ‘l’ libertarians can do is keep pushing the message of integrity, God-given rights, success and autonomy for oneself and one’s family. It is to be hoped that four years from now — God willing, although anything is possible now — that Americans will have tired of a celebrity president and his policies:

While both candidates are controlled by the big banks, Romney would have slowly eased in their takeover. However, you have voted for their quick takeover – which will hit you like a ton of bricks. Since Congress has not changed, Obama will rule solely via Executive Orders, which will complete the shredding of the Constitution. As Obama closes down 1000 coal powered power stations and we’re forced to buy electricity from dirty plants in Mexico, get ready for your power and all other bills to go through the roof. Enjoy!


On November 14, 2012, the RNC finally decided to help Lt Col Allen West contest election results in Florida. West is currently a congressman for his district and objects to the apparent vote fraud which occurred there, particularly in St Lucie County. The Florida Secretary of State, happily, is sending three auditors there to investigate vote tabulation.

Many occurrences of voter intimidation and machine anomalies have occurred. Barack Obama Voter Fraud is one site compiling various incidents from around the nation. WND has more, including one story about a voting machine technician from suburban Chicago who said that, on one touchscreen machine, a Romney vote gave an error message of ‘voter save failure’, which happened to him when he cast his own vote. The man said that the precinct worker on duty told him to ‘assume’ the vote registered for Romney. The technician asked to vote on another machine.

If you are interested in writing to your Secretary of State to dispute election tallies, visit The Competent Conservative for relevant contact details.  Election results have not yet been certified, but time is running out.


UPDATE — MONDAY, AUGUST 1, 2016: In an interview today with Alex Jones, Joel Skousen — political scientist, conservative commentator and retired US Marine fighter pilot — said that 2012 was the first year where election results were tabulated at the national level. They were counted at the state level, then sent to national level. Given the lengthy queues outside polling stations from early morning to late evening, it is highly possible that several million votes could have been shaved off so that Obama appeared to be the winner. If any state had objected, the officials at national level could have said that they tabulated what was submitted by that particular state. It would have been impossible to trace. This new national tabulation system is likely to be in place again in 2016.

If you are interested in knowing how votes can be flipped electronically, this 11-minute video is useful:

End of series on America’s 2012 elections – find the rest on my Marxism/Communism page

It seems to me as if Mitt Romney’s ‘loss’ could well have been a fix.

Now, there are many religious Americans who have said that it is God’s plan. Quite possibly, however, consider the following:

1/ Reading Kevin DuJan’s HillBuzz commenters’ first-hand reports of queues at polling stations around the country and, prior to that, the newspaper accounts of 10,000 to 20,000+ people attending Mitt Romney’s rallies (e.g. Red Rocks, Colorado and Defiance, Ohio), there is no way that a) Romney lacked public support and b) the voting numbers were below that of 2008. In fact, I fully expected news stories to appear on Wednesday, November 7, saying that the US had a record voter turnout. I believe there was a record GOP turnout.

2/ Astute observers will have read Lame Cherry‘s and Ulsterman‘s White House Insider warnings that the election could be stolen. They posted their warnings well in advance of Election Day. Here are excerpts from their follow-up observations (emphases mine).

a) Lame Cherry:

This is all Scytl, SOE and … electronic voting machine. As I warned you, this is now legitimized … Romney knows completely what was done and he like this entire treacherous lot will say nothing to reveal any of this …

The numbers said it all. Mitt Romney won the election fairly, but as this blog reported months ago, Obama could still steal it. Obama did just that and each of you was fed the hope that trusting in elections it would save you, so that you would not go into revolution.

You will be told now to wait until 2014 and trust in that. This is all scripted

b) The Ulsterman Report’s White House Insider:

WHI: … I’m going over the #s. State by state. County by county. Had all of that lined up a week ago and it was looking so good for us. Last night not adding up. A major shift in the final hours or some serious anomalies in the actual vote counts. Voter turn out was depressed for both sides. All prior evidence states otherwise. How is that possible? Don’t know. At this point not worth discussing because I don’t have an answer for you so don’t ask. This is … Venezuela we got here.

Is what it is for now though. Shut up. Move on.

