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Last week I posted about lawyer L Lin Wood Jr’s fight for voting justice in Georgia following the 2020 election in the United States.

A longtime reader of mine, Truth Unites And Divides, sent in an update, an article from Law & Crime: ‘Trump-Appointed Judge Rejects Lin Wood’s Georgia Lawsuit’.

Excerpts follow, emphases in purple mine.

On November 19, Judge Grimberg found that Wood had no standing to sue the state as an individual voter or suing about how votes have been tallied since the 2020 primaries in Georgia:

While Wood sued in his capacity as an average Georgia voter, the judge made clear that this did not give the lawyer a basis to sue.

“There is no doubt that the right to vote, even an individual’s right to vote is sacrosanct,” Judge Grimberg added, adding that this “doesn’t mean that individual voters have the right to dictate” the manner in which that vote is counted.

On the surface of his lawsuit, Wood claims that Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger harmed him as a voter by agreeing to a March settlement agreement on signature matching in ballots. The lawyer waited eight months and three election cycles to challenge it on Nov. 13, when it became clear that President-elect Joe Biden had won.

On Friday, November 20:

The day after ruling from the bench during oral arguments, Judge Grimberg issued his written opinion reiterating his remarks from the bench.

“The Court finds that the threatened injury to Defendants as state officials and the public at large far outweigh any minimal burden on Wood,” Grimberg wrote in the conclusion of his 38-page order. “To reiterate, Wood seeks an extraordinary remedy: to prevent Georgia’s certification of the votes cast in the General Election, after millions of people had lawfully cast their ballots. To interfere with the result of an election that has already concluded would be unprecedented and harm the public in countless ways.”

That is assuming the votes were legitimate. More on that below.

Lin Wood disagrees with Judge Grimberg’s decision:

Lin Wood will appeal. Good for him:

Things are very strange in Georgia at the moment.

Something isn’t right:

Last week, a recount and an audit took place in that state.

Early Friday evening:

One hour later:

It turns out that:

The Georgia Secretary of State issued a correction Friday afternoon, saying this state is still completing the certification process, despite an earlier announcement that the state had certified an electoral victory for Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, something suspicious was taking place:

That night, voters from across Georgia went to the governor’s mansion to protest:

Last Thursday, voting machines were dumped outside of Savannah. Why would they have been on the roadside? Why were they not disposed of properly?

Lin Wood has a petition requesting that a special session of the Georgia state legislature be convened:

Any American voter can sign it. Georgia’s outcome will have an impact on the national result:

He has also filed a motion to preserve the ballots and voting machines:

At the weekend, the New York Times did a hit piece on him:

As I posted yesterday, Judge Jeanine Pirro interviewed Wood on Saturday, November 21:

Wood explained to Judge Jeanine that many Georgia legislators did not know that the voting law had been changed in March, in time for the primaries.

This is why he filed his own lawsuit only recently.

He plans to file for an emergency hearing, if necessary a district court, after his case was dismissed on Friday.

Fortunately, Lin Wood never gives up and is aware of what lies ahead — and not only for him. He calls for those of similar spirit to join him:

The saga continues. As it does, let’s remember to keep Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani and others in our prayers for their stamina, health and safety.

More in due course.

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