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Yesterday’s post summed up the week’s coronavirus news in the UK.

It was all rather interesting, ranging from vaccine distribution in Coventry to Sky News’s Kay Burley being sent to Coventry and back to London — for a six-month suspension. Gosh. Talk about ‘being sent to Coventry’, i.e. ostracised.

More snippets from this week follow in the coronavirus crisis.

Remember medical statistics history — Prof Carl Heneghan

Prof Carl Heneghan from Oxford warns that we should not forget statistics pre-Covid. Let us cast our minds back to one year ago, 2019:

Most respiratory infections have gone down from this time last year.

COVID-19 is the only new addition with a dramatic upward spike.

An American physician speaks out

Dr Brian Lenzkes, an internist from San Diego, California, offered an interesting thread on coronavirus censorship in the medical community.

But, first, let me begin with the following madness which he rightly exposed. Influenza has disappeared? Pull the other. A San Diego County health official says so — because people are wearing masks:

Yet, there are no tests for flu.

Dr Lenzkes has excellent tweets about diet and coronavirus, among them the following thread about censorship on the subject:

Note the fifth tweet:

Meanwhile, non-COVID patients are losing their well-being

In Britain, the National Health Service has become the National Covid Service (NCS).

Many patients with other serious conditions are losing out on critical care. This lady has lost her sight because of the NCS:


Surely, after over 70 years, the NHS, sorry, NCS, can — and should — do much better.

Helen is only one of thousands who have gone without the care they needed.

The unvaccinated deserve nothing?

The chairman of the Oxted and Limpsfield (Surrey) RAFA — Royal Air Force Association — tweeted that those without the coronavirus vaccine should be denied service. In his opinion, there is no excuse:


Many of us recall when the RAF fought for our freedom:

A London plumbing firm could mandate the vaccine for customers

Disappointingly, some service providers plan to discriminate against the unvaccinated.

This is Charlie Mullins, who heads London’s famous plumbing firm, Pimlico Plumbers. He gave this interview from his second home in Marbella:

Meanwhile, in Canada …

On Wednesday, December 9, the deputy premier of Ontario made a statement about coronavirus vaccines.

They are not mandatory, but if you don’t get vaccinated, your life will not return to normal:

However, the vaccine does not guarantee immunity

In any case, the vaccines do not guarantee immunity. They purport only to make the coronavirus episode less severe, much like the flu vaccine. Isn’t there a preventive solution, e.g. Vitamin D supplements, natural summer sunshine, a good diet, that could prevent the virus taking hold? I think we should be told:

In the US, overall death figures are low

Yes, despite what we read in the media, in 2020, the United States has a low overall death toll compared with previous years:

This woman is indignant over the lockdown(s) which have seen many shops in the Palisades Center in West Nyack, New York close (occasional language alert):

Londoners could be entering the dreaded Tier 3

The same nihilistic restrictions are going on in England, with the threat of London entering Tier 3.

This was yesterday’s headline in the London Evening Standard:

In conclusion

This is about the size of it. ‘Submit and obey’? Not on your Nelly:

Let’s remember:

In conclusion, the aforementioned Dr Lenzkes quoted the late Rod Serling from the original Twilight Zone:

It’s interesting that some did not think the warnings were strong enough:

Rod Serling and others warned the way they were able to do — based on their knowledge at the time.

Why do we ignore history?

On April 22, 2010, LifeSiteNews (LSN) reported that the Ontario government announced that it will require its Catholic schools to teach the new provincial sex education curriculum:

“They’re part of the publicly funded school system here in Ontario and this is part of our curriculum,” said McGuinty, who says he is himself Catholic.  “If parents are uncomfortable with certain aspects of this new curriculum, they can and they are free to withdraw their children from the classroom.”

Well, at least that’s a crumb of good news.  But, further down in the article, Canadians say that’s not how the system works in practice.  Provincial governments have been known to deny exemptions, with courts upholding the decisions.

What does the syllabus contain? LSN tells us:

The curriculum is designed to align with the Ministry’s equity and inclusive education strategy, which is seeking, among other things, to promote homosexualism and transgenderism in Ontario’s schools.

Sex ed is now set to begin as early as grade 1, where students will learn about their body parts, including genitalia.  In grade 3, they begin exploring “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”  In grade 6, students are taught that masturbation is “common” and “not harmful,” and by grade 7 they are to learn about oral and anal intercourse and how to use condoms.

Another Catholic speaks:

Leona Dombrowsky, Ontario’s new Minister of Education, also insisted Wednesday that Catholic schools must teach the new program.  “This is the Ontario curriculum, and it’s the curriculum for all schools and all students,” said the former Catholic school board trustee.

Again, are these people obeying Man or God?  Anything for a quiet life?  Will the Lord be saying, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servants’?

Apparently, the move has been kept hush-hush but at least there seems to be strong opposition to it:

Opposition leader Tim Hudak, of the Progressive Conservative party, accused the government Wednesday of keeping the new program quiet because they knew it would infuriate parents.  “I mean, Dalton McGuinty does a press release when he has a good hair day,” said Hudak, according to the Canadian Press.  “They do press releases about everything under the sun, but somehow these fundamental changes to the sex education curriculum – that will see kids as young as six years old getting sex ed – they simply tried to slip by everybody.”

Hudak said the revisions “don’t sit right” with most Ontario parents, and so he called for more consultation with parents.

While Minister Dombrowsky has claimed that the Catholic Church in Ontario supports the curriculum, the Ontario Catholic bishops and at least one Catholic school board have already denounced it and insisted that they refuse to teach material that violates Catholic beliefs.

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa has called for “a firestorm of response” from concerned parents, and insisted that sexuality and family life is best discussed “in the context of a warm family that explains things to them and helps them to deal with that.”

Further, a representative of the Ottawa Catholic school board has maintained that McGuinty is “misinformed” about Catholic schools teaching the full curriculum.

Lou Piovesan, general secretary of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario, told QMI Agency that the Catholic schools’ denominational rights, guaranteed by the Canadian Constitution, “would supersede Ministry of Education proposed curriculum content.”

How did things get this far? LSN says:

Despite a 1992 warning from the Vatican that such a recognition “can easily lead, if not automatically, to the legislative protection and promotion of homosexuality,” the Catholic schools believed that buying into the equity strategy would not compromise their teaching of Catholic beliefs.  In fact, the strategy was developed with the support of ICE.

This is a sorry development. I’ll watch for follow-ups.

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