You want me to say I was wrong? Fine. I was wrong. But I said they could steal it. And that is what might have happened. But to pull that off in so many states, would mean they got help. Talking from both sides here. Get it? Republicans. And that is scary. If we are that far gone, what the hell are we to do about that? We need a major reset in America if that is the case. We don’t … deserve America anymore.  When those Senators dropped Benghazi I got real worried real fast.  It felt like a deal had been made.  And the CBS [stuff].  Talk about a media scandal of epic … proportions.  But nobody is pushing it …  I’ll say it again.  BOTH SIDES.  Get it?  I know localized fraud.  But a multiple state millions of votes level of fraud?  To pull that off would be incredibly risky and would require help from the apparent opposition side.  And I don’t really want to go there right now.  Too scary


1/ By all means, continue to vote in every election and get your friends down to the polling station as well. However, do not be too shocked if the vote does not turn out the way it should. Conservatives staying at home on election day serve only to depress the GOP vote. Don’t let it happen.

2/ There are big government people from the Democrat and, it would seem, the Republican parties who want to maintain the status quo and/or root the US in Marxism. Whilst I can understand why the Democrats would want to do that, why the GOP would is puzzling. This time around Utah’s Mia Love — a candidate for liberty — lost her re-election bid. So did Allen West in Florida. I am pleased that Lt Col West is contesting the result.

3/ Resist the urge to cannibalise conservative candidates when they lose. Within hours of Romney’s gracious concession speech, Americans started to rip his campaign apart. Among the criticisms was his silence on Benghazi. Right now, no one really knows what happened there except for those immediately involved. I do not believe that Romney was in a position to go on the offensive on this subject, as much as we would like to have seen it. The man is not stupid, so he resisted bringing up the subject for a reason.

4/ Beware of false flags and decoy arguments. This ties in partly with point 3 above. Another GOP target of abuse is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who looked chummy in the photo-op with Obama in the days following Hurricane Sandy. Christie did what he did for reasons known only to him. I suspect he, rightly, wanted to make sure that his state got the FEMA help it needed. Whatever the reason, forget about him. He had very little to do with Romney. The Left and their pals in the media enjoy these diversions because each one helps to erode the Republican Party and the conservative base. Yes, the GOP has some cleanup to do but the Dems are far from saintly.

5/ Refuse to be engaged in a passive ‘Christian’ view of things. A number of Christians are willing the days from the Book of Revelation. However, our Lord told us that no one knows when those days are, so, instead do what you can to regain liberty and support American values. Some Christians are eager to see America’s destruction. They think they will be either raptured beforehand or be able to sit comfortably on the sidelines at home watching telly whilst the world unravels. If so, they would do well to prepare themselves for resettlement, gulags, death and everything else that goes along with that scenario. They would be well advised to be careful what they wish for.

In conclusion, Mitt Romney’s and Paul Ryan’s plan for America was not what the powers that be want. They would have rolled back the state, which does not seem to be part of the grand plan. We should bear in mind that the fix was in and live with the ‘defeat’. But, let’s not give up the battle for God-given freedoms.

It was most heartening to see photos and read from people who stood in the voting queues for an hour or two at a time, especially early in the morning. Thank you!

Finally, I have been reading many comments elsewhere from people who would like to write to the GOP presidential ticket candidates and thank them for their stellar campaign. Perhaps some of you do, too. The simplest way is to address envelopes as follows: Mitt Romney, Belmont, MA 02478 and Paul Ryan, Janesville, WI 53546.

Onwards and upwards. As Mitt said, ‘Clear eyes. Full heart. Can’t fail’.

A week ago at this time, many of us were hopeful for America’s future — the first time in four years.

As it transpired, the election result, whilst close in the popular vote with a 2.2% difference, looked stark in projected Electoral College votes: 303 (Obama) to 206 (Romney).

Much media soul searching has gone on between Wednesday morning and now, but this election wasn’t about image or message. It carried much deeper implications.

Whilst reading my favourite political blogs last week, two readers’ comments stood out for me. Both explained the wider implications of the result. I hope that their authors do not mind my sharing excerpts of them with you.

The first comes from an immigrant who commented on a post at The Ulsterman Report. I have left the spelling and syntax as in the original (emphases mine):

I have seen this one before in my life and left my country of origin anticipating exactly what has happen there since.

I am glad to have live in America because I experienced freedom at least for a while in my life

Not adding up with the results. I think a close look comparing the results in counties controlled by different voting machines will tell the tale.

So here we go marching towards a cliff …

For now there is a big sadness in my soul.

As there will not be any Benghazi, any empeachment, any fast n furious. They will all disapear from the radar. They will be burry by the press even more than now.

We did not get the Senate back …

Sad, so sad. And afraid of the future

… I need to think about what it all means for me personnaly. This game just became extremely dangerous.

