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Hello, everyone!  Just a few short items this week:

Welch's Harvest of HelpWelch’s Harvest of Help: Many people today promote the Gospel message of giving one’s riches away to the poor.  This often plays into plans for redistribution of wealth either through higher taxation or misuse of church funds to organisations with nefarious aims.

Yet, those Gospel passages relate to acts of personal charity (not extra taxation) which we as Christians, are mandated to perform.  And, if the opportunity presents itself for both individuals — and corporations — to give generously, they will do so of their own accord. 

So, I would like to commend Welch’s — a traditional American brand of grape-based juices and other tasty products — for their Harvest of Help campaign.

Even if you are on your uppers, you can still help Welch’s effort by clicking once a day on this page to donate eight 8-ounce glasses of grape juice to hungry people in America.  It costs you nothing. No purchase is necessary.

The company is partnering with Feeding America in this project.  As of this writing, they have donated over 250,000 glasses of juice. Their goal is 1 million glasses. Why not add this link to your shortcuts and remember to click the donation button daily?     

N.B.: Neither Churchmouse Campanologist nor Churchmouse has any connection with Welch’s.

The Post & Email is a great site, one which I recommend highly.  All print journalists should be made to read it daily along with anyone who says that online sites are ‘junk’!  Both groups would change their minds quickly. 

John Charlton runs the site and has an awesome essay from October 6, 2009, entitled ‘How the Wise Have Become Foolish‘.  I won’t quote from it, but strongly suggest that you click on the link and read it for yourself.  It’s the sort of essay that one cannot do justice to through piece-meal quotes. 

Mr Charlton lists 10 philosophical errors which Americans make and have made for many years.  Most of errors also apply to other Western countries — from materialism to individualism to hedonism.  You won’t have read anything this concise or this powerful before in explaining socio-political whys and wherefores.  Please note that some definitions given relate to philosophy and will differ from what we recognise as everyday or theological definitions.

If you don’t enjoy the essay, let me know, but you’re in for a real treat!  Best to savour over a hot cuppa and a biscuit!

And a belated thank you to Gabriella and LightGreen, commenter at Fr Z and Huffington Post: Gabriella, many thanks for submitting my home page link on October 8 to Fr Z’s What Does the Prayer Say — much appreciated — although it didn’t receive many relevant comments — one only, in fact! Ostrich Head Burial. You also submitted another link from this blog to his site several weeks ago.  Regardless, thank you for spreading the word! … And LightGreen, if you’re reading this, I so appreciate your citing the Churchmouse Campanologist article on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development more than once at Huffington Post on October 5, even though neither you nor the article were able to change the minds of the lefties on the thread. However, a few people clicked on the link — so whether those were the people you were debating with or other HuffPo regulars, it’s hard to tell. I appreciated your tenacity and dry wit — well done and thanks!  I don’t know how you can stand to visit that site, but God love ya!  Why not stop by and check in here sometime?


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