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Fireworks Barking Park londonevents2011_comHappy New Year to all my readers!

2016 proved to be the year of the impossible made possible.

The Brexit vote, the Cubs winning the World Series after 108 years and Donald Trump’s election are only three such examples. We lived through ground-breaking history this year.

Hand of God leedsacukMany people — especially agnostics — commented online that the Hand of God was all over various events that took place. Some of those people returned to the Church. Others, previously unchurched, converted. (The best anecdotal evidence can be found in comments at The_Donald.)

2017 looks even more exciting with regard to change and a break with the past. Light will shine on darkness. Those guilty of lying, malfeasance and indecency will be exposed and shamed. Many God-fearing people will be stunned by what they see in the news. The evil of the past revealed — and the power of the good to come — will cause scoffers to repent.

Therefore, I look forward to the New Year for the first time in decades.

I pray that divine grace and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit imbue and guide each of us in the year ahead. May God bless us all.


The World Series, which the Chicago Cubs won last week, seemed like a great opportunity to escape media bias.

(Image credits: Chicago Cubs)

My English better half and I could not have been more mistaken.

From the start, the two main Fox commentators spoke mostly about the Cleveland Indians.

Only twice — Games 1 and 7 — did they mention that the last time the Cubs won the World Series was in 1908.

On the other hand, they told us every game that the last time Cleveland won the World Series was in 1948.

It got worse. If I had a £1 coin for every time they mentioned Cleveland’s manager Terry Francona, we’d be living in Monaco right now.

We figured the commentators had roots in the American League or ties to Cleveland. After Game 5, I decided to look up John Smoltz and Joe Buck.

Smoltz played for the St Louis Cardinals and Buck’s dad Jack used to be the radio announcer for their games.

The pieces fell into place. The Cubs’ nemesis are the St Louis Cardinals.

No wonder our Cubbies — so deserving of the World Series after 108 years — weren’t getting fair and balanced coverage.

No sooner were they presented with the trophy after a nail-biting win in Game 7 — in Cleveland, no less — than Buck and Smoltz said, ‘Let’s talk to Terry Francona now’. Whaaat?

The in-game coverage was frightful. It was Cleveland, Cleveland, Cleveland 90% of the time. Time and time again, these guys intimated that the Cubs couldn’t win.

The Indians were certainly formidable, especially in pitching, but the Chicago team should have received equal coverage, particularly as they had the best stats in both leagues for most of the season. Unheard of, especially for them.

Cubs fans will never see another season like this one. Smoltz and Buck should have celebrated it. Too bad they were so small minded to do so.

The icing on the cake was FiveThirtyEight‘s oracle Nate Silver who said he thought the Cubbies had less chance of winning of the World Series than Trump did of winning the presidency. Ha ha!

Nate, this one’s for you:

In closing, MANY thanks to the Cubs, their manager Joe Maddon, team president Theo Epstein (who also transformed the Boston Red Sox into World Series champs), and, yes, Fox.



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