And from a reader at the PUMA blog No Quarter:

This was, as it should have been, the most important election of our lifetimes and a distinct choice

The re-election of Obama stands for a system of government that the majority of people in this country want, have had, and want to see fulfilled.

Here are two forms of government:

1. A system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and a single party holds power; state controls business ownership. Ownership of property or capital while claiming to make progress toward a higher social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people.

2. A state in which the powers of the central government are restricted and in which the states, retain a degree of self government, and ultimate sovereign power rests with the People.

The latter was the system of government created by the founders of our country and was inscribed in the U.S. Constitution. The former has become the system of government we have increasingly lived with since the New Deal …

Obama unabashedly said he sought to redistribute wealth, that individuals did not create their own success, and that the central government was best to run our economic and social institutions.

this was a course first set during the Great Depression where that generation accepted a new direction for the United States which was to have the central government take care of our problems and make life easier for us. It was based on policies that FDR’s advisors saw in communist Russia and thought would work for us. FDR was the Barack Obama of his time.

FDR got re-elected by creating divisions in this country and enticing groups to become reliant on government and therefore on him. Obama has done the same. The New Deal never resolved the economic depression and in fact extended it so that it became the new norm. Obama has done the same.

That path was never reversed by the baby boomers and was instead enlarged by Lyndon Johnson and then by Bill Clinton. For all the folklore, Ronald Reagan did little or nothing to make a dent in that inevitable trajectory.

Obama is just finishing the job and over the next 4 years Americans will realize their federal republic is no more and will learn to live and accept the socialism with an [in]evitable path toward communism brought by Obama.

Nixon defeated LBJ/Humphrey because of foreign policy (Vietnam) – not because of domestic issues. The same with Reagan over Carter. While the phrases may have been poetic, Carter lost because of foreign policy (Iran hostage crisis). And George W. Bush won because Al Gore was a jerk (and still is) and not for any policy reasons.

This may have been a close election but there can no longer be any dispute that the majority of Americans want government to control our economic and social institutions. There are still states who still seek a federal republic but they are growing smaller with increasing population of people who want government reliance.

In the end our financial systems will be heavily controlled by government which will limit capital risk which will continue the stagnant growth as well as place limits on entrepreneurialism. Our religious institutions will be subject to government mandates that may step on religious freedom but under Obama the Bill of Rights has been treated as a pesky impediment to his goals. Our judicial system has already been corrupted to empower the executive branch’s goals. Our education system will be completely controlled by the federal government and we will, within a few years, have a fully nationalized healthcare system that will severely reduce our quality of care. And as far as the fourth estate, we have already seen that they are and will remain a tool of socialism.

Beginning with the New Deal th[e] people of this country have chosen a path toward collectivism and away from individualism

This is what our country is now and it is something that will not be reversed – certainly not in our lifetime.

This election solidified the fact that this is not and never again will be the United States that the founding fathers created. The next four years under Obama will cement that.

It is often said that we get the leaders we deserve. A year and a half ago, I wrote that, in order to rectify our churches, society and government, we would need to lead more orderly lives.

One thing I noticed this election cycle were the numbers of politically involved yet lapsed Christians who have been returning to prayer over the past few months. Mitt Romney’s good personal example and clean campaign partly inspired them. Like many others who watched the debates, I shall not quickly forget the Romney family on the dais together afterward: the love and devotion they have for each other which has extended not only to their friends and associates but also generously to strangers.

In the dark days to follow, may more Americans find themselves in continuing prayer, repentance and humililty. One by one, they will find they can take their country back in time. Also something we Europeans — as well as Antipodeans — would do well to consider.

This picture of Democrats for Romney comes via The Ulsterman Report.

A message to my American readers: please be sure to go vote today. Your country depends on your support. Please do not fall for any nonsense like this — a false, early declaration of an Obama win. Get out there and keep up the momentum.

If you intend to vote Romney / Ryan and find that Obama / Biden show up as your selection, please alert the election official immediately.

Onwards and upwards for the survival of the Great Republic, the United States of America.

May God bless her — today and always. Please pray for her safety today.

Clear eyes. Full heart. Can’t fail.

Last week, Mitt Romney created a storm in the leftist media by starting a collection for victims of Hurricane Sandy. has the tweets from outraged newscasters and pundits, which you can read at your leisure. Of this rancid commentary, the Twitchy staff say (irony alert):

… when the Romney campaign decided to buy $5,000 worth of peanut butter, canned goods and diapers to kick-start a storm relief event in Kettering, Ohio, yesterday, it didn’t take long for people to label the move “sickening,” a “great lie” and a case of “fraud.” What’s so wrong with donating food and diapers? Plenty (if Barack Obama doesn’t do it, that is).

