Some bright spark(s) on the Obama campaign team have redesigned the American flag. Interested parties can purchase it on the campaign website.

It has five red stripes on it. With white ones that adds up to only nine, not 13, representing the original number of American colonies.

Whatever could it mean?

Zombie, at The PJ Tatler, observes:

The Obama campaign has just released a new design for the American flag … and already it has drawn howls of outrage and mockery.

Some have keenly noted that the stripes on the new Obama flag look almost exactly like the smeared bloody handprints left by injured American embassy workers during the recent fatal attack in Libya. Others have commented on the breathtaking level of narcissism required to even ponder such an egotistical campaign gimmick.

Five red stripes.

Five bloodstained streaks.

As for the Obama blue? ‘Peace’, where none exists. Benghazi, anyone? Hello?

See for yourselves:

The flag might have since been withdrawn, but should such a thing ever have been part of Obama’s campaign merchandise, especially on sale to the general public?

Below is a two-minute video on the Benghazi events, which state that the late Ambassador Stevens communicated his security concerns but that 9/11 was too sensitive a date for the Administration to admit to a terrorist attack:

And to top it off, could Islamic terrorists have made the anti-Islam film put at the heart of the attacks? Emphases in the original:

… to date, no one has stepped forward or can confirm for certain that whoever holds an identity by the name of Nakoula Bacile Nakoula is even that man. After all, he held several identifications, including Muslim names. He could have easily presented a valid I.D. when he was arrested, yet he was likely not the man on that I.D.