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obama_christ2Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

We have a serious problem on our hands, which is that some misguided fools may be praying to the President of the United States.

Exhibit 1: Clergywoman leads the Gamaliel Foundation community organisers in prayer.  The film is from late 2008.  Are they saying ‘Obama’?  You be the judge. Watch here at Breitbart TV. Yes, according to Naked Emperor News, which has had the audio professionally analysed, they are praying to Obama.  Watch Naked Emperor News’s analysis here, courtesy of Pat Dollard. I also read a story last winter about another clergywoman who opened an ecclesiastical conference with prayers to the President-Elect;  unfortunately, I was so disgusted, I didn’t save the link. 

Exhibit 2: What could be nicer than a song entitled ‘Obama Be Thy Name’?  How long before it gets added to your liturgy?  Click here to watch on YouTube.

Obama haloExhibit 3: Ask the youngsters in your family if they, too, have sung Obama’s praises. O-bahhh-mahhh.  Kind of lulls you into comfort and fluffiness, doesn’t it?  Mmmm.  Here’s one of many variations on YouTube.  There are more recent ones, for sure, like this brand new one shown at WND as performed in Asheville, North Carolina.  There was another one from New Jersey, which you can see here and read more about at Michelle Malkin.  A school in Maryland is at it, too.

So, the excitement hasn’t settled.  What is wrong with our society that we accept this and condone it? Frankly, whoever is participating in this idolatry should be ashamed of themselves. But, that’s part of the point — we Westerners are now incapable of shame.  It’s the ‘wrong’ thing to feel.  We are great, invincible, wonderful and everything we do is spectacular.  Imagine what the Lord must be thinking right now seeing this spectacle of unbelief and indifference.

Pastors at White House

Fortunately, not everyone has taken leave of his senses.  Here are two pastors in front of the White House — unfortunately, they were arrested for praying. (Video at link.) One of the pastors tells the story:

Pastor Stephen Broden and I knew that we were risking arrest on the National Day of Prayer if prayed in front of the White House. This is one three places where it is illegal to pray in America – a public school classroom, on the steps of the United States Supreme Court and in front of the White House. However, we are living in a time when Christians must be bold like Daniel and let people see them praying when it becomes illegal to do so. Keep in mind that the current administration, like many California schools, have not problem with religious activities, just Christian activities and prayer. We started the day with a message to those around us that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, BHO is not. That was fine. However when we knelt to pray, that was the activity that put everything in action. Yellow tape went into place and people were ordered to leave the restricted area. We received three warnings to cease and desist. Someone in the White House ordered the water sprinklers to be turned even though there was overcast and it had rained earler. We got wet but we kept on praying. After we were handcuffed the water sprinklers were turned off. In the paddy wagon, it was revival. It was as if Jesus was sitting between us. Pastor Broden led the song ‘Victory is Mine’!? 

There are things that are happening in this nation that 50 years ago would have been unthinkable to the average American citizen, especially Christians. We are moving towards the day that church sanctuaries will taken by imminent domain rulings to put up buildings for tax revenue. When they tried to shut down that home Bible study in California, it was not a fluke; their timing was just off — it was too soon. Regardless what the future holds, like the apostles, it is better that we obey God.

James David ManningDr James David Manning, a minister in Harlem, also warns of being enthralled with Obama.  He believes that the recent horrific teenage murders in Chicago (one story is here) are part of God’s judgment against the American people.  He asks the black community in particular to return to the Lord.  If they do not, Manning warns God will curse their churches.  Here’s the video — powerfully done.  You can see more of Dr Manning’s newscasts and editorials by clicking on ‘ATLAH Worldwide’ in this blog’s News Site section.

Blue Collar Philosophy has a post entitled ‘Blasphemous Prayer to Obama, Deliver Us, Obama’.   Its author, Todd, says:

There is absolutely no difference between the sacrifice of children to idols in the Old Testament and the sacrifice of the unborn to the idols of this age, only the names have changed. No Christian can accommodate and compromise to this evil for if they do they are tolerating the sacrifice of human life … and this needs to be repented of …

The hysteria over global warming is leading us into the idolatry of nature and of man’s power to effect nature. God is ultimately in control of our climate. Yes we need to be responsible but we passed that a long time ago and now we are worshiping ourselves and ejecting God from His rightful place. Global warming is also a pathway to the totalitarian control over every aspect of our lives and will diminish our value as being uniquely created in God’s image.

It is for these reasons that I think this comparison is more justified. I take no pleasure in pointing this out. I am greatly troubled by Christians who are caught up in the idolatry of Liberalism, which is a false religion standing in total antithesis to biblical Christianity. A society and a State that accepts and promotes sin like America is slowly becoming will be one that will not tolerate those who stand for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and preach against the very sins Liberalism embraces, namely Christians. Christians need to prepare for the coming persecution and be holy by standing for God’s Word.

So, when you hear people sing Obama’s praises — shut them out and walk away quietly.  When you hear your pastor preach about the problems your incandescent bulbs pose to the environment — stop giving your full monetary donation, like I am.  When you are asked to support a leftist church-sponsored project with your time — politely refuse, like I am.  Starve the beast!  You might have to take some flak for it, but so what?  You don’t owe any of these people anything beyond a basic explanation: ‘Money is tight’, ‘Sorry, I just don’t have the time right now’.  End of. 

When you pass from this world into the next, whose opinion will matter more to you?  Your neighbour’s, your pastor’s or God’s?  If you wish to hear the words, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant’ (Matthew 25:23), you’re going to have to put away popularity to embrace the truth.

As Our Lord said, ‘There is only One who is good. If you want to enter life, obey the commandments’ (Matthew 19:17).

God bless you!



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