… Sure, the Red Cross begrudgingly says it’s thankful for the effort, but just send money next time. More money, though. Heck, Romney’s campaign is practically doing more damage than Sandy by donating food. Some people are allergic to peanut butter, you monster …

Will Romney ever see the light and realize that a truly caring person would hand out taxpayer-funded cell phones and food stamps?

Mitt’s has been a humanitarian his entire adult life. When he began making money the old-fashioned way — by earning it — he was able to help others in a big way. Sure, he donates millions in charitable giving every year, but, in addition to that, also takes time to help others in a highly personal way.

It’s hard to know where to start with all the examples, and what follows are a few. Click on the various links to find out more.

Kevin DuJan at Hillbuzz summarised the story of Mr and Mrs Prewitt who bought Romney’s Park City, Utah, home in 2009. The Romneys had lived there whilst Mitt rescued the 2002 Winter Olympics, ensuring it ran to plan within budget. Bear in mind that the Prewitts had never met Romney. This is part of their house-buying account (emphases mine):

His family lived in this home for about ten years. Because our deal included most of the contents, we gained a unique and unusual perspective of him and his family of which most Americans are completely unaware. What we experienced was not what we expected–not the stereotypical actions of a millionaire and more importantly not the image most Americans have of Mitt Romney.

When most of us buy a home, the real estate agent or seller hands over the keys at closing and then as buyers, we are on our own. Not this time. We met Mitt Romney by himself at the house. He spent as much time as we needed showing us around, answering our questions and explaining how to use and service the home’s equipment. And when he was done, he gave us his direct contact information should we have problems.

To move, if we can afford the cost, most of us would hire movers with a team of workers. To save money, many of us are the do-it-our-selves types. Which did Mitt Romney do? Like many of us, on his own he rented a six-wheel truck and moved himself … Mitt moved his family’s clothes, his family’s photos, his family’s mementos, his grandchildren’s toys. With the help of a friend and family, they loaded the truck. Then, after answering all our questions, Mitt Romney said his goodbyes, climbed into the truck, and began the long drive to his new home by himself. The Romney Park City home, which they designed and built, and its contents had much to say. Having raised a family of our own, we saw that the home was built with a focus on his family. No swimming pool, tennis court or movie theater. There are no maid, butler, or nanny quarters. Clearly Ann and Mitt raised their kids. No gold faucets, no fancy silverware. The kitchen was simple and typical of an average three-bedroom home, very much like those in which we were raised. We were struck by the discovery that most of the art, furniture, and all the curtains were made in America and many by local craftsmen. Most of the linens were of good quality but not what is found at very high end, exclusive stores. The master bedroom pillows had tags from the average American’s most popular discount store.

In another house-buying story, even the New York Times had to admit that Mitt is a nice guy. In the early 1980s, Mitt made a series of real estate investments in Texas. By the late 1990s, when Mitt saw the property crash, he knew he had to unload his five buy-to-rent houses in the Houston suburbs. Mitt offered his renters the option to buy the houses. Mr and Mrs Stamps were renting one of Mitt’s houses. One day in 1997, Mr Stamps picked up the phone to find Mitt Romney on the other end of the line. Romney asked Stamps if he was interested in buying the house. The latter explained that he’d just been laid off and could not qualify for a mortgage. (Stamps now runs a barber shop.) At that point:

he said he would loan us the money. He really helped us when we needed it

When Mr. Stamps took the call from Mr. Romney, he and his wife, a nurse, had all but given up hope of being able to buy the house they had been renting for five years. Mr. Romney told him it looked like the couple had been taking good care of the property and that “we would be good people to buy it,” said Mr. Stamps.


… for the Stampses, who have been writing $600 monthly checks to “Willard M. Romney” for 15 years, the money they borrowed from him to buy their home in 1997 was life-changing.

Unlike some politicians and multi-millionaires, Mitt has no problems getting his hands dirty. When he campaigned successfully for Massachuetts governor in 2002, he wanted to try doing the most challenging jobs, the ones which keep the Commonwealth moving. In his book No Apology (p. 251), Mitt recounts that he was at one point advised not to give up the day job (photo credit: National Review Online):

During my campaign for governor, I decided to spend a day every few weeks doing the jobs of other people in Massachusetts. Among other jobs, I cooked sausages at Fenway Park, worked on an asphalt paving crew, stacked bales of hay on a farm, volunteered in an emergency room, served food at a nursing home, and worked as a child-care assistant. I’m often asked which was the hardest job – it’s child care, by a mile.

