When I first read this story from January 2013, I wondered if the cleaning lady in Sweden was on some sort of medication and if she would remember driving the train into the small apartment block near Stockholm:

Sadly, as is customary with sensational stories, we get little follow-up. We do have a few pieces of information with this one, although it takes some time to find them.

KCTV from Kansas City reports that after the crash, which happened at 1:30 a.m. in Sweden, residents had to be evacuated, although only the cleaning woman was injured.

Reuters says that charges against the woman have been dropped because of ‘serious breaches of security on the train’.

Archasa, a reader of The Mary Sue site, sheds light on what happened and how:

Small update. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) it seems as if this was the result of a series of tragic mistakes, where the driver had left the keys in, some safety had been disconnected, and as she tilted the chair forward the driver’s stick was pressed and started the train. She panicked and moved back in the train, trying to get out.
Someone is going to get punished all right, but if this story holds up it will be the company and the driver, not the poor cleaning lady.

Therefore, it does not appear as if she ‘stole’ or ‘kidnapped’ the train. She worked for a cleaning company contracted to clean the trains, run by Arriva, which also runs some British transport services.

The driver of the train was said to be ‘in a bad state and blaming himself’.

I feel for the people who have lost their home for the foreseeable future, especially in the winter. Let’s hope that the building can be rebuilt; if someone plowed through my kitchen, even accidentally, I would be most unhappy.