One day I gathered trash as a garbage collector. I stood on that little platform at the back of the truck, holding on as the driver navigated his way through the narrow streets of Boston. As we pulled up to traffic lights, I noticed that the shoppers and businesspeople who were standing only a few feet from me didn’t even see me. It was as if I was invisible. Perhaps it was because a lot of us don’t think garbage men are worthy of notice; I disagree – anyone who works that hard deserves our respect. – I wasn’t a particularly good garbage collector: at one point, after filling the trough at the back of the truck, I pulled the wrong hydraulic lever. Instead of pushing the load into the truck, I dumped it onto the street. Maybe the suits didn’t notice me, but the guys at the construction site sure did: “Nice job, Mitt,” they called. “Why don’t you find an easier job?” And then they good-naturedly came down and helped me pick up my mess.

There are many stories from families whose lives Mitt helped to transform. Mitt knew some of the people personally; others were strangers. The next few examples come from John Hawkins for (citing various sources):

Over the last few months, it has been absolutely stunning to see Mitt Romney, of all people, portrayed as some sort of greedy, ruthless, unfeeling corporate raider who plows over everyone who gets in his way so he can make a few dollars more. Of all the criticisms you could aim at Mitt Romney, there is none that has less validity than that one

1) Mitt Romney saved the life of a 14 year old girl: Imagine what it would be like if we could have this kind of decisive people-centered leadership in the White House..

In 1998 the 14-year-old daughter of one of Romney’s partners at Bain Capital, Robin Gay, had disappeared after attending a rave party in New York City. The distraught father was beside himself with terror of what may have happened to his little girl …

Upon hearing of this, Romney stopped all operations at Bain and flew himself and all of the company’s employees to New York to conduct the search. Using his contacts with establishments in New York that did business with Bain and an outlay of cash, Romney led a search for the girl from a command post he had set up in the LaGuardia Marriott that involved a private detective, Bain employees and customers putting up posters, handing out flyers, and interviewing prostitutes, drug addicts, and other street people in New York, and coordination with the New York Police.

A break came, after media publicity of the search, when a teenage boy called a tip line asking if there was a reward. He hung up, but not before the police traced the call to a home in New Jersey. The girl was found in the basement of the house undergoing withdrawals from a hit of ecstasy.

Romney, through his efforts, had saved the girl’s life.

2) Mitt Romney gave milk to a V.A. hospital: This is the kind of thing Mitt Romney has done for people in need who cross his path.

He shared a story of a V.A. hospital in Boston that Mitt Romney stopped at while on the campaign trail running against Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy had made a thirty minute stop at the same location a couple of weeks prior.

After touring the V.A. hospital, Mitt asked to look at their books. After he spent forty minutes going through their books, he told them, “You run a very good place, very tight. Very good.” Romney asked to go on another tour of the hospital, and after spending an hour and forty minutes there, the last question he asked was, “So what… what do you — what are you lacking? What do you need help with?”

The response? “Milk.”

That Friday, a milkman arrived at the hospital with 7,000 pints of fresh milk. The milkman told the hospital administrator that all he knew was that ‘an anonymous donor’ was responsible for the shipment.

After two years of delivering 7,000 pints of milk a week to the hospital, as the milkman is retiring, the [administrator] finally gets him to reveal the anonymous donor.

It’s Mitt Romney.

Later, as governor of Massachusetts, Romney passed legislation to help the VA hospital.

7) Mitt Romney pays for the college education of two boys who were left as quadr[a]plegics after a car wreck: As you read this, imagine how you’d feel about Mitt Romney if you were Mark and Sheryl Nixon. Americans would be fortunate to have someone like Mitt Romney doing his best to try to help them.

Mark and Sheryl Nixon, along with their sons Reed and Rob and their daughter Natalie, told of a car accident that left Reed and Rob quadr[a]plegics. Although the Nixon family knew of Romney and Romney had served as their Mormon stake president, they weren’t well acquainted.

Reed and Rob returned home from rehab in the late fall, near Christmas, Mark said. Around that time, Romney called and said he’d like to do something for the two boys. So Romney, his wife Ann, and three of their sons brought Christmas gifts to the family.

While Romney later offered to pay for Reed and Rob’s entire college education, that Christmas Eve visit stands out in Mark’s mind, he said, because instead of vacationing in Utah, New England or the Caribbean, the Romney family was visiting the needy.

“That actually, to me, has been more important to me than the financial help he gave,” Mark said.

After the initial experience of showing up, he didn’t check that off his list and say, ‘I did my duty,'” Natalie added. “He has, year after year, shown up at 5K races to run the event and participate.”

And there are many more stories, among them, this selection compiled by Deroy Murdock for National Review Online:

After Joey O’Donnell, 12, died of cystic fibrosis in 1986, Romney built a playground in his honor. “There he was, with a hammer in his belt, the Mitt nobody sees,” the boy’s father and Romney’s neighbor, Joseph O’Donnell, told Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, authors of The Real Romney. A year later, Joey’s Park needed maintenance. “The next thing I know, my wife calls me up and says, ‘You’re not going to believe this, but Mitt Romney is down with a bunch of Boy Scouts and they’re working on the park.’ . . . He did it for like the next five years, without ever calling to say, ‘We’re doing this,’ without a reporter in tow, not looking for any credit.”

On a chilly December night in the 1980s, a Mormon bishop told Romney about a parishioner’s daughter. This single mom, a non-church member, was shivering after her heating oil had been shut off. Romney and his sons stuffed their Gran Torino with firewood, drove from Boston’s affluent Belmont suburb to the modest Dorchester district, unloaded the logs, and built a fire for the relieved family.

Ellen Hummel’s father worked with Romney at Bain Capital, but died when she was just 5. She later asked Romney to help her attend Columbia Medical School. He loaned her tuition money. Just before graduation, Hummel received a Christmas letter from Romney. “It was something caring,” Dr. Hummel, now a Michigan general practitioner, told “It was something saying, ‘This is a gift.’” Romney forgave Dr. Hummel’s loan.

I look forward to a brighter future with Romney and his ethos in the White House. This, to me, is what private charity is all about. With Mitt as a model, Americans will feel inspired to follow his example.

I cannot think of another presidential candidate in living memory who has shown more personal generosity and sincerity than Mitt.

Election day — November 6 — cannot come soon enough.

At 26 seconds into this video you can see a photo of Mitt and Ann Romney during his time at university in the 1970s where both are wearing Arran sweaters. The photo is wonderfully reminiscent of Love Story, a blockbuster hit of the same period starring Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal:

American readers in particular might wish to watch the video with lots of photos from Mitt’s childhood through adulthood: an interesting selection which you have probably not seen before. The middle part of the video shows campaign scenes and the final few minutes reveals his many supporters — celebrities, sports people and, yes, even a few media personalities.

When I was a child, Mitt’s father, George, was the Republican governor of Michigan. He served his state between 1963 and 1969, after a successful career as chairman and president of American Motors Corporation. It was during his time as governor that Mitt met Ann and, the rest, although neither would know it for a few years, would be history.

When Ann met Mitt he was a student at Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills, a beautiful suburb of Detroit. Ann Davies attended Cranbrook’s sister school, Kingswood. In an article from 2007 by Ronald Kessler for Newsmax, the couple’s first date was wonderfully reminscent of Motor City and the dating ritual of the time:

… Mitt Romney left nothing to chance. He arrived in a red Marlin, a new fastback model made by his father’s American Motors Co. Mitt had cleaned and polished the car until it gleamed. He brought along a bottle of sparkling Catawba grape juice and two chilled glasses.

Mitt took Ann, then 15, to see “The Sound of Music.”

They’d met earlier at a party one of Ann’s classmates — Cindy White — gave. When Mitt met Ann, he realised he’d recognised her from … his Cub Scout days. Kessler discovered:

… he and some other scouts saw Ann riding a horse bareback across a railroad track.

“What do Cub Scouts do when they see a little girl on a horse?” Mitt says now. “We picked up stones and threw them [at her].”

Years later, at Cindy White’s party, Mitt thought, “Wow, has she changed!”

He remembers that Ann came to the party with a date. She states that she had no date and probably came with her brother. In any case, Mitt told her that he lived near her — about a mile away — and offered to take her home in his Marlin. She accepted.

Ann told Kessler that Mitt was no stranger to the dating scene (and the picture of him and Ann above — courtesy of — may give some indication as to why):

He was pretty cute; that’s all I cared about. But he’d dated a bunch of my friends, and so I kind of knew him a little bit from my friends. He was one of those guys that would date a girl for like six weeks and then go on to another girl, and then another and another. He kind of did that through my sophomore year. He dated about three of my friends. So I was very wary of him.

I was very aloof. Whatever it was that I did, it really set the hooks deep, because they’re still there. I was being very cautious because he’d broken a bunch of my friends’ hearts, and I wasn’t going to let him do that to me. Whatever I did, it worked.

Mitt helped plan Ann’s 16th birthday party, a coming-of-age celebration in the United States. By then, they were an item. At his senior prom in 1965, he proposed to her. She gave a guarded response.

That autumn, Mitt attended California’s Stanford University for one year. Unbeknownst to his parents who were living in the state capital of Lansing in the governor’s mansion, Mitt worked to earn money to fly home to see Ann on the sly. The following July, he began a two-and-a-half year stay in France. It was his obligatory mission work for the Mormons.

Meanwhile, Ann — raised as a nominal Episcopalian — was a twice-a-year churchgoer. She decided to explore Mormonism in depth with the encouragement of Governor Romney, Mitt’s father. Ann converted and attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. She wrote Mitt faithfully every week.

Then, after a year, she began dating other young men. Not thinking too much of it, she wrote Mitt to tell him. The news hit Mitt hard at the mission house in Paris. He later claimed he was so devastated that he came down with Hong Kong flu, widespread at the time.

Then, during the summer of 1968, George Romney rang Ann to tell her that Mitt had been in a serious car accident outside of Bordeaux. Mitt was driving when another driver, thought to have been over the limit, hit his vehicle. The policeman took Mitt for dead and wrote in his passport, ‘Il est mort‘.  In reality, Mitt had been thrown from the car and came out alive with a broken arm. Unfortunately, among the other missionaries in the car was Viola Anderson, wife of the mission president. She suffered crushed lungs and died.

Governor Romney picked Ann up at home then rang Sargent Shriver — Eunice Kennedy’s husband — who was serving as the US Ambassador to France. Shriver got back to Romney with word that Mitt was very much alive, although he was in hospital.

Mitt finished his missionary stint in France in December 1968. Governor Romney made sure that Ann was with his family when they met Mitt at the airport. Ann told Ronald Kessler during the Newsmax interview that this was a real turning point for her:

The second we saw each other, it was one of those remarkable, remarkable moments, that’s just crystallized in my mind forever. It was as though two and a half years had just dissolved, and we were back exactly where we were when he left. The feelings that we had for each other just came back instantly.

Shortly after, the couple announced to both sets of parents that they would be getting married … in two weeks’ time. Everyone was shocked except for George Romney who, with a twinkle in his eye, sat back and chuckled.

In the event, it took longer than two weeks to make all the arrangements. Ann and Mitt were married in a civil ceremony on March 21, 1969. He was 22 and she 19. They pledged not to consummate their marriage until they’d had a religious ceremony in a Mormon temple.

Mitt finished his undergraduate studies alongside his young wife at Brigham Young. Despite his father’s success, Mitt and Ann started out as most young married students do — at the bottom. It order to stretch the pennies, Mitt started a lifelong pattern of frugality which exists to this day. One of his daughters-in-law — Laurie, wife of son Matt — told a group of Republican women at the end of September 2012 that Mitt:

is probably the most frugal person I’ve ever met, maybe aside from my husband, who was raised by him.

Mitt is vigilant — he’s constantly watching the air conditioning all day, and it’s turned off unless it’s absolutely essential.


Doing the dishes in the Romney household can be a real chore … because “if you turn for just a minute to do something else, he’ll turn off the water.” In addition, she said, her father-in-law “spends a lot of time packing and consolidating the garbage because the Waste Management company in his area charges by the bag.”

That said, she believes such frugality will be a trump card should Mitt be elected the next President of the United States. The GOP candidate will not be wasteful of resources or public money.

Back now to Ann’s life as a young wife in the early 1970s. After earning his Bachelors degree at Brigham Young, Mitt decided to fulfil his and his father’s ambitions by going to Harvard and studying for a law degree and an MBA. George Romney wanted Mitt to obtain the law degree, and Mitt’s eye was on the MBA. In 1975, he graduated from Harvard Law School cum laude (with Honours) and from the university’s business school with the distinction of Baker Scholar, which meant that he finished in the top five per cent of his class.

During that time, Ann became the mother to Taggart, Matthew and Joshua. It cannot have been easy for a young woman whose husband was busy studying for two highly difficult postgraduate degrees. Afterward, she gave birth to Benjamin and Craig. This meant that while Mitt was starting an ambitious career first with Boston Consulting Group then Bain and Company, Ann was often on her own with five sons.  Consultants are often away from home and need to travel at the last minute. Mitt has acknowledged in interviews this year that he fully appreciates what his wife went through for many years and regrets not being able to offer more practical support other than calls home and brief words of advice.

Years later, in her spare time, Ann — already an accomplished equestrian — focussed on dressage in an effort to combat multiple sclerosis. In 2007, she told Newsmax’s Kessler of her daily rides on her bay gelding Baron:

He is the one that pulled me through when I was really sick. He’s the one that just let me plod around on him when I was so weak. And then as I got stronger, I’d ride him more, and he got stronger, and so the two of us kind of got stronger together. For a horse to show at the Grand Prix level, they have to be very, very fit and very strong, as does the rider. And so last year it was quite a feat for both of us to have done that together.

Yes, you read correctly. Ann and Baron won the Gold Medal at Grand Prix level from the US Dressage Foundation in 2006.

Ann has also had a bout with breast cancer. She is a survivor and today is a devoted wife, mother and grandmother.

Topics you might be interested in — Ann’s take on:

Charity: Before Mitt’s election as governor of Massachusetts in 2002, Ann worked for the United Way in Boston using church and faith-based groups to help get wayward youngsters back on track. She took for her inspiration the city’s black churches which, in many cases, have a close relationship with young people in the nearby vicinity. Together with Gloria White Hammond she founded the United Way’s Faith and Action Program. Of the children, Ann says:

A lot of other people might have given up on them, but they ought to know that God never gives up on them. That’s why I’ve worked so much with the faith-based groups.

Ann also served as director of Families First Planning Program and the Massachusetts General Hospital Advisory Board as well as a Governor’s liaison to another faith-based charity which President George ‘W’ Bush.

Mitt and Ann have also established the Romney Charitable Foundation, which had $8m in assets as of 2007. It is unclear as to whether this still exists or if it has been superseded by their Tyler Charitable Foundation.

Home life: Taggart ‘Tagg’ Romney told Newsmax’s Kessler that his mother is the one who ‘grounds’ Mitt and provides ‘perspective’. Beth Myers, Mitt’s chief of staff when he served as Governor of Massachusetts, told Kessler that Ann is Mitt’s ‘most trusted and closest adviser’. Ann admitted:

I weigh in so heavily, and he listens to my advice probably more than anyone else’s. We never sort of go off on our own, either one of us, without feeling like we’re going together on whatever journey that we’re on.

Of her, Kessler observed:

Ann is warm and very natural. She has the look of an outdoors woman bred to be an equestrian, which she is — good carriage, rosy complexion, square jaw, and blond mane.

When she is not flashing her truly unbelievable smile, she may lower her eyes demurely. But Ann Romney is not demure — she may be modest, but she isn’t meek. She is unpretentious, but she isn’t shy. She lowers her eyes, thinking, and then looks up directly at her interviewer and dazzles him with that smile.

Illustrating the way she and Mitt interact, on one TV show where they were interviewed together, Ann noticed that Mitt may have misunderstood a question. He was talking about trying to be like his father. Without looking up, she told him smoothly and sotto voce: “They’re asking you to name a president” after whom he would want to model himself.

Personal faith and the world: Jim Towey, a Catholic who worked with Ann and toured a (Catholic) Boston shelter for the homeless with her said that she:

doesn’t talk about her faith — she puts it into action. She’s the real deal.

Abortion: Ann — also speaking for Mitt and living in blue (Democrat) Massachusetts — told Kessler:

Teen pregnancy prevention would be high on my list of things I’d be concerned about as first lady. Having fathers involved in children’s lives, especially in the inner city would be something I’d be concerned about.

Both of us are pro-life. But Massachusetts is a pro-choice state. He’s always personally been pro-life. Given our faith, we obviously believe in God, we believe in the sanctity of life. He was responding to how he thinks the government should be involved in the issue. And Mitt totally thinks it should be turned over and let the states decide, and get the bickering over with.

They say he flip-flopped on abortion. Well, you know what? He did change his mind. It took courage. I’m really proud of him, to really study an issue and really come to that. That is the only change he’s made, and I believe it’s a change in the right direction. He hasn’t changed his position on anything except choice, and that has been very public, and it has never been a change in his personal philosophy.

Ann would make an exceptional First Lady. Whilst she is modest and poised, she is no pushover and will defend herself and Mitt ably. From other articles I have read, it certainly appears that she would be a gracious hostess and provide a warm welcome to all guests in the White House, the nation’s home.

Clear eyes. Full heart. Can’t fail.

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